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Pejorative term used by Nazis for jazz and swing music. Retrieved 19 September Chronicle World. Swing Heil — Jazz im Nationalsozialismus in German. Berlin: Transit Buchverlag. Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht Hrsg. Band 3. Pfaffenweiler : Centaurus. Colloquium — Festschrift Martin Vogel zum Bad Honnef : G. US: Bowling Green University. Music and the Holocaust: Home. Archived from the original on August 17, Der Spiegel. Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

Filmmusik auf Cinemusic. HMD Trust. US: Oxford University Press. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Music Jazz Live: Rebekka Bakken In this podcast series, we present concert recordings of stars and newcomers on the German and international jazz scene, performing at the Jazzfest Bonn.

Jazz Live: Jazzkantine In this podcast series, we present concert recordings of stars and newcomers on the German and international jazz scene, performing at the Jazzfest Bonn. Jazz Live: Jasmin Tabatabai In this podcast series, we present concert recordings of stars and newcomers on the German and international jazz scene, performing at the Jazzfest Bonn. Jazz Live: China Moses In this podcast series, we present concert recordings of stars and newcomers on the German and international jazz scene, performing at the Jazzfest Bonn.

Jazz Live: Niels Klein and Lars Duppler In this podcast series, we present concert recordings of stars and newcomers on the German and international jazz scene, performing at the Jazzfest Bonn. Women finding their place in jazz scene This year's Jazzfest Bonn will once again present exciting female musicians - but jazz still remains very much a male domain. Jazzfest Bonn: Rebekka Bakken. Major Seventh is a group of musicians that share the same belief. They believe that jazz and love are two similar things.

They both represent the freedom of the soul and mind. Calling out all Jazz Fans! Enjoy a free Welcome Drink with every ticket purchased. Featuring Tesla Manaf feat. Contact: Jed T. Dornburg Official Website: Click here. The event will be held on April, 30th , and will take place at Gravity Sky Lounge, with the performance of our special guest star Ito Kurdi and guests from Bali, and will also feature Soul Corp Band, a local Band from Makassar. We are in a work to introduce how jazz is and what jazz is in the wide society. Also performing: — Eva Agustin feat. On the event, there will be performance and mini talkshow with the invited guest star.

Jazz Restaurant in Erbil will celebrate IJD with a special jazz night, our musicians will perform live jazz music and other styles of music.

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Expect trance inducing grooves, high energy explosive solo sections, some filthy grooves, mellow open simmering passages, bouncy grooves, balls-to-the-wall rock-outs, soaring melodies, sexy grooves, outer-space grooves, melodies again! Many many beautiful melodies played on top of mostly open and interactive groove based passages.

The Signal Series is a live monthly double-header concert series from IMC presenting the best emerging and established jazz acts from across Ireland. Jazz drummer and educator Kevin Lawlor presents a show celebrating jazz in Wexford following the theme of Great Jazz Drummers. The show will centre around pieces of music performed by the greats of jazz drums through the years such as Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Art Blakey and modern greats like Mark Guiliana and how drums have evolved along with the music since the s. A fiery double bill, celebrating Israeli Jazz scene. Beats and Pieces A super hot trio with Matan Chapnizky saxophone , Ran Levi bass and Adam Cohen drums , influenced by the minimalist simplicity and clear division of roles characteristic of British rock, and by the rhythms and vitality of West African music.

All weaved into structures and improvisations taken from the jazz idiom. Reservations: Sun-Fri Sat Beit Haamudim — 14 Rambam St.

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Tel Aviv. Sostenere significa partecipare. La musica come forma di integrazione e di miglioramento delle condizioni sociali. Dialogo, diritti umani e rispetto tra le diverse culture ,questo insegna il jazz. To support means to participate. Music is a form of integration and improvement of social conditions. Dialogue, human rights and respect between different cultures, this is jazz. An italian radio program conducted by Andy Simoniello transmitted every tuesday evening, with rock, progressive, jazz, country, folk and many other kind of alternative music.

Play completely jazz music during the all program on the occasion of the Jazz International Day, every year. Web on www. Italian hour. An evening between music from New Orleans to European modern repertoire. Proficient in a multitude of styles, he records and performs in virtually every genre of popular music with both independent and major-label artists. He also composes and produces original instrumental music under his own name. Hasta Resort located in Asti Italy for the second year will host , under the direction of the great trumpetist Felice Reggio, more than thirty musician in six sets from 5pm to late night.

From Brazilian harmonies to Charlie Parker through best standards of all time. A streaming event broadcasted on our Facebook page www. Starting on Il progetto nasce dalla passione dei vari componenti di costituire un gruppo affiatato e compatto con lo scopo comune di ricreare un orchestra Jazz che possa riproporre grandi brani standard della tradizione contemporanea jazzistica ma dare spazio ad un vero e proprio laboratorio di arrangiamento di pezzi originali dei componenti della Big Band.

The ERJ Orchestra composed of 16 elements and directed by trombonist and teacher Roberto Rossi, is made up of well-known professional Jazz musicians from Emilia Romagna as well as integrated with some of the best young talents and students of the region. The project stems from the passion of the various components to form a close-knit and compact group with the common aim of recreating a Jazz orchestra that can reproduce great standard pieces of the contemporary jazz tradition but give space to a real laboratory for arranging original pieces of the components of the Big Band.

The knowledge of the Jazz scene, national and international, owned by the directors and founders, by the collaborators, as well as by the other participants facilitates the. Sixth edition of Bergamo International Jazz Day from 6 to 30 April Italian musicians, 18 events, 1 seminar, 10 locations, 2 photo exhibitions, 30 hours of music, 1 conference on jazz teaching.

Vi invitiamo ad una giornata interamente dedicata alla musica il primo maggio presso la nostra sede in via Corte agli Orti n. In questo giardino noi abbiamo il nostro studio di registrazione il Monteggiori Studio. We invite you to a day entirely dedicated to music on May 1st at our headquarters in via Corte agli Orti n. There will be an outdoor party on a lawn in front of a small stage where many concerts took place last year.

In this garden we have our recording studio, the Monteggiori Studio. From to in the garden of the association there will be an outdoor party, in front of the Palco al Bosco where the concert will take place. The event will be reserved for members of the association, who will be able to register on the site. The Palco al Bosco is a platform at the foot of the forest, so a place immersed in the greenery and countryside of this medieval village that climbs up on the Versilia hills: Monteggiori in the municipality of Lucca.

Perfect place to spend the first May outdoors!! The Conservatory of Music will host a jazz masterclass and will sponsor many concerts in pubs throughout Campobasso during the day. Sicily is Jazz the origins of a secular music that finds its roots even in the beautiful island of Sicily and in the emigration of the Sicilians to the United States of America in the early s. The conference held by journalist Gianmichele Taormina will introduce us to incredible characters who gave birth to Jazz, for example for the trumpet player of Sicilian origins Nick La Rocca.

They may have blown your mind on jam session night but they are important to jazz in other ways. They tell others about you, show up to hear you on a rainy night and make the effort to tell the venue how good you are. My Capri IJD event will show the world how much we all love and appreciate them. Hear what my search yielded and enjoy some great jazz. Progettare il futuro senza dimenticare le radici,la storia, il patrimonio tramandato dalle voci e dagli strumenti delle vite passate. Questo progetto musicale vuole essere un tributo alla tradizione popolare di Capitanata, rivitalizzata in chiave jazz.

Altro obiettivo importante de. Finding a possible connection between jazz and the popular tradition of the Gargano and Monti Dauni is one of the reasons that inspired the birth of Pasta Nera Jazz Project. Design the future without forgetting the roots, history, heritage handed down by the voices and by the tools of past lives. This musical project aims to be a tribute to the popular tradition of Capitanata, revitalized in a jazz key.

Another important objective of. We do it with an extraordinary quartet, the Pasta Nera Jazz Project who are also marking the release of their new album on April 15th. Casalmaggiore Jazz Day hits his 8th edition; since the beginning, CJD hosts a concert with more than 40 musicians in the Theatre of Casalmaggiore. The earnings are used then to promote activities in the schools to promote and surround jazz and live music. Musicians are a mix of professionals and not, hitting the stage together in celebration of jazz music.

On the occasion of International Jazz Day , guitarist Tommaso Gambini, who has been living in New York City for some years, brought together some of the most interesting musicians of the new New York music scene, including the saxophonist Dayna Stephens. Due sono le cose importanti che accadono a questo punto: fondano un quartetto in cui suonare insieme ed iniziano una ricerca spasmodica sulle origini del loro cognome comune.

There are two things important that happen at this point: they establish a quartet in which to play together and begin a spasmodic search on the origins of their common surname. They discover that they are very distant cousins of the well-known brothers and inventors of the cinema, therefore irremediably condemned to pay tribute to them in some way. From this was born the idea of building and proposing to the public a repertoire that explores more or less famous jazz themes.

The big band is directed by Claudio Bianzino from Vercelli and is composed of young musicians from 18 to 80 years old. This year we will give a musical tribute to one of the most important arrangers and composers for big bands: Sammy Nestico. The concert will be free as usual. On 30 April the whole world celebrates jazz. Here at DaMe, where jazz is at home and freedom of expression is a shared value, we are enthusiastic to support International Jazz Day with a special and exclusive event in partnership with Dannata Balera, the coolest radio nightclub in Italy.

And as usual, here at DaMe, whoever wants to jam can always join in. Dj expert in black music and jazz in particular, Vincenzo Altini began his career in the late 70s in a scanti. Contact: gerardo albanese Official Website: Click here. Tuesday, April 30, from 3. A sparkling jazz festival, with international star, local and young musicians. Two concerts are scheduled on the occasion of International Jazz Day:. Interactive concert aimed at students interested in developing mature human relationships and group work methodologies.

Istituto I. Fiocchi, Lecco, Via Belfiore 4. First set: The other musicians of this quartet are: pianist and composer Luca Aletta, Stefano Cardillo on double bass and Alessandro Borgia on drums. Data: 28 aprile , al tramonto Luogo: terrazza. His great rhythmic and melodic expressive capacity have made the French musician one of the most recognizable pianists in the world jazz scene, collecting in a few years a rich discography.

We will also talk about the strength of character of Michel who, afflicted by a rare congenital disease, also known as glass or crystal bone syndrome, was able to unleash his unparalleled creativity, sublimating it into music. Date: April 28, , at sunset Place: terrace.

Jazz Live: Jazzkantine

Alle in piaz. Cattani, M. Nardi e F. Viene propoato un viaggio tra jazz, bossa nova, funky e swing e anche famosi brani di black music internazionale. Alle ore Nardi and F. A journey through jazz, bossa nova, funk and swing and even famous international black music tracks is proposed. This initiative, carried out by students and professors, aims to support the study of the jazz method including the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to stimulate the capacity for improvisation, imagination and initiative of the young performers.

At Two shows for a long amazing jam session! Dopo un breve ricordo di Nicola Arigliano a cura del dott. After a brief recollection of Nicola Arigliano by dr. Alfonso Renna president of the Nicola Arigliano Jazz Club, the Tucson Quartet will make a musical tribute by performing some of the most famous successes of the Squinzanese Crooner, following the tribute to the Real Book of Jazz with the execution of standards, among the best known.

Casapozzano where a food stand will be set up with typical products of the territory. A show that combines reading, slide show, piano performances and dialogues with a musical quintet, without interruption, inside the oldest Sicilian opera house, the Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo.

Twenty-four hours of jazz history, live guests, and free access and promotion of emerging jazz artists … and much of the best international jazz.

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A day dedicated to jazz. From 10 am to midnight, an event relay dedicated to the international jazz day.

Edition of Contemporary Music

Organized Workshop for Expressive Vitality , a format for developing and sharing original music, where the idea is to invite an Italian artist — in this case trumpeter Giovanni Falzone to present his own vision of music and share it with all those who want to take part in the laboratory. It will be an afternoon dedicated to experimentation and exchange, to which any musician can participate for free.

The work done during the day of rehearsals will turn into a live concert, performed by all the participants the same evening. A Marching Band will play to escort for the children of a primary school in Piacenza Italy who are going to school. The band will walk with them on their way from home to school by foot. New unmissable appointment with good jazz music, signed Oltretromba Jazz Club, Wednesday 3 April, at 8. The group, all from Salento, is composed of Gabriele Rampino tenor and soprano sax, sound design , Maurizio Bizzochetti guitars , Maurizio Ripa piano , Maurizio Manca electric bass and Daniele Bonazzi drums and will propose original songs signed by Rampino and Ripa contained on the disc.

The Smile Orchestra brings together 20 outstanding musicians to play the music of the legendary big bands as well as contemporary favorites in a big band setting. The band covers all styles of jazz and swing music including Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and beyond. The Smile Orchestra maintains a busy concert schedule. Founded in and directed by Catalin Montanaro. The band has received many individual and ensemble awards at local, state, and regional festivals. Concerti da Tavolo, whispered music… Just a table, brushes, a guitar and a confidential alto sax.

New Orleans, Swing, Bossa Nove etc. Now live in Rome! Contact: Massimo Official Website: Click here. Al pianoforte Max Fantolini ed al contrabbasso Giulio Boschi. On the piano, Max Fantolini, on double bass Giulio Boschi. A special dinner event in Salerno Italy with Cyrano Vatel trio. Jazz Manouche and gourmet kitchen for un unusual tuesday night! Students will be introduced to jazz music through the intervention of the musician Luigi Mosso to integrate a musical path held by the expert Sonia Peana. The objective of JAIN is to facilitate the creativity and open artistic exchange by connecting jazz music youth of different cultural, social, economic and geographic origins.

Blind Blake Blind Willie. Johnson Blind Willie Mc. A perfect combination of food and music. On Tuesday 30th April, come and have a walk and something to eat in Town. Enjoy the music that will spread in the air: from The beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy, will host 7 jazz bands in its most beautiful streets, squares and palaces, from 5 pm until late at night.

Lucatelli School-Tolentino 5 p. Elpidio Jazz and Round Music. The concert will take place on April the 26th inside one of the oldest historical church of Trapani, in the heart of the old town and will features several combos of students, a vocal ensemble and a final jam session with students and teachers of the Jazz Dept.

The concert has been organized by the Jazz Department of the A. Scontrino Conservatory, thanks to the precious help of the conservatory director Walter Roccaro and in association with Trapani City Hall. Ensembles of students from the Jazz dept. Francesco Guaiana jazz guitar teacher. Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey are to be recognized as main exponents and therefore ideal models.

Die Geschichte des Jazz: Blues Aussage

The horn section is compact in harmony and travels on the swing of the rhythm section with a decidedly more contemporary drive, sometimes dirty and indecipherable. Aldo, Blake e Youssef si conoscono nella primavera a Bologna, scatta immediata una rara sintonia umana e musicale.

I tre intraprendono un pellegrinaggio sonoro tra funk e Africa, richiami anglosassoni e il blues. Aldo, Blake and Youssef got to know each other in spring in Bologna, a rare human and musical harmony was immediate. The three undertake a sound pilgrimage between funk and Africa, Anglo-Saxon recalls and the blues.

Working hard in the rehearsal room, recording albums and doing a lot of live performances, the trio focuses on a singular sound over time, which goes beyond the boundaries of instrumental music fans, to reach a wider audience. The concert will celebrate top jazz players of the present and the past. As the eponymous album, released in , moves along artistic coordinates that arouse an immediate impact. Orville Hammond, Jon Williams, K. This year we have over 20 venues over artists participating in the event. We are selling Jazz Festival T-shirts and again this year, we will donate a percentage of sales to the kids!

Jazz Auditoria offers a place to all music lovers to enjoy live music with family and friends and to experience global cultures through Jazz music — more friendly and casually. It is the biggest jazz festival in Shiga Prefecture,Japan. City halls, shops, parks, plazas, etc. You can enjoy all the stages free of charge. Local Mid-school and High-school students will be invited to the workshop, having an educational and exciting experience with international Jazz Players.

This year 57 bands will be performing live jazz shows at 12 venues near JR Iwakuni train station all through the day to celebrate the International Jazz Day. Explore the Secrets of Music Together! I want to play an instrument, but how do I practice? I want to play cool jazz! Just watching, just listening are welcome! Want to play with jazz musicians? Capacity around 30 people. The only visit is also OK! A jazz event named Azalea, the flower of the city of Maizuru. As of today, our commitment is to do at least 2 nights at 2 different clubs, but we are aiming for nights at as many clubs.

We will reach out to other groups doing IJD events here to create a single, unified image for music fans. Come for an afternoon of jazz from around the world, with DJ sets by Mr. Celebrating International Jazz day. Celebrating 6 years of Jazz for Syria. Celebrating 15 years of Jazz Lives in Syria festival. In Amman Tue. For more information : ammanjazz.

The Curti brothers, Michael and Nicolas, are playing music together since their childhood. They have a jazz trio with the well known contrebassist Alain James Meyer. In Warche, Tripoli, Nicolas on the drums and Michael on the piano will be joined by other jazz musicians who will jam with them. This evening will be also the occasion to find out about Akkar Beituna, an association helping women and children since in the area of Mechmech. Ghalia Taleb, the creator of the association, will do a short presentation. However, he has been a resident of Amsterdam for many years.

Since , trumpeter Gerard Kleijn has led a very wide variety of groups and has made 10 CDs as a leader.

ISBN 13: 9783379016841

Amman Jazz Festival is in its 8th year. To celebrate diversity and cultural fusion, the festival will present a great variety of Jazz to the public, from straight-up to avant-garde as well as Latin, Oriental jazz fusion and everything in between, performed by stellar international and regional musicians. The International Jazz Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan existing from and gathered more then musicians in Almaty. This bright event is annual and supported by diplomatic missions and companies. Finally we are honored to partner with a project known as the Jazz Sister Cities.

Jazz Sister Cities promotes Jazz as a tool for Building Cultural Bridges globally through engagement and collaboration with cities, programs, and artists. Art of Jazz is an exciting season of new sounds in jazz, featuring a live performance, bringing deeply rooted musical Jazz influences from the continent and beyond. Art of Jazz is an event produced and organized by Entertainment.

We are pleased and grateful to our partners for their support in programming and presenting Art of Jazz on the International Jazz Day. Bringing positive change in our communities through Music. The Hiphop Jazz Street Festival will showcase an infusion of hip hop, old school and new, to the harmonies of jazz instrumentals. This fun-filled day is to provide perfect platform for local artists, family and friends to mingle and sample some of the products, including artworks, music, fashion, food stuffs among others on display. Under the patronage of the U. Andres is an American mixed media painter and collagist whose bold and expressive art is a visual representation of jazz music.

Our school jazz band will be performing at the spring concert in the auditorium. The entire 6 band program will also be performing this evening. The International Jazz Festival Vientiane is a yearly jazz event over two days in Vientiane, Lao PDR, now running for its 5th edition with local and international artists.

On April 4th, during the Contest Concert all contestants who have been invited to Riga will perform to qualify for the finals. This year, for the 6th time already, the organizers of International Jazz Day Latvia — Wise Music Society — will unite the largest Latvian cities for jazz concerts, jam sessions, workshops and educational events dedicated to the genre. The main concert this year is happening in Riga at VEF Culture Palace, continuing with the workshop at Kanepes Culture centre on May 1st, with a series of jam sessions and other surprises to be announced on the webpage www.

We are iviting everyone to participate in our event in a beautiful place located in Ventspils, Latvia. In the beginning of evening there will be a small concert performed by students and teachers of Ventspils Music College. Plus every year we collaborate with the Cultural representatives of foreign Embassies to bring International Bands to participate in our International Jazz Day event.

Jazz is about change, improv, freedom and movement. Arrthur Satyan Trio is jazzing up this evening in celebration with an all guest star line up! The activities of the event will include a Jazz Music Workshop, a Jam Session for the young upcoming artists with the legacy artists, and a concert. Embassy in Lesotho are partnering to celebrate International Jazz Day and Jazz Appreciation month with a series of events: 1.

Free entry for everyone. Look out for special guests and the music of local and international artists — particularly those performing at May 1 jazz concert. Hey, the event will characterize by proclamation of world jazz day Peace followed by jazz songs and Hipco songs Liberian music. More to that we will also have performing Liberian artists perform some music songs to spice the day and we would to link with the world jazz main event for this year so we could broadcast some live messages and to grasp the feelings of celebrate with other counterparts.

Sarah Chaksad writes powerful and emotionally charged music. The accompanying musicians give urgency, desire and intensity to her compositions. This year it will take place during the last week of April and will celebrate international jazz day together with last concert on 28th of April by Bobby McFerrin. Besides Bobby, the festival will host concerts by world renowned musicians such as Joshua Redman, Jeff Lorber and others. The day will unfold in three parts.

We invite you to celebrate International Jazz Day together and listen to the most beautiful jazz melodies: from Miles Davis and Chet Baker standards to Latin and bossa nova songs! The second annual St. Jazz performed by the two student jazz combos, a staging of the jazz musical written by the students, great food from the Conterstuff restaurant and all profits to be given to the Arts Scholarship at St.

The 8th edition of Jazz Day in Madagascar will be under the theme of women, with several events planned mainly in the capital but also outside of it. Play music in the street, market. Workshop, about the theory of music, presentation of one instrument, impact of music in the society. Here at Bishop Mackenzie International School, we will be holding a concert where students, parents and staff will perform different Jazz and Blues songs. Presenting an evening of jazz from its classics to modern fusion. The band comprises some of the best and most talented musicians who have performed in jazz and music festivals in the region.

We have been celebrating the International Jazz Day since and this year will be special because it will be in conjunction with the opening of our own Jazz Club in KL. International Jazz Day.. From duos to trios, quartets, quintets and even a full on jazz orchestra. Not just one, but two!! Bands Performing: 1. PSG 2. Kontra Lokal 3. Joe Burnmark 4. The Bluesmind 5. Gruvitones 6. Mariemaccan 7. Tabuhapat 8. Arm-Punk Syndicate. This Day is celebrated in many parts of the world since , and we will celebrate this year by opening the curtains concerts of the 9th edition on this day.

Founded in , the association Nyon Kon Koum Ben has set the goal of promoting the emergence of innovative musical proposals in Mali, promoting meetings between musicians from the South and North through a festival called Jazzy Kum Ben Festival. The activities are organized around the following: Training sessions, concerts, celebration of International Jazz Day, and musical awareness and enlightenment in schools. The quartet will perform music by some of the greatest names from the 20th Century, such as Herbie Hancock, Woody Shaw, Art Blakey, and more.

General music classes participate in singing songs about Jazz and written by Jazz composers. Various videos clips will be used to showcase Jazz performers. In this concert xibalba presents a mixture of different jazzistic styles such as cool, funk and Latin resulting in original pieces and a new proposal of jazz standard. CDMX center, free admission, tasting of pulque for participating musicians.

Italy and Mexico. Saturday, April 27, p. Jazz orchestra formed and directed by the Mexican pianist Christian Bernard since , integrated by great musicians of Mexico, all of them with great musical career. They commemorate International Jazz Day with a powerful and explosive night, with a lot of swing, playing the music of the most important arrangers of big bands of the world, and three guest singers: Jenny Beaujean, Rodolfo Vera and Jaime Ades.

A cultural space for the diffusion of the jazz, the healthy conviviality and care to the environment. We are committed to the education of students of all ages and cultural. Through performance and interaction, we introduce our audience to musical genres from New Orleans. Contact: Dr. Concerts, master class, workshops, activities for children, scholarships. To take place at Mexico city from april 25 to More than 10 venues. There will be a special production of the program with local musicians to celebrate International Jazz Day.

Jazz Day was a notable artistic space in our school, we had different activities, the art class participated with an incredible exercise called vintage jazz inspires by Cliff Roberts and the children of kindergarten three also participated with the choir of the school singing Banana Split foy my baby by Louis Prima filling the place with joy. En punto de las Horas. About hours. Because we love music, because we love jazz, we have prepared a fun and entertaining program, we assure you that you will have a great time. The Tlalpan International Jazz Day is celebrated, through the participation of national and international jazz groups, as well as academic participants to broaden the context of the celebration through reflection and knowledge, and thereby sensitize the public about the virtues of jazz music, as an educational tool and as a promoter for peace, unity, dialogue and cooperation between different social sectors.

Born under the initiative of musician and composer Steven Brown, the Kafka Ensemble has dedicated itself to the investigation of the traditional sounds of the Oaxacan mountain bands and has integrated them into pieces of their authorship with a contemporary style. Concert in tribute to Michael Brecker, composer and American tenor saxophone, but also outstanding soprano performer, EWI, flute, piano and drums.

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Local and international jazz musicians celebrating the Jazz Day and in Mexico is also Childrens Day so we combine both celebrations from 10 am until 11 pm. Conferencia para los estudiantes de preparatoria del Colegio Helen Parkhurst. Conference for high school students of Helen Parkhurst College. Event aimed at forming new audiences for jazz. At the end of the screening CDs will be given to attendees. Programa especial dedicado al trompetista fallecido en , Roy Hargrove. Special program dedicated to the trumpeter who died in , Roy Hargrove. Part of his musical work will be broadcast live.

Saltillo Big Band, the largest jazz ensemble in the state of Coahuila Mexico , presents a concert to celebrate international day of Jazz in the heart of the city of Saltillo, in Tiyahui House. Additionally, an allusive film about Jazz will be screened prior to the concert. In this edition, the FIJ expands its borders and proposes an itinerant agenda, taking jazz for the first time to the best forums, public spaces and cultural spaces of the state of Puebla.

La entrada para ambos conciertos es libre. The freedom and dialogue that your notes inspire are part of the values of our organization. On this occasion we will celebrate surrounded by friends and the most representative musicians of the local scene with a Jam Session night. And because a single day is not enough, on Saturday April 27 as every Saturday of the year, we will have jazz, that night in after Jam at p. On this occasion we can listen to Parzz Trio, our JazzUV teachers in a unique presentation and the special performance of Orbis Tertius.

Avec les solistes : Billie Jean en entier. Theme: Meet these two styles through a musical journey tracing artists, standards and musical trends that have influenced the history of jazz to the present day. A few years ago, uniquely elsewhere in the world, Ella Fitzgerald was born to be the best musician of the world.

Every song that passed through her melodious voice produced life. All the singers from the GMUB project are excited to share the tidal wave and their voices for her. We are confident that you will arrive. In other words, the most famous jazz artist in Mongolia today is Martin Zenker. South Africa, South Africa, Mongolia, South Africa, the musician of the jazz music genre, and the musician who is the only musician in the world, he has written only his original works for collaborating with three different countries, including English, Korean and American artists.

The main event will gather over jazz lovers. The best of the Mongolian jazz singers and artists will perform at the event. And this year our school is a bit busy around this April 30th, however, I really would like to celebrate this wonderful event with our Kindergarten students this Friday, Apr.

It is a bit earlier but we would like to let you know that we are with you with snapping, beep bumping, di-bopping. Hope you all have a wonderful Jazzy day! You can pre-order the record and get the physical copy when it becomes available in a couple of weeks. Students age 7 to 9 in year 3 and 4 in Knightsbridge school International Montenegro will be listening to Jazz music.

They will be responding in writing adding at least ten descriptive words about music they listened to and draw a picture about it. She translated dozens of jazz standards in Montenegrin language putting them into the play with her own arrangements and band, mixing genres. Embassy in Montenegro. The admission is free. Thus, we will have performances on 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th April. It will be performances for limited invited people. We plan to feature kids, students, of music in order to inspire and motivate them with this beautiful means of creating, and to bring the message of peace to the world, also a few jazz bands and it will eventually lead to a jam session.

We aim to promote and share the love of jazz music at this corner of this world.

  • Talmud Gittin (Soncino Babylonian Talmud Book 29).
  • Fungi and Lignocellulosic Biomass;
  • Gabriels Bride (Mills & Boon Vintage Desire).
  • Jazzfest Bonn: Rebekka Bakken.
  • Food & Drink.
  • Das Auge der Athene (German Edition).
  • Tamara Obrovac Transadriatic Quartet: "TRANSADRIATICUM";
  • The event will take place in Matola Maputo. The organizing team has done two similar events in the past two years. Line up is still a work in progress but we expect to have a top figure Jimmy Dludlu. In this third consecutive edition, the organizing team will not do anything different, it will be a time to put on stage young national bands aligned with Moz Jazz Gurus and as a tradition, play our Marrabenta Jazz …..

    Pemba, Mozambique has just begun its journey into the Jazz World. Tambo Tambulani Tambo began that journey last January and we are happy again to be a part of the great Jazz Tradition. During the last week of April will begin the Jazz Workshops, Jazz Films and discussions, that will culminate in a grand concert on the 30th of April. There will also be smaller events in and around the city of Pemba. Contact: Edward S. Katjazz International Festival is an educational event for musicians that want to build a career in the arts.

    There are workshops by many international artists, which are open to anyone who is interested. From the participants, a few students will be selected to receive a scholarship to study music for 8 months. Everyone is welcome. The students will be selected from the workshops starting from the 20th of April. The Louis van Dijk Award is a new award for young composers and arrangers for jazz music.