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They are too sophisticated, and, one senses, enjoying themselves too much to write a simplistic allegory. The novel knows it is being read.

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As in Solaris , the characters in Definitely Maybe receive visitors. One of the characters brings his visitor—a child—to a meeting with the others, just as Kris Kelvin brings his visitor, Hari, to a meeting in Solaris. That may be a jumble of years, adaptations, and influences, but the time-travel of literature is part of the fun here. Definitely Maybe has the urgency and energy of a dispatch.

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The play of ideas, the zip of surprise and reveal, suspense and relief, suggest a literature-as-entertainment mode that has been—critics claim, at least—rendered obsolete by the torrid love affair going on between television and the Internet, in which each seems to exist to satisfy the needs of the other. I think I just mean: thank god there are things that refuse to fit. The Strugatskys were up against a tension different from the simple need for box office sales, Nielsen ratings, or screen visits, though.

Definitely Maybe is literature written in the context of direct political pressure. For every Strugatsky or Tarkovsky who managed to complete and release projects, how many more were silenced by the pressure?

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As for the other issues of relevance: Vladimir Putin recently signed into law a ban against the use of certain words in artistic texts or performances, and physicists have been discussing whether their latest discoveries suggest our universe is in fact a simulation. It almost seems there is some force at work intentionally making Definitely Maybe more relevant now than ever. His essay about speculative cities appeared in a recent issue of Oregon Humanities.

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Rachel Greben is a staff writer. Then several of his friends—also scientists—drop by, saying they all felt they were on the verge of a major discovery when they got.

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Or could it be something more. In this nail-bitingly suspenseful book, the Strugatsky brothers bravely and brilliantly question authority: an authority that starts with crates of vodka, but has lightning bolts in store for humans who refuse to be cowed. Their books have been translated into multiple languages and published in twenty-seven countries. The asteroid Strugatskia, discovered in , is named after the brothers.

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Antonina W. It remains an intriguing, unsettling work. Together they have now proved quite definitely that a visit from a gorgeous blonde, from a disappearing midget, from your mother-in-law, and from the secret police, are all manifestations of a cosmic principle of homeostasis, maybe. This is definitely, not maybe, a beautiful book. Their books can be read with a certain pair of spectacles on as political commentaries on Soviet society or indeed any repressive society.