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It seems to me, also, that 3rd-wave feminism was already drifting towards a de facto essentialist position. Trans activism and social policy is based on a delusion. I think the key is to pass laws making hormone blockers and genital assignment surgery before the age of majority illegal except by permission on a case by case basis by the medical board of the state authority that regulates the medical profession for the jurisdiction in question. Childhood sex assignment must be limited, rare and exceptional. Do I believe an extremely small number of people were born with the wrong bodies?

Yes I do. Do I believe sex and gender are on a continuum?

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But what bothers me most about the trans movement is what this article brought out about reinforcing gender stereotypes. If a person wants to do certain work or be in a certain role they can do so without changing their gender. But biological sex is by no means a spectrum in any sexually reproducing being. Gametes are haploid cells. They have only half the genetic information of all other cells in our bodies. Females, being XX, only produce X haploids. Males, being XY, produce X and Y haploids.

If a X sperm fertilises an egg, you have a female embryo, then a female child, then a female adult. If a Y sperm fertilises an egg, you have a male embryo, then a male child, then a male adult. This is foundational to all evolutionary biology. Life choices have little to do with our biology. For now, the simple reality is ovule or spermatozoid, and these two are no spectrum.

What would something between a ovule and a spermatozoid even look like!! Life choices have little to do with our biology]. Usually does. Sometimes not so much. Other physiological difference matter, as well as interests. I remember meeting a female long-term industrial welder. I have probably met other females who used welding in art. Not so sure about hardcore combat soldiers … for physiological reasons … even in the best sense of combat soldiers in wars of defense not Empire pawns.

But the 0. An XY zygote was resistant to testosterone. Therefore it developed small female parts. It was raised as a female, and thought of itself as female. It was attracted to men. After it was married to a man they found they could not conceive a child. The doctor they went to gave it high doses of female hormones and the XY individual conceived a child. But before that age, you can legally choose to have them cut off or mutilated.

Spot on. I suspect a great many MTF transpeople are narcissists. Why should they have to understand us? I totally agree …I have personal experience that backs your notion about NPD absolutely …. One was a girlish late teen newbie, just doing clothing and makeup with friends. First time not staying home. One is a well-known online fully trans who later had trans surgery. The wrong bone structure or head size is tragic. Rad-fems point out that trans-women natal males they meet act out overblown stereotypes of femininity and slut-acting, that normal women almost never do … unless they are drama-queen narcissists.

Yet they behave very aggressively when challenged … like extreme males feeling insulted. We are not born in our bodies. We are our bodies. Trans people are sick. They deserve compassion but should not be enabled. The entire western world is becoming codependent. AKA your previous entity just stopped existing and vanished died. Unfortunately the author missed the point. Transgenderism should be properly understood as a counterrevolutionary phenomenon. And a very Machiavellian one to be sure. I think that over time that will fall out of favor.

But lets look on the bright side: Transgenderism is a well deserved stake in the heart of radical feminism. It may be a bogus overreach but its continuing institutionalization is treating you and those like you as if you were worse than the patriarchy. Trans-activism is merely the latest method that pedophiles and rapists of natal women are using to force their way into your safe spaces and abuse you and muffle your cries of pain and protest, They are sick criminals who need to be locked up or worse. Some of them in rap. The key incident was several Black Panthers on stage spouting that the role of females in the revolution was to serve the males with pussy and assistance.

Typical gangsta rap about bitches. The communists and socialists booed and shouted. Then she held an impromptu side-meeting and announced the walkout. Ciscus and Bread Radical feminism is literally the branch of Feminism that has always been against transgenderism. You fucking idiots could at least try to avoid misinformation before letting us know you enjoy seeing women get screwed over by males who like to wear dresses a little different from the tradicional way, women getting screwed over by males who like to wear pants.

Btw, saying that women claim to want the opposite of what they actually want is very creepy. You sound like a rapist. Crime defined as any actions or statements opposing Scientology. Two stories I recall from one woman and one man who quit Goldman-Sachs, for example. Other men may be frustrated wannabe oligarchs but lack the smarts and social skills and intelligence so they try to rule with an iron fist what little ground they can. Or are over-emotional brutes who get enraged easily. Or are mentally ill w substance abuse issues.

Same inside prisons where extortion gang is one tool to be top dog. I cited Veblen earlier. That will never change; the post-op patient will still be the same mess as the pre-op patient. You do know that Lewis was a deeply religious Anglican? And that from the perspective of Abrahamic monotheism, you too are made in the image of God? Religion IS subjective. And, what I remember, there was not only a complaint about quantity and percentage. Is Vicki a misandrist?

Any man who was as hostile towards women as she is towards men here and in the comments on a previous article would be labeled a misogynist and be condemned by the vast majority of Quillette commenters. It goes to show you that intelligence is no defense against insanity. Hateful fundamentalist ideology can drive anyone loony. Fundamentalism is a drug the same way cocaine is — it takes you over.

After reading about two posts of Vick Heel a while back, I wrote him off as a whack job super troll and just scroll through without reading any time I see his heading. Right or Happy, same. The glimpse I catch of obscenities validates my choice every time. You have committed cis-neuro-centrism. Autism is not a disorder it is another choice on the neuro-diversity rainbow. As an Aspie, I am differently-thinking, but not disordered. My feelings are hurt and I am triggered. Of no use to any of us. Anything to actually contribute Vicky? Perhaps Claire might institute a community driven banning.

Perhaps for a few weeks at first, then permanently. Vicky does not lack intelligence or even thoughts, but she sorry for assuming! Their own words damn them. Any clear-headed person coming across them would dismiss the writer as a disturbed crackpot. Thing is tho that there is no signal. The throughput is excellent too; the data is travelling at the speed of light until the last few hundred metres for most of us reading and commenting. The few seconds it takes to evaluate and trash a junk comment could be better spent. That was my thought too. That is just screaming at the wind. That being said, I have hope that those without communication skills, but something honest to say, can learn how to communicate effectually and join the conversation.

That is why editing or banning is so troublesome. It leads to a very slippery slope. Even if the slope is just me falling into a comfortable silo and not really listening anymore. Hannah A lot of the time Vicki is incisive and makes a valid point. You have to look past all that bluster and frustration. Perhaps we can persuade her to improve her game?

VH has, on occasion, made a valid point. Or at least a cogent, if absurd, point. For a valid point to have been made a lot of the time, a lot of the time Vicki would have to be actually making a point and not just lashing out with sundry profanity and other nonsense. I suspect there may be a limit on the number of comments per string. Follow the string up until you reach the first Reply link you see. When you click it, the comment field will open immediately below. This gives the illusion the comment will be posted in that place. The comment will be posted at the end of the string.

This whole thing is nothing but a mental illness and there is not one whit, and I mean one whit outside of anecdotal stuff, of evidence that allowing these people to defy science and try to live as a member of the opposite sex improves there lives. What we need are laws that delay any of the worst apsects of this like hormones and plastic surgery until someone is at least 18 years old as the science, yes the actual science, shows that this is a transitory feeling in the most youths.

HRT works. Genital reconstruction is sexist bullshit. Avowed Identity is not reality, as anybody coerced into avowing a cis-het identity should well know. Kevin Herman, Thank you — finally a quiet, serene sensible voice amidst all this. To me it is beginning to be frightening group-think. And only Quillette is able to publish such excellent treatise on the phenomenon. We human beings are on the verge of discovering that we all repress developmental identity conflicts and related anxieties and that these adversely impact our behaviors and even our physical health.

The transgender movement has opened the door to looking within… and it will be difficult if not impossible to shut it. Andrew Worth is right. But there I go, indulging in gender roles gain. Then why is she- he — it are not writing about money, investment and GDP? The larger question is why she refused to print articles by writers on this issue within her own publication only to go on to write here, usurping the one space freelancers have to carve out a living.

I am one of several writers who approached her on the issue of this subject and she published her friend K. A real McCoy system of male domination and oppression of women would make no concessions. As it is presently, the tyranny of the Patriarchy for those who live in the developed secular democracies is a bogeyman.

Show me a place that differs from the Patriarchy. You already have a list of what you dislike about it, right? Purchase an unincorporated part of the US, Canada, or elsewhere and construct the society of your dreams. And back. You may exclude whomever you wish. Trans people. Toxic Men. Other men including chivalrous door openers. Choice feminists. Sex workers. Lean Inners. People who demand the unpaid labour of your explanations. Even the house Ms Heal lives in.

Ungrateful witch. Nunneries are far from a fully functioning town of modern services, amenities, and infrastructure. If you have troubles conceiving such a place, simply imagine a town of 50, people comprised entirely of radfems. Yes, Feminopolis, the town where men are not allowed and the sisterhood rules.

Negropolis too, where black lives matter and the all black citizens, the all black government and the all black cops decide for themselves what the policy will be as to the all black criminals — love, or law and order? Entirely up to them. Every Victimhood would be encouraged to have their own city and leave the rest of us alone.

There are few things more rewarding for some people than being a hothouse freedom fighter. The tinfoil hat crowd likes to say follow the money.

Wellness Tools

Well said. Yes, it is fun … for them. Not so fun for the rest of us. If it was just noise one might ignore it, but these folks are now doing real and lasting harm. It will be interesting to see how long it takes.

Did You Know We Work with a Sex Demon? - Hardly Working

I think about years should do it. I suspect there will be a surge in claims. And, now, you exist in a state not dissimilar to Judas of Iscariot as held by the remaining — and considerably less treacherous — disciples of Christ, or Jeysus as the more cultured among us might say. Nevertheless, since you so eloquently molested the more righteous proclivities of my cultural heritage, and did so, with what I must concede was a rather shoddy attempt at phonetically modulating vocal intonations to match, what I consider, my exceedingly unique southern, white-trash drawl; I feel compelled, duty bound even, to remind you of the quaint fact that stereotypes are probabilistic, not deterministic.

Which is to say, that while all rednecks are rednecks, some rednecks are more redneck than others. But your apparent neuropsychiatric condition is not what concerns me. That is to say, a man of your obvious cognitive depth and ubiquitous nature would do well to not mistake the intellectually servility of the average Honky-tonk man as being representative of every Honky-tonk man.

Despite exaggerated reports to the contrary, there are one or two of us who have the good sense to not impute or confuse a central tendency statistic an average onto an entire population distribution — sadly, the same cannot be said for every critic. This article lost me when it started talking about safe spaces for women. There are many problems with this transgender fad children making life changing decisions they will regret, demands for things like bathrooms and surgery with no thought of how this is going to be paid for, attempts to hijack language, the list goes on… but women only spaces are not the answer.

Unless you think Saudi Arabia is a matriarchal paradise. The reality is not all women have been able to hold their own in the big bad world and have been beaten and brutalized. If transwomen are under such constant threats of being raped, beaten and murdered like they claim then they should ask Mr. Moneybags Pritzker to invest in shelters of their own. AMEN and the fact that I have to agree with such a basic fact is itself a sign of the madness….

Or maybe you and your ilk are a tad cranky tumblr is cracking down on pornography and is making your cult recruitment a tad difficult limiting your reach to vulnerable teen girls. To aid your safety I urge you to avoid cohabiting with a female intimate partner. Lesbian partnerships are more abusive than heterosexual ones. A study by the University of Missouri at St.

There has been reports of a decline testosterone in men, and perhaps women, probably due to a change from physically arduous out of doors work to sedentary office work. There also appears to be an increase in psychological disorders. As the body undertakes far less arduous and dangerous work; is there a massive decline in testosterone, steroids, adrenaline, oxygen in the blood red blood cells these psychological issues be solved by undertaking a years hard manual labour such as in logging camp where only manual tools were allowed and good quality organic food with plenty of real ale good for Vitamin B and making red blood cells.

My experience is that hard manual work out of doors, in winter followed by good food and pint or two of real ale produces a wonderful sense of well being. This is an under-appreciated subject. I find myself, more and more, moving toward seeing political and social trends as just epiphenomenon riding on real, underlying changes, rather than being driven primarily by ideological concepts, texts and activism.

We are not the masters of our own destiny, as we like to think we are. The separation of sex and pregnancy afforded by the pill, rapidly declining testosterone levels, births rates below replacement rates, generally high living standards, and the rise of non-user pays online services, are real phenomena. The belief in gender as a spectrum and sex as a social construct are epiphenomenal.

Governance at the epiphenomenal level is probably going to have some very bizarre and unintended consequences. This will, as usual, create the demand for even more governance. Thanks for posting this. Entirely incorrect. The only appropriate treatments are designed to recover self respect and self acceptance. Any other approach is enablement of mental illness.

I love Vicki, who starts out semi rational, but as the booze kicks in becomes wonderfully bitter and angery. No need to suck my own magnificent dick, Vicki I have a lover who enjoys giving me pleasure as much as I enjoy giving her pleasure. Scratch your demented itch here.

I can feel your writhing pain. This essay is nothing more than a long winded whingeing complaint by an over-privileged white woman about the loss of some of her privileges. Things are apparently getting too equal for her and her sisters. Remember, feminism is supposed to be about equality and not the preservation of special privileges for the female sex.

I say tough turkey. Remember when that was the all mighty empowering battle cry? And related to this subject, the following link is an unusual development reported lately in the battle of the women vs the transgender women:. A segment of our population has gone completely insane. Logic a distant, foggy memory. The results are fascinating. Tragic, but fascinating. One can capitalize by buying stocks in pharmaceuticals, pot, ropes and bullets.

The transgender fad is merely a symptom of a deep groaning confusion that permeates our culture. Teen female suicides double in 10 years, poor dead canaries,. I scored a whopping 2. I scored Accordingly, I humbly congratulate you on your well-deserved victory while simultaneously apologizing for my impudence and disadvantage.

Ga Gamba, are you the Pope? I tried to match your score, and after maxing out the usual suspects I could only get down to 2 by maxing Devout Christian. Are you one of those prominent Christians who appear not to believe in God? There absolutely needs to be safe spaces cringe word for biological women and businesses who cater to them see link below.

Those wanting rational laws based on science might want to try adopting the language of emotion and getting offended. The facts are not working. The jack-ass SJWs go from zero to calling you hitler. This is something that all businesses and institutions need to address now. This was neither of those things. This was hack work and some-sayery eerily reminiscent of the last concerted cisfeminist attack on transition provision, a significant document from same leads the following article:. They do stuff like yell Moo over and over again in steak restaurants.

They are harming animals. No one likes a militant vegan or a militant of any flavor. However facts still stand as facts whether or not people accept them or not. The Trans Hysteria Express will be far bigger than the s ritual abuse hysteria. When it blows up, as always, the transbulance chasers will win.

Nice try you feminist SJW piece of shit. The real problem is what this insane ideology is doing to children. Pingback: Useful articles — endthewoo. We either have some very bad trolls or have someone who embodies all that is wrong with these sort of tribal, non coherent, anti-science and contradictory viewpoints.

Sad really. I desperately feel sorry for poor souls who find it difficult to find their place in the world. We are trying to play god and defeat natural selection. Another way in which the author is disingenuous, in addition to raising the abuse-victimization-theory which presumes that cisGLB people and trans people adopt their identities because they were abused as children, instead of that sexual neurodivergence being read and punished… something the author believes is the case with cisGLB women, but not trans women, for some reason….

Can you then explain why unders are the only age group to have more transmasculine-identified persons than transfeminine-identified persons? After reading this it occurs to me that there oight to be a legal project to push all of Queerdom back to the age of majority. The whole gay teens drama was always the stepchild of the disturbed straight mummy who bewildered by her childs behaviour seeks to blame and mould the World to make her prince princess happy.

The problem is that increasingly this is at the expense of the majority of children. Meanwhile teenage, closeted trans lesbian, me, the same year I was sexually assaulted infront of staff and students and nobody did anything, the capstone on a decade of mistreatment that made me the Post-Traumatic woman I am today:. What as the nature of that assault? Markus: My attacker groped me, mainly on my C-cup at the time gynecomastic breasts for several minutes for yuks, Markus, despite my attempts to seek intervention, into a live microphone, and also to strike my attacker.

Actual sexual assault. Thanks for demonstrating how easily you were taken in by Ms. Not that you were the only one. But you are right that I had shitty, narcissistic, boomer parents. Those were the ones who tried to keep me closeted. I asked if he said terminal cancer would hurt less to hear, he said yes, and he lost both parents and a sister to cancer, all at early ages…. To the extent that I have bad parents, I have generally learned from them via negative example. You appear to try to call my transness the product of their narcissism, without having the courage or intellectual coherence to back that implication up.

Have fun with that. Have fun with your Derp. Sex is neurological and I have the depressed cis women taking a progesterone-only birth control pill to prove it. But as a teenage, closeted trans lesbian Post-traumatic woman, are you actually a boy or a girl?

And when if ever are you going to pack in blaming your parents and take responsibility for your life? And stop being such a boring whinger? Murphy and Ms. Joyce perpetuate. How am I less personally responsible than the people who try to navigate the gatekeeping system and then break down due to depression and anxiety, the people, mostly women, for whom I advocate? How am I not taking personal responsibility by acknowledging personal circumstance? Wonderingscot is not me. Ye deserve sympathy — actually, a good deal of it — but not indulgence. It will not do you, or anyone else, any good.

Jargon consists of words that have a special meaning when used and understood by an in-group, but are weaponised and used by that in-group to try to demonstrate that the out-group is ignorant and stupid. What does that mean? I neither know, nor care, and furthermore if you genuinely wanted to be understood you would use comprehensible terms and not solipsistic in-group jargon.

So, hinnie, the best advice I can give ye, should ye choose to take it, is to get over yerself. Oh dear. Another sadly damaged person offspring of a narcissistic hippy, by the sound of it spraying envious bile over the less-damaged. Sorry, pet. We genuinely are sorry that you pulled the short straw. But your jargon-laden bollocks and narcissistic authoritarianism help neither you, nor anyone else. So What, VK. Sooooo What.

So what do we have today? The Rainbow Tyranny holds 4 fingers to our face and makes us say it is only 3 as they torture us with social death. Or rather they shove their junk in our faces and ask us to politely say we see nothing but the sex organ they wish us to see on pain of annihilation.

The illegitimacy of the whole Queer project is in the tyranny, the government coercion, the grade school indoctrination, the forced allied-ship. A healthy movement would not require such repressive measures. It seems that having accomplished something positive and liberal — gay marriage — the hActivist community was tempted by the power they amassed like the kings in lord of the rings who became wraiths and held on to it, having held on to it the needed to find causes to justify it and so they made causes… to our detriment.

Did you know that they guy who wrote the Wynn Liberals sex ed curriculum Benjamin Levin was arrested for pedophilia? Fear of the Rainbow is strong in this country, especially elite circles, but no people will live in fear forever, an my advise to the rainbow people is you had better make peace with the breeders and traditionalist you spit on today because no people will live in a slavery forever, we shall overcome and deliver ourselves from your bondage.

This paragraph is being used to defend domestic violence victims being left out of shelters. They demand attacks on the reproductive rights and legal protections of trans women the horror stories that you had to be near a trans person never seem to involve the female-assigned for some reason, despite the massive amount of problematic behavior in which they often engage, as rape survivor Morgan M.

Page can attest , and advocate hateful language against them… such hypocrites. But, certainly, both are carved, as we say, from the same type of wood, and a very timber unfriendly type it is. Why no moderation here? The time that I entered here, it was a very civilised place, unlike so many other blogs. What will happen now is that writers with a certain name, of the likes of Jordan Peterson and St.

Pinker, will think twice to post here anymore, for not wanting to be related in some way with this type of screamers and street fighters. Really,really sad. Great pity! Looks like quite a deep problem, a more general one. After winter break, I caught up with the best sources a sex columnist could have — my friends.

We talked about the great sexpectations that we feel as young people in I found myself wondering, why are we letting something so personal be influenced by public opinion? Luna and her love made a night of it, candles and all. But unfortunately, when it came time for the main event, they ran into some trouble when it came to penetration. Luna was upset because she had finally felt like she was ready. We talked about the things she could try next time.

After an internet search, Luna decided to see a doctor about a potential case of Vaginismus. Vaginismus often presents itself when a person with a vagina has sexual intercourse for the first time, says Basson. However, it can also develop later on in life. Fear and anxiety can stem from past experiences, a painful first time, or from sources unknown. But the emotion of fear causes the muscles to contract and this makes the pain worse. Most recent research has focused on the biological causes of Internet addiction.

Parental educational level, age at first use of the Internet, and the frequency of using social networking sites and gaming sites are found to be positively associated with excessive Internet use among adolescents in some European countries, as well as in the USA. Diagnosis of Internet addiction disorder is empirically difficult. Various screening instruments have been employed to detect Internet addiction disorder.

Current diagnoses are faced with multiple obstacles. Given the newness of the Internet and the inconsistent definition of Internet addiction disorder, practical diagnosis is far from clearcut. With the first research initiated by Kimberly S. Young in , the scientific study of Internet addiction has merely existed for 20 years. Most of the criteria utilized by research are adaptations of listed mental disorders e.

Ivan K. Kimberly S. Young proposed one of the first integrated sets of criteria, Diagnostic Questionnaire YDQ , to detect Internet addiction. A person who fulfills any five of the eight adapted criteria would be regarded as Internet addicted: [52] [53] [54]. Beard and Eve M. Wolf further asserted that all of the first five in the order above and at least one of the final three criteria in the order above be met to delineate Internet addiction in order for a more appropriate and objective assessment.

Young further extended her eight-question YDQ assessment to the now most widely used Internet Addiction Test IAT , [52] [56] [57] which consists of 20 items with each on a five-point Likert scale. Questions included on the IAT expand upon Young's earlier eight-question assessment in greater detail and include questions such as "Do you become defensive or secretive when anyone asks you what you do online?

A complete list of questions can be found in Dr. The Test score ranges from 20 to and a higher value indicates a more problematic use of the Internet:. Although the various screening methods are developed from diverse contexts, four dimensions manifest themselves across all instruments: [43] [68]. More recently, researchers Mark D. Griffiths and Dr. Jason C. Northrup and colleagues claim that Internet per se is simply the medium and that the people are in effect addicted to processes facilitated by the Internet.

Screening methods that heavily rely on DSM criteria have been accused of lacking consensus by some studies, finding that screening results generated from prior measures rooted in DSM criteria are inconsistent with each other. Some scholars and practitioners also attempt to define Internet addiction by a single question, typically the time-use of the Internet.

As many scholars have pointed out, the Internet serves merely as a medium through which tasks of divergent nature can be accomplished. Young asserts that Internet addiction is a broad term which can be decomposed into several subtypes of behavior and impulse control problems, namely, [72].

For a more detailed description of related disorders please refer to the related disorders section above. Current interventions and strategies used as treatments for Internet addiction stem from those practiced in substance abuse disorder. In the absence of "methodologically adequate research", treatment programs are not well corroborated. The cognitive behavioral therapy with Internet addicts CBT-IA is developed in analogy to therapies for impulse control disorder.

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  • 1. Introduction.
  • Several key aspects are embedded in this therapy: [75] [76]. The motivational interviewing approach is developed based on therapies for alcohol abusers. It does not, however, provide patients with solutions or problem solving until patients' decision to change behaviors. Several key elements are embedded in this therapy: [28].

    Other psychosocial treatment therapies include reality therapy, Naikan cognitive psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, and multimodal psychotherapy. IAD may be associated with a co-morbidity. So it's no surprise that treating a related disorder will also help in the treatment of IAD.

    The Day My Therapist Dared Me to Have Sex With Her

    The anti-depressants that have been most successful are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as escitalopram and a heterocyclic atypical anti-depressant called bupropion. A psychostimulant, methylphenidate has also shown beneficial effects as well. Different samples, methodologies, and screening instruments are employed across studies and therefore one should take caution interpreting and comparing the above-listed figures. The notion of "Internet Addictive Disorder" was initially conjured up by Dr. The definition of Internet addiction disorder has troubled researchers ever since its inception.

    In general, no standardized definition has been provided despite that the phenomenon has received extensive public and scholar recognition. In , Dr.

    Ask Well: Statins and Your Sex Life - The New York Times

    Jonathan J. Kandell defined Internet addiction as "a psychological dependence on the Internet, regardless of the type of activity once logged on. English psychologist Mark D. Griffiths conceived Internet addiction as a subtype of broader technology addiction, and also a subtype of behavioral addictions. Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous ITAA , founded in , is a step program supporting users coping with digital distractions such as computers and smartphones.

    English-speaking telephone and online meetings take place over a conference line most days of the week, at varying times that allow people worldwide to attend. Like 12 step fellowships such as Overeaters Anonymous, Workaholics Anonymous, or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, most members find that they can't choose to not use technology at all. ITAA members come up with their own definitions of abstinence or problem behaviors, such as not using the computer or internet at certain hours or locations or not going to certain websites or categories of websites that have proven problematic in the past.

    Meetings provide a source of live support for people who are trying to build connections with people outside the computer, to share struggles and victories, and to learn to better function in life once less of it is spent on problematic technology use. The NoSurf Reddit community [94] maintains a list of resources and strategies helpful for people trying to decrease their internet usage. This includes lists of software programs that people use to control which sites they visit and when, as well as a discussion group that takes place on Discord.

    Internet addiction has raised great public concern in Asia and some countries consider Internet addiction as one of the major issues that threatens public health, in particular among adolescents. Internet addiction is commonly referred to as "electronic opium" [95] or "electronic heroin" in China. Being almost universally connected to the Internet and boasting online gaming as a professional sport, South Korea deems Internet addiction one of the most serious social issues [] and describes it as a "national crisis". According to experts, if children are constantly stimulated by smartphones during infancy period, their brain will struggle to balance growth and the risk of Internet addiction.

    It is believed that due to Internet addiction, many tragic events have happened in South Korea: A mother, tired of playing online games, killed her three-year-old son. A couple, obsessed with online child-raising games, left their young daughter die of malnutrition.

    A year-old teenager killed his mother for not letting himself play online games and then committed suicide. Another addict killed one and injured seven others. In response, the South Korea government has launched the first Internet prevention center in the world, the Jump Up Internet Rescue School, where the most severely addicted teens are treated with full governmental financial aid. In , the Korean government introduced the " Shutdown law ", also known as the "Cinderella Act", to prevent children under 16 years old from playing online games from midnight to 6 a.

    In the absence of guidance from China's Health Ministry and a clear definition of Internet addiction, dubious treatment clinics have sprouted up in the country. One of the most commonly resorted treatments for Internet-addicted adolescents in China is inpatient care, either in a legal or illegal camp. It is reported that children were sent to "correction" against their will. Some are seized and tied by staff of the camp, some are drugged by their parents, and some are tricked into treatment.

    In many camps and clinics, corporal punishment is frequently used to "correct" Internet addiction disorder. The types of corporal punishment practiced include, but not limited to, kilometers-long hikes, intense squats, standing, starving, and confinement. Among Internet addiction rehab centers that use corporal punishment in treatment, Yuzhang Academy in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, is the most heavily discussed. In , the Academy was accused of using severe corporal punishment against students, the majority of which are Internet addicts.

    Former students claimed that the Academy hit problematic students with iron rulers, "whip them with finger-thick steel cables", and lock students in small cells week long. In November , the Academy stopped operating after extensive media exposure and police intervention.

    In China, electroconvulsive therapy ECT is legally used for schizophrenia and mood disorders. Its off-label practices in treating adolescent Internet addicts has raised great public concern and stigmatized the legal use of ECT. The most reported and controversial clinic treating Internet addiction disorder is perhaps the Linyi Psychiatric Hospital in Shandong Province.

    As part of the therapy, electroconvulsive therapy is implemented with currents of 1—5 milliampere. The machine was, later on, revealed to be illegal, inapplicable to minor [] [] and can cause great pain and muscle spasm to recipients. Since neither the safety nor the effectiveness of the method was clear, the Chinese Ministry of Health banned electroconvulsive therapy in treating Internet addiction disorder in In Yang's clinic, patients are forced to take psychiatric medication [] in addition to Jiewangyin , a type of medication invented by himself.

    Neither the effectiveness nor applicability of the medication has been assessed, however. At clinics and rehab centers, at least 12 cases of physical abuse have been revealed by media in the recent years including seven deaths. In , a year-old, Senshan Deng, was found dead eight hours after being sent to an Internet-addiction center in Nanning, Guangxi Province.

    It is reported that the teenager was beaten by his trainers during his stay in the center. In , another year-old teenager, Liang Pu, was taken to hospital with water in the lungs and kidney failure after a similar attack in Sichuan Province. In , a year-old, Lingling Guo, died in an Internet-addiction center with multiple injuries on head and neck in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

    In , after escaping from an Internet addiction rehab center, a year-old girl tied and starved her mother to death in revenge of the being sent to treatment in Heilongjiang Province. In August , an year-old boy, Li Ao, was found dead with 20 external scars and bruises two days after his parents sent him to a military-style boot camp in Fuyang city, Anhui Province. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Computer addiction be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since May