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Still, these are a show of the one Moon and the one Sun! Shofi Ahmed Jan Zero is Deathless. Zero is enduring zero is deathless. Nothing is up to it none can mirror it though forever it's an open case. The eyes are yet to see an open face! Because like it's nothing is in perfect shape purely a perfect circle! Nothing matches it as like Fathima is none else! Ever more sprawling pi decimals never go unnoticed propelling to the end surge before her.

Before the original one Fathima is yet to be mirrored. All the planets turn circular before the unseen perfect circle. Fathima nails it snapped it up circled it with her hair! Before the furthest sighted eyes, the dot at the earth's centre at its pool of primitive water.

Measure a Circle, Beginning Anywhere: Poetry Through a Fortean Lens

Fathima embeds in a loop of her hair thus supercharges the water! It finds the cut, the golden ratio, constant continuity in her hair's inner flow. And the Big Bang happened there, their breakthrough! The potential worlds to be from the first drop of water she gets them all buzzed out. From down the rock bottom, from the zero null Fathima finds and raises the sun! Nothing is comparable to it on the ground nor up on the high, we only see the fire of a heavenly phenomenon is beyond the sight!

"Sab khatam hogya..." - Hindi Poetry - Shekhar's mudywehy.tk

Luz Hanaii Jul Change Your Circle. Changing our circle is helpful to advance. Most avoid the naked truth, but dress it up. They tell us what we like to hear. Sometimes life will push and kick us in the rear specially if we're too comfortable, that we may learn and grow. Vicki Kralapp Aug Making love to you with eyes, sneaking kisses in the dark, the real world seemed to melt away in the midst of all the sparks.

You were my lover on the trips we made to seas gone warm, and made me feel forever safe as you held me in your arms.

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Swimming at resorts down south we shut the whole world out, together we played the game of love, of this I had no doubt. As you brushed away the tangled hair then covering my eyes, Your touch became a part of me no longer could I hide. I fell so hard, I lost myself and traded life for you, but you, my love, have traded me for someone young and new. All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.

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Shofi Ahmed Jun Without a rope but squaring the circle the giant man gives it a try takes a flight off to the sky only to fall flat on the ground. She turns around gives the circle her pi. He bounces back and retakes the flight Que Sera, Sera on the way!

Shofi Ahmed Aug Flower over the Moon. Every corner every nook is full. Bouquets of stars flower over the Moon! Lo, unleashing every bit of the inky night the sleeping beauty to wake soon! Go to the nth degree when everything is full look for somewhere new! It's a full circle, full-blown but a ceaseless moving world to one more new angle!

Sally Tsoutas Nov Metallurgic Circle. It's that time again. When rangey youth in wounded utes are sent to pick up tin. Eyes peeled for shiny mangled bikes and steely bits of thing. I want to see the crucible they put it in. Behold the pearly metallurgic mess unfold. A gleaming steaming mass of brassy storm So cooked and cooled and coaxed and clicked and jewelled into mercurial form Then moulded bright and fine once more. This is the Copper loop of life we mine.

Eternal Circulated Alchemy Divine. Council cleanup in my neighbourhood this week. A scavenger's delight. Shofi Ahmed May Only a Pi Away. She is pyramidon spreads down the pyramid Led by him up the pyramid that keeps climbing high. Continues to straighten his straight line but her curve off the top embraces full is an enduring spiral! Off the apex of the pyramid the butterfly has slipped out Still a circle still a cut whatsmore is concealed in the pi?

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Future is in now, deathless in death only a pi away! The Crescent Moon. Hold it with nothing only behold with the eyes! Lo, this crescent Moon: The heaven's smile in the night! Without a light in the sight as if walking blindfolded but didn't go into the blue. Took a trip into the matrix without squaring the circle.

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With no pattern, no more decimals of pi undefined by design but found the Moon! D Awanis Jul Running in Circle. I was thousand kilometers away from you, when a stranger bumped into me he asked me where I was heading off he asked me if I'm lost by the dead end I remember answering that nothing to worry, as I used to go solo and travel alone 'though he offered me help, I refused it's the kind of kindness I can never repay Years passed by until it comes to my senses, how could I ever grasp his helping hand while your fingerprints are still all over my skin?

Youth was all we ever had, and no matter how far I've come to walk away every time I wander it goes directly to you —I am running in circle. Dark Fjord Nov Aus Staub bist du geworden -zu Staub sollst du wieder worden From dust you've become, to dust you shall again, in my throat have been. English Jam Apr In Judgement's Eye. Shofi Ahmed Feb The Sea too is a Moon. It always does before I can see before my foot, my heart goes out to the sea. Like the East, like the West every pole comes in full circle around this quay.

Far from the bottom of the land every drop of water spills out streaming along the rivers march over to the sea. Ben Jonson and Sir William D'Avenant are considered by some to have been 'unofficial' laureates, but the formal list begins with the appointment of Dryden:. Liverpool Poets. It should be available through libraries. We'll add more if we find them!

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Local Poets - just a few of them What a year! It's all behind us now, including the painstaking archiving of the year's records Who knows what our successors will be looking for in ! It has been tremendous fun and I think we'll still be talking about our Centenary Lunch, with our wonderful guest poet, Alan Brownjohn, when we're putting our next set of celebratory events together, whenever that may be. Meantime, a selection of our photos are gathered here. Each poet gave a short but impressive reading of 12 minutes - and each so different! Lesley McLetchie read from the Writers' celebratory anthology for the centenary, each passing breeze , and Maggie Hoyle read poems from the 'Schools Portfolio' - poems written by the students of local schools, who were invited to take part in our Centenary 'Schools Poetry Project'.

Shortlands Poetry Circle wishes to thank Enitharmon Press for their generous donation of books for fund-raising towards the Centenary Celebrations. How wonderful for us to have a Portfolio of your poems to hand down through the generations Poet Taster reading, Beckenham Bookshop, 8th October Lesley McLetchie.

Wyn Parkinson. Christine Pope. Writers Group Secretary, Janet Ryan. Getting into the Centenary spirit Bryan Corrin.