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Whether you are a lover of warehouse parties, an avid discoverer of indie acts, a casual concertgoer, or are just looking for something to do on a Tuesday night, we will curate a cultural experience for you. All you have to do is subscribe and start RSVPing to shows. How does Disko work?

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I only have standard membership but I still see a ton of shows and have met some really cool people going to concerts by myself. Good on whoever thought of this! Going to move from the bottom of my friend group to the top after I get them guest list to so many great LA shows! Streamlined, not buggy at all, easy to navigate, and pretty enticing!

Impressive concert selection for a brand new app! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Description Disko is a concert subscription service that helps you discover and attend the best shows in your city for an affordable price. Guide to Greenland is an extensive marketplace for tours and packages that have been tried and tested to guarantee quality and assurance. Book with us to experience the very best activities and attractions available in Greenland. Guide to Greenland follows the easiest booking and cancellation policies available. Add multiple services to your cart or book a package in a single checkout. Holiday packages including flights to and from Greenland are subject to the Airlines general cancelations policies.

Guide to Greenland showcases articles and blogs with detailed travel information relevant to Greenland, provided by locals, travelers, and travel writers. Guide to Greenland aims to give you the best local hints, tips, and insider knowledge before you decide where and when to live out your Greenland adventure.

How did Disko Island get its name? By Lasse Kyed. Send message. Contact Lasse. Popular Latest What's so unique about kaffemik? So when there was a gathering, the host would tell the guests when the house is open and they would come to all different times thro. Sailing in Ilulissat. The most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere, is just around the corner of Ilulissat. The glacier is 70 kilometers in the icefiord and keeps producing huge icebergs all year round.

Many people travel very far to see and experience moments like these: Every summer I look forward to this! It is the 12th summer I am spending here and every year I have a bunch of pictures of the icebergs. They keep changing and the color of the sky, the contrast, and the sea kee.

Hiking Ukkusissat mountain as a beginner. Ukkusissat, or Store Malene as it is called in Danish, is meters above sea level and the hike started almost by sea level. The hike started with very easy trays. I was afraid that it would be cold, b. The true size of Greenland, should it be a Continent? Greenland is the 12th largest country and is known as the largest island in the world. Due to its massive size and a tiny population of less than It is mostly covered by the second largest mass of ice in the world, which, if it were to melt, is estimated to cause a global sea level rise of up to 7 meters.

An amazing day in Nuuk Fjord. We were only fishing by waterfalls so I guess that's where the fish gathers. Exploring the ghost settlement Kangeq. The day started with being pretty foggy, which were a good start considering we were going to a ghost village. Disappearing in the fog as we were on our way to Kangeq. Traveling from Norway to Greenland.

How long does it take to get from Norway to Greenland? Well, of course it depends on which city you are traveling to and from.

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I step off the Dash-8 onto the tarmac, greeted by blue sky arching over the glittering fjord. A spotless, metallic-silver DC3 is the only other aircraft in sight. A handful of Americans, beaming with pride, are chattering, fussing around this splendid, mirror-like machine. Many such private aircraft turn up in re. Uummannaq is the heart of the world The village of Uummannaq is named by its iconic heart-shaped mountain, and the legend goes that once you've visited you'll leave a piece of your heart here, always calling you to come back.

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Discovering the Frozen fiord Around February, when the ice has settled on the sea, the dog sledding season starts, car driving, snowmobile trips, ice fishing for halibut, catfish etc. The ice stays until May. Seamens home - Nuuk. Are you visiting Nuuk? If so, have you already booked your accommodation?

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If not, here is an opportunity which is only 15 minutes on foot from the center of Nuuk, and 2 minutes from the coast ferry, at the harbor. There is a nice atmosphere, and I went there for lu. Nuuk in October. Colorful Nuuk. The small villages are getting smaller while the towns are getting bigger. On the picture above is the old part of Nuuk in the front, with the new in the back.