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You are my guardian angel! And I just want to thank you and your parents ,your family for creating such an incredible person! An unusually sunny man with cute curls and dimples on his cheeks, a wide radiant smile, kind eyes and heart, I want to wish you that the world treat you with the same kindness that you give him.

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Just stay always true to yourself. And Happy Birthday,cupcake!

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Put on your dresses of red and gold. For summer is gone and the days grow cold. Celebrate the last sunny days summer18 loveyourself liveyourlife loveeachother peaceintheworld happypride loveequals memories sunnyday chooselove givelove sunflowers green blackeyes dimple highlight treatpeoplewithkindness crookedsmile. Krasnoutimsk, Sverdlovskaya When an artist depicts worlds in their paintings that do not exist in reality, they give them existence thereby, because if something can be imagined, it means that it exists and at the same time does not exist, the same as absolutely everything else.

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Academic artists that hold traditional and classical views on painting often forget to pay attention to that which they depict, to the meaning of their subject, forget to pay attention to small, and seemingly inconsequential details, which, nevertheless, have an enormously important meaning. At the same time, they, the academic scholars of painting, are completely preoccupied with HOW something is depicted, with the correctness of its portrayal according to academic conventions, and other such matters.

After an artist has learned all of the academic conventions, he has the right to create freely, to create what is their own will, that which he desires in the way that he desires. This is the same as the alphabet, which needs to be learned by a child so that they can make words, sentences and text out of the letters, and then later they learn to do this in a beautiful, laconic and graceful way, to create poetry and great literary works.

It is this way with everything, in every human endeavour there needs to be a sequence. Everything needs to be taken into account. Many of the greatest paintings, according to my own personal observations, look beautiful and perfect only from a distance, or only if you look at them up close. I, however, strive to achieve beauty from all sides and perspectives.

I see this as definitely possible. In the visual arts, in painting, it is necessary to pay attention to what is the material upon which one painting or another is painted, what it will look like from the other side.

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This applies to everything - even to the frame supports and nails if you are preparing the canvas yourself. Knowing that you are creating a masterpiece means that you must prepare a worthy foundation - by which I mean all the preparatory work and presentation. During my student years I head that a particular angle of perspective is considered to be either more difficult or more easy. I would say that difficult angles of perspective in the construction of a figure do not exist, what does exist are artists that are inexperienced. In the process of creating a work of art, every creator must answer the following three questions if they wish their creation to be of some worth and to be successful: what, how, and for what reason.

An artist must know not only the rules of painting, the conventions of construction, light and shadow, and many other things even if it is possible to work without this , they must be not only a creator and a great thinker, but also to have certain knowledge about technical construction. He must know, which of the component parts create the most practical building ground, understand certain building material and many other things that concern what they are putting into action: without learning the work of the apprentice you will not become the master.

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For example, to create texture in paintings that utilise different techniques you can use several types of plaster, after the drying of which you can cover the emergent relief with paint. In this way, there is an economy of the paint itself, as if it is an oil based paind it does not need to be spent on creating texture. The difference between a texture created in advance and texture created by the same paint that is used to paint the picture is the following: in the first case you can create shade with the colour without concerning yourself with texture. I always achieve what I wish.

Every creation which later becomes successful begins with a thought, with a desire, with an aspiration - which is then put into action. The brighter the flame of this desire burns, the better.

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Most imporant, is that this flame is not that of a burning pile of straw, but that of a burning torch, and that it burns for as long as the action is carried out, the making of thought into reality until its completion. Even if the paint is put upon the canvas rather roughly, this roughness needs to be an expression of beauty, and every disordered touch should still be the epitome of gracefullness. The harmonious placement of brushstrokes of paint upon the canvas, that makes them take shape, and gives them volume is a separate art.

The possibilities afforded by artistic materials are endless. All is achieved through practice. It is better to discover new techniques yourself, when you stand before the easel and dedicaty many hours to your art, than to read about them in books, ultimately without understanding but only learning by heart how one or another thing is performed or how any effect is created. I prefer to discover techniques myself, even if they have already been discovered by someone else.

However, everyone has the right to decide for themselves what they should do. Dead theory without practice is not the solution - however, practice without theory is possible in my opinion, but you cannot avoid making mistakes. A lot of things which concern the visual arts, and, especially, oil painting, were created by me without preparation and without reading any specific kind of literature on the subject.

I feel that I have a huge amount of experience behind me, and begin to believe that the knowledge of the past does not go away, it is merely forgotten for a time. I need to only make a hint about someting that I do not know yet that I think I do not know about oil painting, and then I energetically nod my head, with the words "Yes, exactly! Because I know. And when you think of graphic design, something which I am also involved in, I do need to have things explained and shown to me, and I do not get the feeling that I had once known how to do it.

In any case, I feel more closeness and kinship towards painting. I meet people that do not understand my paintings at all. Some of them begin to try to persuade me that I should paint in one way or another, and not in the way that I paint. I consider that to be an attempt to take away my right to choose, to take away my creative freedom. I can, and will continue to depict this or that, I will give my thoughts form and give images exact form.

I have every right to paint and draw that which I desire myself, and no one has the right to forbid me to do so. No one, even if it is God himself, even though that cannot be, as He completely supports what I do. I feel a kinship towards painting which is sacral, mystical, full of a meaningful, beautiful pattern, figures which personify the opposite sides of our nature, the holy fire which gives energy and strength to live My paintings have many meanings and values, and at the same time only one genuinely true one, but then, that which the spectator sees when they look at these artistic creations, will be reliant on their own level of development.

Symbols are not signs. Symbols have many levels of meaning. My art is symbolic. There is a particular equivalent to my need for painting. If I do not paint enough, I feel dissatisfied. Art makes real miracles, and the art of the New Aeon will be the greatest incarnation of a miracle. Only when the pathetic drawings of useless artists are brought to ruin, only when you destroy the cheap rhyme-making such as "kalina-malina" which is created by loser poets, only by erasing from the face of the earth the mundane materialism of modern philosophers, only if you strangle in the womd the cinematic patheticness of commercial film directors, only then can you rely on the Renewing of the World" Natella Speranskaya - personal correspondence.

And this is what Bhairavananda says of modernity: "From complete facelessness in the matriarchal times to the blooming of egoism in the patriarchal epoch, we come to the understanding of a swarm of dragons in the third period, both with clarity and emptiness. Two in one. And about art - maybe it is recycled? The transformation of manufacturing waste, such as rubber and plastic into works of art.

These are new materials, created by humans an non-existent in nature. Someone makes sculptures out of tires, somebody use empty plastic cans, tubes, and pieces of cardboard The principle is that of two in one. Functionality and beauty in one work, ecological waste plus creative energy equals a sculpture. From pop-art, to post-modern. It is post modernism now.. Now everything is mixed up, and people find it hard to tell a masterpiece from a piece of junk. The making of the world itself was and Act of Creation.

The people of art are similar to gods. Smile at Them, laugh with the,. In truth, creative people are like gods, and I bow my head down before them, and I shake their many hands in brotherhood. Translation - English The refurbishment begins at the design stage — we will provide you with a realistic representation of our design, as well as the complete technical documentation and a detailed quote.

We can also create a bespoke construction and refurbishment project for you that involves a combination of different works. Our team is ready to discuss your project in detail, and to offer you a solution that best meets your desires and price range. We have also developed a range of package deals with different prices and timescales.

Basic refurbishment package This package is the quickest and most affordable way to refurbish your home.

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  8. However, the main disadvantage of this option is that when it is carried out in old buildings we do not prepare the surfaces fully. Uneven walls and warped floors will not allow for the best quality or for a long term result. Our minimal package will hide the most obvious signs of wear or poor construction quality, but it will not provide you with the same result as a complete refurbishment. The refurbishment process includes the correction of any faults in the original construction — changes to the internal planning of your home, reinforcement of the walls and floors, heating installation, sound proofing, the resizing and correction of window and door frames and dividing walls.

    All windows, doors, radiators and old piping are replaced.

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    The electrical systems are fully or partially replaced. We can also provide soundproofing, insulation and waterproofing works if you desire. Complete bathroom reconstruction A full refurbishment will enlarge your living space, transforming it so that it provides maximum comfort and convenience. We can carry out any architectural and structural changes required by the client. We will provide you with the highest attention to detail in the carrying out of a full refurbishment which will use the most modern and innovative approaches to interior design, interior planning alteration and construction techniques to fulfill your every desire.

    Let yourself be creative in your vision for your home and let us make your ideas come to life. Our highly qualified and professional designers will find you the best solutions in the choice of colour scheme and decorative elements, as well as any complex issues with alteration to the planning of interior spaces.

    You will be provided with an extremely high standard of workmanship to an agreed timescale and a guaranteed result. We value our reputation, which is why we offer you only the best! Here are some examples of our previous projects:. The years that I have spent working for Market Research and Consulting companies that deal with the Russian market have given me experience of translating texts from a wide range of industries - from FMCG product descriptions to oil and gas contracts.

    I have also worked as an in-house full time translator for an international exhibition company, where I translated marketing texts, press releases and websites from Russian into English for all of their offices in the CIS. Alongside my legal translation work, I am currently working on several Russian online games as a freelance translator and editor, which is something I particularly enjoy due to my passion for computer gaming. I always thoroughly proofread any work that I carry out and make my clients aware of any issues that arise. I value my reputation and set very high standards for myself, so I will always tell the client if something is outside my field of expertise rather than provide them with a substandard translation.

    Whether you need a literal translation of technical or contractual documentation, or the translation of prose and poetry I can come back to you with a quote in the space of an hour. Keywords: russian, english, history, historical translation, literary translation, interpreting, proofreading, localization, Edinburgh, Scotland, subtitling, computer game, computer games, rpg, flight sim, social game, legal, legal translation, transcription, localisation, transcreation, fast turnaround, reliable, film, video, audiovisual.

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