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They have a personal one, of some sort, and then they have topic specific ones. The more complex ones are much, much harder to build. Finally, you can look at my tumblr. I like it, but others choose other options. I suggest just checking out lots and lots of tumblrs and seeing what you like. This is just a small introduction to the wide world of tumblr design. If you're hopping onto the Tumblr bandwagon—I recommend you do—here are some additional—perhaps advanced—tips you might be interested in after having set up your Remember that Theme Garden link?

This shows many of the Premium themes page. You have to pay for those. Themes are made by a variety of people: some are made by tumblr, some are made by people who like using tumblr. See that button in the upper right hand corner? If you're a beginner, let us walk you through the basic steps to understanding HTML. And there are plenty of great places online to learn how to edit this.

Tumblr 101 For Beginners

When you start most blogs, you have to do a lot of work in building an audience. You have to get people to find your blog. You have to get people to read it. They just want to post. They do not want to be found, except by a few close friends who they explicitly share one of their tumblogs with. This is all in response to the issues people have with Facebook.

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In these ways, tumblr is very odd, but it actually increases honesty. Clicking on the button on the bottom fans out the posting options. By this point in the guide, you should be familiar enough with the features of tumblr that using the phone app should be just as easy as using the website. There are a variety of browser apps and addons that you can install on Chrome. My personal experience: they all suck.

Blogging For Dummies, 5th Edition

Using tumblr itself is far easier. There are a lot of things you can do with your tumblr, and a lot of ways to use it.

How to Use Tumblr for Blogging and Social Networking

Any single guide will never cover all of them, there are too many. There is one big thing you should know going forward. You can have secondary blogs, too. You can create a new, secondary blog. But, it does a lot. You can have multiple users on it. You can use it in a lot of different ways. The only other thing you have to remember going forward is to have fun. If you want to become a big star, there are plenty of other websites where you can try that. For instance, I dislike themes that make me show who I am following.

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  7. When faced with a non-functional bit of code, it's very Read More in this section, and ShiftEdit , which is an online code editor. So, what I do is copy and paste everything over to ShiftEdit. However, if you are new to this, I am going to highly recommend that you save a backup, unedited copy of your HTML code.

    2. Follow Search Terms

    So, if you break it by accident, you can go back to the previous version. There are a lot of ways to do this, the simplest is just to copy it all to a text document and save it on your desktop. You can also save it on ShiftEdit. Since I am just working from a clean install of a theme, I can just go back to that on tumblr. Tumblr uses a WYSIWG what you see is what you get interface, which shows you the effect of a tool in your blog post right when you apply it. This list describes each of the available tools following the order of the icons from left to right :.

    Blog posts are more fun with photos! If you want to add an image to a text blog post on your Tumblr blog, you can upload a digital image directly from your computer.

    Creating New Blogs - Tumblr For Dummies Portable Edition [Book]

    Simply click the plus sign next to your Text Post window to make the toolbar appear. Sites that showcase information gathered from other visitors can get their post content in two ways. Click the name of your Tumblr blog on the Dashboard menu. Click the Blog Settings button on the Dashboard sidebar to view the Settings page.

    If desired, edit the Submit page title in the text field provided. In the Submission Guidelines field, enter any instructions to visitors about making submissions.