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Here are some of my books currently available on Amazon and at other online retailers:. Soul Survivor.

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Meet Connie Simescu. She has a soft heart for the homeless, a wicked sense of humor, and a bad habit of getting into trouble. To the Last Man. Are you with me?

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I am with you heart and soul. Ziba was in no hurry to get to the top and meet whatever awaited them there. Time seemed to stand still, as Ziba and Jonathan became surrounded by more and more Philistines. The red sunrise shone down on what looked like a nightmare of hell. In the middle of it stood two men, who looked like demons, faces blackened by blood, soot, and dust-swinging and stabbing. A Philistine captain stood above the others, spear in hand. Look at them! There are only two of them! Take them! Ziba realized that the battle was about to turn against them. Groomed to be the next king of Israel, Jonathan struggles with maintaining a faith in God as he watches his father the king drift away from the God who gave them victory.

There was something special about the Charger even before King Herod gave it to Salome, his stepdaughter, to carry the bloody, disembodied head of John the Baptist. Rumor held that Babylonian seer Nabonidus had imbued it with the ability to predict the future.

Heretic, Betrayers of Kamigawa: Kamigawa Cycle, Book II

That is, until a student is murdered and the charger and its top researching scientist disappear. Now treasure hunters, thieves, archaeologists, scientists, reporters, and cultists are all looking for the same golden charger, and the rewards go beyond money. Some are looking for a quick payday. Some are looking for answers from God. And some are looking forward to ending the world.

Onyx (Lux #2) Jennifer L Armentrout Audiobook

The Key of Solomon. Some say the book was written by the wisest man who ever lived. Some say it is a collection of all the mystical knowledge of the ancient world, including the power to summon and control demons. Linguist Dr. Those who believe want the Key badly, enough to put her life in danger. Such as investigating why college girls are disappearing in Austin and snooping around a mansion that has a lot to do with witchcraft.

Could there be a tie between Egypt and Texas? And why do the hunting trophies on the wall keep looking at him? Did one of them just move? The Key of Solomon is more than a book about translating 2,year-old manuscripts in the middle of a religious war. Life was pretty simple for Infinity Richards as a teenager in a private school in Baltimore.

Now she and her friends are faced with a trek across a forbidding landscape scarred by a surprise nuclear attack on the United States. It may take her years to get to Camp Zion in the West where her father is reorganizing American forces to take back their country. But in the meantime, her journey across apocalyptic America will turn her into someone stronger, smarter and more courageous than she ever imagined she would be. If Tomorrow Comes Edition. When the world ends? If Tomorrow Comes is the story of five people—a family—who find out. Greg Weisman. The Brothers' War. Jeff Grubb. Magic the Gathering Vol.

Matt Forbeck. Time Streams. Robert King. Loren L. Cold Steel and Secrets. Rosemary Jones. The Adversary. Erin M. The Thousand Names. Django Wexler. The Broken Eye. Brent Weeks. Skin Game. Jim Butcher. Sword of the Gods. Bruce R. The Emperor's Soul. Brandon Sanderson. Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils.


Queen of Fire. Anthony Ryan. Aftermath: Star Wars. Chuck Wendig. Tower Lord.

Robert J. Crane: Sanctuary Series

Elminster Must Die. Ed Greenwood. The Fall of Highwatch. Mark Sehestedt. Emperor of Thorns. Mark Lawrence. Christie Golden. Timothy Zahn. Words of Radiance. Erik Scott De Bie. The Wheel of Osheim. Blood Song. Michael G. The Companions. Promise of Blood. Brian McClellan. The Blood King. Gail Z. The Blinding Knife. Peter V. King of Thorns. Perfect Shadow. Rick Riordan. Dragons of Winter Night. Margaret Weis. The Shadow of What Was Lost. James Islington.

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