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By extension, the veld can be compared to the " boondocks " or those places "beyond the black stump " in Australia. There is a sense in which it refers in essence to unimproved land and is therefore not the equivalent of the English paddock and does not include areas used both for pastoral activities and the planting of crops. These areas are referred to as fields. The word is less appropriate for land that is heavily forested, mountainous, or urban.

The simplest explanation will be to say the word "veld" means "natural vegetation"; excluding vegetation like swamps and forests.

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It does include mountains with vegetation but not deserts or mountains without natural vegetation. The veld definition may encompass different natural environments, both humid and dry, such as Coastal plain , Coastal prairie , Flooded grasslands and savannas , Grassland , Prairie , Savanna , Steppe , Meadow , Water-meadow , Flood-meadow , Wet meadow , as well as agricultural fields. Whereas mountainous peaks and thick forests do not really fit in with the term veld , bushes are acceptable. The area then becomes Bosveld , a term that is used mainly to describe Die Bosveld "The Bushveld " , which is both a loose botanical classification and a specific geographical part of what used to be known as the Transvaal , as described for example in the story Jock of the Bushveld.

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To the east, the Highveld's border is marked by the Great Escarpment , or the Mpumalanga Drakensberg , but in the other directions the boundary is not obvious and often arbitrary. The blesbok and quagga were among the large animals that once roamed on the highveld in great numbers.

Nowadays there still is a sizeable population of springbok in some areas, [8] though much of the area is devoted to commercial farming and South Africa's largest conurbation Gauteng Province. The Limpopo Lowveld extends southwards, east of the Drakensberg escarpment through Mpumalanga Province and ultimately into eastern Swaziland.

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This southern limb of the Lowveld is bounded by South Africa 's border with Mozambique to the east and the north-eastern part of the Drakensberg to the west. Thornveld also thorn veld or thornveldt , often referred to as "acacia thornveld", is a type of semi-arid savanna in which grassland with thorny acacia and certain species of thorny bushes predominate.

The predominant plant species are usually different in the thornveld of the plains or in the hill thornveld, where, for example, species of genus Balanites are common. Sandveld, in the general sense of the word, is a type of veld characterised by dry, sandy soil, typical of certain areas of the Southern African region. It usually absorbs all water from the seasonal rains, although aquatic habitats, largely seasonal, may be also found in specific places in the sandveld. These consist especially of grasses forming clumps and certain kinds of trees and shrubs.

Some of the typical sandveld species are Acacia haematoxylon , A. Hardveld is a term applied to certain areas of rocky soils in Botswana, located mostly in the eastern part of the country. The landscape is an undulating plain with scattered rocky hill ranges. There are areas of hardveld also in South Africa in the mountainous central Kamiesberg of the Northern Cape with hilly escarpments and deep river valleys.

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The soil of the hardveld is characterised by rocky outcrops, as well as an abundance of stones and pebbles of different shapes and sizes. The flora of the hardveld is typical of rocky savanna , with denser vegetation and thus less denuded patches than in the sandveld, as well as taller trees. Peltophorum africanum , Acacia nigrescens , A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Veldt disambiguation. Main article: Highveld.

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Through Veld and Forest. An African Story. Illustrated by Arch. Webb.

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