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Banded tops hide nothing on me and make me look even bigger. Which is totally not the goal for postpartum clothes! You were busting out of your pregnancy clothes in those last few weeks, feeling like a morbidly obese penguin. Nursing covers come in all kinds of pretty fabrics nowadays.

Some might say to just use a blanket. For me, blankets have a tendency to fall off my shoulder at the worst time. Look for one with thin, breathable fabric to keep baby happy too. Share it in a comment below! Thank you so much! This is very helpful. April, congratulations on your little one! With a real bra that actually keeps the girls higher than my waistline. My girl just turned 6 weeks on Saturday, so our little ones are awfully close in age!

How are you doing? Ah, well! I got pregnant on April 26 and my baby was due January Based on LMP calculations, your due date is almost precisely nine months after your last period, but typical ovulation and therefore conception is two weeks after your period begins. You could have imparted this information in a lot kinder of a way. Agreed Jennifer! I was about to bake the same comment.

NOT 28 which would equal 4 weeks each month is approximately 4. Divide 40 weeks days by Oh, so all people have their baby at exactly 40 weeks? I know quite a few people that went 2 weeks past their due date… 9 to 10 months is a pretty accurate statement….

And you all are focusing on something pretty stupid. Those infinity nursing scarves are super easy to make if you know how to use a ruler, scissors, a sewing machine, and can sew a straight line. I made like 8 of them — haha! Thanks for sharing this information. One of my friends has just delivered a baby vew months back and it was getting hard for her to find the right clothes that will not look awful. I will share this information with her today. Thank you, this was very helpful.

What about a belly band? Did you wear one and do you have recommendations? Thank you! I am 8th week pregnant with my first baby. This time i found you and i am so glade for that.

2. Your crotch might be a mess.

Thanks for the sharing such a informative article. Finally a post that does not assume I am 90lbs and feeling fabulous post baby! You gave some awesome ideas and I greatly appreciate it! I like that you suggested high-waisted leggings that fit perfectly on you. I will suggest this to my sister who has been having problems with wearing jeans now that she has a belly to think about after giving birth. This will help her find clothing tomorrow that will be of comfort. Go to the store and buy yourself something that fits now.

I like to layer a camisole tank top with the stretchy elastic shoulder straps under a t shirt for nursing in public. You can pull the t shirt up and your whole back and abdomen are still covered by the camisole. Then just pull down the top of the camisole to get one boob out.

Paired with a small blanket or nursing scarf you can prevent accidental boob flashing. As your body will no doubt be changing, you may want to source some suitable clothing that can keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout each day. For example, a nursing bra can […]. Photo by Brian Wolfe. Photo by Erin. Yoga Pants. Majamas Organic Easy Bra. Belabumbum Lotus Seamless Nursing Bra. Infinity Nursing Scarf. Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm a mom of four, a recovering perfectionist, and the author of Happy You, Happy Family.

Parenting is hard enough without all the guilt we heap on top of ourselves. I drank coconut water by the bucket! I love Tizo3 sunscreen for the face not sure if they make a body version? I love how your friend put it- you are growing a soul! Thanks, Jo. Just seeing a bag at the grocery store makes me nostalgic and reminds me of that special time. I bought it about 6 years ago for a friend who was pregnant for the first time, and I had to force myself to put it down so that I could finally give it to her as a gift. Love this post!

I am preggers with 2 and one thing I swear by is prenatal yoga. It stretches you out and works out all your kinks. Somehow I walk out feeling lighter despite the real truth…ha! This was the most validating pregnancy related thing I have read since finding out my own good news in early January — we are expecting our first in September! What little research I have done has either driven me mad with contradictory advice and warnings, or freaked me out. So like you, I am putting my faith in my doctor, mom, friends and own common sense.

I feel like I am able to spend more time and energy focusing on the exciting parts of pregnancy and having a baby. I also have been really surprised by the super heavy emotion attacks that seem come out of nowhere. Random TV shows. It all seems so deep, personal and touching now! Thanks for such a wonderful post, and all the honest and genuine Motherhood Mondays posts you write! I bought a ton of books when I first found out I was pregnant and threw them all away before I was halfway done! Awe, Joanna! I love the photos of you and Alex. How sweet! These are great tips!

I have a 7 week old, so I was pregnant very recently. I have to say, I got that pregnancy pillow, but I hated it! We only have a queen sized bed and my husband and I could never cuddle with it in the bed! I craved eggs, too. Totally loved them, but the smell of hamburger cooking made me feel sick. So idiosyncratic! I have been reading and loving your blog for some time! So refreshing with great advice- and found out this very mornings was pregnant with our second.

Happened so much faster than we even thought possible! Trying to enjoy the moment and stick to our guns- it felt right and is meant to be :. But I think we are in for one wild ride with two so close in age!!!! I am almost 11 weeks pregnant, and I love your list! I will also say that my cravings have been all over the place, but overall I crave salt more than anything, and I LOVE french fries right now. I now look for them at restaurants and always ask if they use pasteurized eggs just to be safe. I have had friends who suffered, though, and I know that with my next pregnancy it could be different… But I am so thankful that this time around I seem to have been spared!


I also did not realize that my anxiety would get worse when I got pregnant, but it really did… I have GAD and panic disorder, and my hormones going all haywire made these things 10x worse. Your baby will do much better if your anxiety or depression is being controlled in one way or another. I am in my 7th month and my first year at a stressful job in a new city with no friends or support system other than my husband. I try to balance that life with the excitement and joy of having a little baby to snuggle in a few months. Compartamentalizing has helped…hope to use this technique during childbirth.

Bright lipstick and swimming have been my life savers thus far.

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No cravings other than oranges and repulsed by meat since my first trimester. Getting dressed. Old navy basic t shits and cute skinny jeans and a good pair of shoes. Bringing Up Bebe…great book!! I agree, other pregnancy books made me crazy, especially Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven. I flat out stopped eating meat after I read it which is SO not me! Back to eating meat, occasional small sips of wine and ready to raise this baby like a small Parisian! I guess she just takes after her daddy in the diet category! Great tips, Joanna!

I had my first baby a boy! During my pregnancy,the blog: treschicmama. Best wishes to all you mamas-to-be out there. I was so excited for the nesting phase but ended up feeling in limbo living at my parents house the month she was born — we were between our old city and moving into a new house in our new city. My husband and I were in Italy when I was just over three months pregnant and I remember lying awake at night in our hotel room and being so anxious to get back home to get the nursery ready and organize other rooms in the house for the baby. I was a nut case!

The only thing that repelled me was Chinese buffets. In the end, all I ever want is my baby to be delivered safely. I take everyday as a new day and not worry about the upcoming events. I still eat fried chicken and a little bit of spicy food here and there, which I crave all the time. The things that make feel better is when I can feel the baby kick. Or when my husband talks and rubs my belly.

Pregnancy Survival Guide | A Cup of Jo

I feel like we already have our little baby out here with us. Fashion wise, I like to wear cute earrings because I feel more feminine. I also wear eyeliner to bring out my brown eyes. People have been telling me that they could not tell I was pregnant. I need all the luck I can get! Some people have told me that pregnancy looks good on me.

And not to stress yourself. Enjoy every day and take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Thanks for this post. My mom gave me the best advice ever. Only surround yourself with pretty things. I watched feel-good movies, read happy books, ate nutritious and delicious things and tried to keep positive that morning sickness had to end at some point.

I craved pasta SO bad I once ate a bowl of pasta meant for 4 people. The times…. I am about 22 weeks pregnant and I love reading about how others deal with it or what they use and are going through, its like a fun club that we get to be in for 9 months! I craved fruit which was really odd because I have zero sweet tooth and never eat fruit because of it. But I would go to town on anything citric and could. I consulted with my doctor, my mother and my gut and with that I was fine. I found the negativity annoying.

Your life changes when you have a baby, but you expect that and adapt to it. Despite the challenges, marveling at the kid that you created is pretty darn cool. This is such a great post! I just gave birth to my little girl St. Reading your post brought back some sweet memories of her being in my belly! My little one was prone to hiccups in the 3rd trimester. She would have hiccups every night around pm…and the funny thing is that it really felt like hiccups inside my belly!

Chai, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate are my comforts during my pregnancy. I had to have them everyday especially the chocolate. I had to have 1 piece of chocolate everyday or it will not be a happy day for me. I totally agree with not reading pregnancy books! Nearly all of them are fear-mongering or just kind of preachy. Trust yourself, your doc and your friends and mom. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself if you can…the best part is the baby at the end of it :. Soooo true!!!! I expierenced very similar things!!!!

Reading the books and the internet made me so paranoid that I had to live it. I only stick with one book. Cleaning the nest! Gosh you made me laugh, so true again!!!! At the beggining I felt fat so I wore big clothes but later on I felt so lucky to be slim and carry and amazing belly that I just wore jeans and a tight shirt to show my baby to be around everyone!!! I missed my belly afterwards, and you? I loved having the chart that showed how the baby was progressing in my belly. We gave the belly nicknames like calabash shrimp, etc as she grew.

I also loved reading anything non-pregnancy-related and especially the first 3 months. With my second girl, I was a very nausous and quite a picky eater so this helped guide me to better nutrition. Great post! I used to eat fairly healthy, especially before getting pregnant. But ever since becoming pregnant, all I seem to crave is junk food! All i want to eat is pizza, cheese, or tacos! I had my first baby 3 months ago and agree firsthand with a chunk of your list, namely item number one.

I hated those books so much! I also took what other mothers would tell me with a grain of salt. Everyone wants to tell you about the horrible stretchmarks they got, or how long it took them to lose the weight. Just wait until this gross thing happens, just wait until you start swelling, or just wait until you gain pounds.

Every pregnancy is so different and so individual. Trust yourself and your instincts, and employ common sense. This post comforted me a lot! I crave for pasta! I think my favorite pregnancy tip is to take lots of pictures! I forgot quickly what it felt like to be pregnant — even what I looked like when I was pregnant. Looking back on the photos helps me to remember those sweet moments. I am due any day now!!! I found that walking every day and trying to stay as positive as possible this coming from a person who believes in prepare for the worst, hope for the best helped me stay happy throughout my pregnancy.

This post made me so sad. I want so very much to be a mother and wish for nothing more than a positive pregnancy test! Luckily they went away, but I got some very stern warnings about my hydration levels from my midwife. A friend recommended me to read books on babycare and nursing rather than books on pregnancy and birth. I find that advice very useful.

Wish we could get Hatch here in the UK. Got a wedding to go to and struggling to sort anything half decent to wear. Plus, pregnancy when you have a toddler is a totally different ball game than first time round. It has flown by. I have looked forward to this time in my life since I was a little girl and it is already everything I hoped it would be and more. Oh, and my biggest craving has been jarred peaches from Trader Joes—I cannot wait until actual peach season!

I would go through 3 or 4 jars a week if I could. Ice here too! I loved partially melted ice. And then to top it off, the hospital had these little crushed ice circle-like things. Go figure. Hi Joanna! First of all, as general advice to everyone in the world—do NOT tell a pregnant woman what she should be eating or drinking.

I have found this to be the most annoying thing. People try to scare you from practically everything. What people need to understand is that different cultures come into play when a woman is pregnant and your own cultural bias is not helpful for other women. I live in Spain where diet rules for pregnant women are different than they are in the U. My second piece of general advice is to not be too informed. Thanks so much for posting this! Love this post, thanks! I think pregnant woman have become way too sensitive. We must embrace this beautiful journey we are going through and take it all in stride.

People try for years to get pregnant so just feel grateful you are lucky enough to be blessed with such a miracle. Whoah where did that rant come from? I craved beef too when I was pregnant…so much that I sometimes joke that my son was made from hamburgers : Books about pregnancy made me anxious as well, especially any that outlined the dangers of the chemicals around us…living in NYC, what was I to do?? My mother in law gave me one of those body pillows and it was amazing. My husband and I just started trying. I am soaking up as much information as I can and anxiously hoping it will happen for us soon!

Thanks for sharing! I wore hanky panky throughout my pregnancy and they were my fave. I turned 33 when I was 5 months along and my husband took me and my parents to a very special restaurant for dinner and I was so excited to have this giant steak and when it came I wanted to die. I felt so guilty. What I missed the most was sushi but I did indulge in the occasional glass of red wine.

My doctor said it was fine every once in a while and I really craved it. But my number one craving was pizza and avocados…random but true. I actually did pilates once a week and worked out ie. I was determined to be healthy and fit. I still gained almost 50!!!

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Speaking of stretch marks, I constantly smelled like cocoa butter. I rubbed it on myself day and night. I also loved this skin oil by clarins that another mom told me about and I splurged on it and loved it. To this day whenever I smell it it reminds me of when I was pregnant. I drink caffeinated tea every day.

I eat brie. I eat sushi. I even have a glass of wine every few days! Babies are much more resilient than we give them credit for, I think.

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing Checklist

What a great post! We have a little boy who is 8 months old, so I still remember my pregnancy very well. I never did think about reading many of those books except for recommendations about furniture, strollers, etc. They followed a few women who were due right around my due date, and I loved hearing about their different perspectives and stories. I also craved beef! And I would keep my fridge stocked with sparkling water so that I had something to drink out of a wine glass at the end of the day.

I sincerely appreciate this post. I am almost in my 13 week and I feel a range of everything. I know what you mean about all the information. How scarey!! I finally just started asking my mom and OB because I was scared to even have a cough drop. Thanks again for your encouraging words. I need that. I love your blog, read it every day! My husband and I have a little girl, Mallory, and she is about four months shy of two.

Ready to Shed some Pounds? (Part One)

She is the light of lives as I am sure all little ones are , and we are have been trying for the past four months to get pregnant with our second. I had NO trouble at all getting pregnant with Mallory, so it is very humbling and quite discouraging as each month passes. But I have faith that it will happen when it should. I love your comments. They were not good for me in any way. They were wonderful, honest and so sincere in their approach to impending Mommyhood. Have a great day! Super post! I have almost hit the 20 week mark.

I had a pretty major hemorrhage 9 weeks, and this pregnancy has taught me to just let go of a lot of things…not worth worrying over! I am finally just starting to enjoy being pregnant. I do miss margaritas though. I just fell right into the routine of what to do. Those belly bands have made all the difference for me! The tea you mentioned sounds heavenly!

WOW these are all totally wonderful things! Clear, normal, and had the answer to EVERY question I had and I had a lot, since I was 40 with my first and every other pregnancy book had me convinced that I was having a two-headed baby. This is so helpful! Thank you for such helpful tips! Oh Joanna! Thank you for such a great post! I will put these tips to good use especially the one about walking with an audio book-genius!

Motherhood Mondays are my fave! The JCrew lipstick; great find! Thanks, Joanna! I just started my second trimester with my first baby. I look forward to your motherhood monday posts every week. Excited, scared, nervous, overjoyed, annoyed. It was not fun to read, and just made me anxious. I also HATE those online birth cohort forums. I craved a lot of cucumbers and other crunchy foods about a month ago. So weird. Now my husband and I drink it times a week.

But whenever I had a what I thought was stupid question it was a great reference to clear up any confusion. Thanks for this survival guide!