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Plot Twist. Portal Keeper. Portal Overfiend. Potion Vendor. Power of Creation. Proud Defender. Rafaam's Scheme. Rapid Fire. Ray of Frost.

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Recurring Villain. Shadowy Figure. Sludge Slurper. Soldier of Fortune. Soul of the Murloc. Spellbook Binder. Spellward Jeweler. Sunreaver Spy. Sunreaver Warmage. Swampqueen Hagatha. Sweeping Strikes. Tak Nozwhisker. The Boom Reaver. The Forest's Aid. Togwaggle's Scheme.

Traveling Healer. Tunnel Blaster. Underbelly Angler. Underbelly Fence. Underbelly Ooze. Unidentified Contract. Unleash the Beast. Unseen Saboteur. Unsleeping Soul. Vereesa Windrunner. Vicious Scraphound. Violet Spellsword. Violet Warden. Waggle Pick. Walking Fountain. Whirlwind Tempest. Witch's Brew. Zayle, Shadow Cloak. Rastakhans Rumble A New Challenger Akali, the Rhino. Amani War Bear. Arena Fanatic. Arena Patron. Arena Treasure Chest. Auchenai Phantasm. Baited Arrow. Banana Buffoon. Belligerent Gnome. Big Bad Voodoo. Blast Wave. Blood Troll Sapper.

Bloodsail Howler. Bloodscalp Strategist. Bog Slosher. Booty Bay Bookie. Bwonsamdi, the Dead. Cannon Barrage. Captain Hooktusk. Cheaty Anklebiter. Crowd Roaster. Da Undatakah. Daring Fire-Eater. Dozing Marksman. Dragon Roar. Dragonmaw Scorcher. Drakkari Trickster. Elemental Evocation.

Emberscale Drake. Farraki Battleaxe. Firetree Witchdoctor. Flash of Light. Former Champ. Gonk, the Raptor. Gral, the Shark. Grave Horror. Grim Rally. Gurubashi Chicken. Gurubashi Hypemon. Gurubashi Offering. Hakkar, the Soulflayer. Halazzi, the Lynx. Half-Time Scavenger. Haunting Visions. Headhunter's Hatchet. Heavy Metal! Helpless Hatchling. Hex Lord Malacrass. High Priest Thekal. High Priestess Jeklik. Hir'eek, the Bat. Ice Cream Peddler.

Immortal Prelate. Ironhide Direhorn. Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk. Krag'wa, the Frog. Mark of the Loa. Masked Contender. Mass Hysteria. Master's Call. Mojomaster Zihi. Mosh'Ogg Announcer. Mosh'Ogg Enforcer. Murloc Tastyfin. Ornery Tortoise. Overlord's Whip. Predatory Instincts. Princess Talanji. Rabble Bouncer. Raiding Party. Rain of Toads. Reckless Diretroll. Regeneratin' Thug. Revenge of the Wild.

Rumbletusk Shaker. Sand Drudge. Saronite Taskmaster. Savage Striker. Scarab Egg. Serpent Ward. Serrated Tooth. Sharkfin Fan. Shirvallah, the Tiger. Sightless Ranger. Smolderthorn Lancer. Snapjaw Shellfighter. Soup Vendor. Spirit of the Bat. Spirit of the Dead. Spirit of the Dragonhawk. Spirit of the Frog. Spirit of the Lynx. Spirit of the Raptor. Spirit of the Rhino. Spirit of the Shark. Spirit of the Tiger. Splitting Image.

Stampeding Roar. Stolen Steel. Surrender to Madness. The Beast Within. Ticket Scalper. Time Out! Totemic Smash. Untamed Beastmaster. Void Contract. Walk the Plank.

The Wicked Whisperer: Bard 11 / Blackguard 19 / Shadowdancer 10 - Epic Character Builder's Guild

War Master Voone. Wardruid Loti. Zandalari Templar. The Boomsday Project Academic Espionage. Arcane Dynamo. Astral Rift. Augmented Elekk. Autodefense Matrix. Beakered Lightning. Beryllium Nullifier. Biology Project. Blightnozzle Crawler. Bomb Toss. Boommaster Flark. Bronze Gatekeeper. Bull Dozer. Celestial Emissary. Cloakscale Chemist. Cloning Device. Coppertail Imposter. Cosmic Anomaly.

Crazed Chemist. Crystalsmith Kangor. Cybertech Chip. Damaged Stegotron. Dead Ringer. Demonic Project. Doubling Imp. Dreampetal Florist. Electra Stormsurge. Elementary Reaction. Eternium Rover. Extra Arms. Faithful Lumi. Fireworks Tech. Flark's Boom-Zooka. Flobbidinous Floop. Floop's Glorious Gloop. Giggling Inventor. Gloop Sprayer. Glowstone Technician. Goblin Bomb. Goblin Prank. Harbinger Celestia. Juicy Psychmelon. Kaboom Bot. Kangor's Endless Army. Lab Recruiter. Loose Specimen. Luna's Pocket Galaxy. Mechanical Whelp.

Menacing Nimbus. Microtech Controller. Missile Launcher. Myra Rotspring. Myra's Unstable Element. Necrium Blade. Necrium Vial. Nethersoul Buster. Omega Agent. Omega Assembly.

Bestselling Series

Omega Defender. Omega Medic. Omega Mind. Piloted Reaper. Power Word: Replicate. Prismatic Lens. Reckless Experimenter. Replicating Menace. Research Project. Rocket Boots. Rusty Recycler. Seaforium Bomber. Secret Plan. Security Rover. Shooting Star. Shrink Ray. Soul Infusion. Spark Drill. Spark Engine. Spider Bomb. Spirit Bomb. Spring Rocket. Star Aligner.

Stargazer Luna. Steel Rager. Storm Chaser. Subject 9. Tending Tauren. Test Subject. The Boomship. The Soularium. The Storm Bringer. Topsy Turvy. Unexpected Results. Unpowered Mauler. Upgradeable Framebot. Violet Haze. Void Analyst. Voltaic Burst. Weapons Project. Whizbang the Wonderful. Zerek's Cloning Gallery.

Zerek, Master Cloner. The Witchwood Arcane Keysmith. Archmage Arugal. Azalina Soulthief. Baleful Banker. Bellringer Sentry. Bewitched Guardian.

More Books by Robert A. Hunt

Blackhowl Gunspire. Blackwald Pixie. Blazing Invocation. Blink Fox. Blood Witch. Bonfire Elemental. Book of Specters. Carrion Drake. Cathedral Gargoyle. Cauldron Elemental. Cheap Shot. Chief Inspector. Clockwork Automaton. Coffin Crasher. Countess Ashmore. Curio Collector. Curse of Weakness. Cursed Castaway. Cutthroat Buccaneer. Darius Crowley. Dark Possession. Darkmire Moonkin. Deadly Arsenal. Deathweb Spider. Deranged Doctor. Dire Frenzy. Divine Hymn. Dollmaster Dorian. Druid of the Scythe. Duskfallen Aviana. Duskhaven Hunter.

Earthen Might. Face Collector. Felsoul Inquisitor. Ferocious Howl. Festeroot Hulk. Fiendish Circle. Forest Guide. Furious Ettin. Ghost Light Angler. Ghostly Charger. Gilnean Royal Guard. Glinda Crowskin. Hench-Clan Thug. Hidden Wisdom. Holy Water. Houndmaster Shaw. Hunting Mastiff. Lady in White. Lord Godfrey. Lost Spirit. Mad Hatter. Marsh Drake. Militia Commander. Mossy Horror. Muck Hunter. Night Prowler. Nightmare Amalgam. Nightscale Matriarch. Paragon of Light. Phantom Militia. Pick Pocket. Prince Liam. Pumpkin Peasant. Quartz Elemental. Rabid Worgen. Rat Trap. Redband Wasp.

Rotten Applebaum. Silver Sword. Snap Freeze. Sound the Bells! Spectral Cutlass. Necrium Blade. Leeching Poison. Bloodsail Howler. Cheap Shot. Undercity Huckster. Blink Fox. Iron Sensei. Jade Shuriken. Unearthed Raptor. Acolyte of Pain. Bloodsail Raider. Myra Rotspring. Ship's Cannon. Augmented Elekk. Blightnozzle Crawler. Argent Horserider. Cavern Shinyfinder. Shady Dealer. Beneath the Grounds. Sonya Shadowdancer. Mechanical Yeti. EVIL Miscreant. Tomb Pillager. Fan of Knives. Goblin Auto-Barber. Southsea Captain. Razorpetal Lasher.

Shaku, the Collector. Enhance-o Mechano. SI:7 Agent. Dark Iron Dwarf. Lesser Onyx Spellstone. Mimic Pod. Raiding Party. Hench-Clan Burglar. Fal'dorei Strider. Elven Minstrel. Tinker's Sharpsword Oil. Envenom Weapon. Southsea Squidface. Lilian Voss. Academic Espionage. Spirit of the Shark. Cobalt Scalebane. Necrium Vial. Portal Keeper. Hench-Clan Thug. Ticket Scalper. Spectral Cutlass. Vilespine Slayer. Recurring Villain.

Myra's Unstable Element. Blade Flurry. Walk the Plank. Shadow Strike. Kobold Illusionist. Xaril, Poisoned Mind. Cursed Castaway. Portal Overfiend. Violet Spellsword. Ethereal Peddler. Waggle Pick. Thistle Tea. Captain Greenskin. Heistbaron Togwaggle. Gral, the Shark. Cannon Barrage. Tess Greymane. Skycap'n Kragg. Unidentified Contract. Captain Hooktusk. Tak Nozwhisker. Gurubashi Hypemon. Valeera the Hollow. Molten Blade. Gather Your Party. Baleful Banker. Inner Rage. Alexstrasza's Champion. Omega Assembly. Darius Crowley. N'Zoth's First Mate.

The Coalmont Legend

Spirit of the Rhino. Fire Plume's Heart. Eternium Rover. Obsidian Destroyer. Dead Man's Hand. Blood to Ichor. Dragon Roar. Patches the Pirate. Town Crier. I Know a Guy. Shield Slam. Tar Lord. Mad Bomber. Improve Morale. Smolderthorn Lancer. Commanding Shout. Grommash Hellscream. War Master Voone. Iron Juggernaut. Heroic Strike. Dirty Rat. Bring It On! Hobart Grapplehammer. Sharkfin Fan. Redband Wasp. Sparring Partner. Drywhisker Armorer. Battle Rage.

Blackwing Corruptor. Vicious Scraphound. Sweeping Strikes. Stubborn Gastropod. Sleep with the Fishes. Plated Beetle. Grimestreet Pawnbroker. Clockwork Goblin. Cruel Taskmaster. Bouncing Blade. Bloodsail Cultist. Woodcutter's Axe. Fierce Monkey. Ogre Warmaul. Orgrimmar Aspirant. Emberscale Drake. Fiery War Axe. Rabid Worgen. King's Defender. Weapons Project. Arathi Weaponsmith. Bone Drake. Omega Devastator. Kor'kron Elite. Phantom Militia. Stampeding Kodo. Blood Razor. Frothing Berserker. Foe Reaper Militia Commander. Mossy Horror. Mountainfire Armor. Brass Knuckles. Blood of The Ancient One.

Bomb Lobber. Overlord's Whip. Tar Creeper. Sea Reaver. Reckless Flurry. Death's Bite. Bull Dozer. Bomb Squad. Ravaging Ghoul. Alley Armorsmith. Shield Block. Arcanite Reaper. The Boomship. Madder Bomber. Val'kyr Soulclaimer. Dread Corsair. Argent Commander. Direhorn Hatchling. Boom's Scheme.

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Dimensional Ripper. Seaforium Bomber. Axe Flinger. Naga Corsair. King Mosh. The Boom Reaver. Bloodhoof Brave. Akali, the Rhino. Sludge Belcher. Ironforge Portal. Deadly Arsenal. Varian Wrynn. Blastmaster Boom. Missile Launcher. Gilnean Royal Guard. Gemstudded Golem. Sudden Genesis. Security Rover. Ornery Direhorn. Molten Giant. Beryllium Nullifier. Fool's Bane. Unidentified Shield. Lesser Mithril Spellstone. Blackhowl Gunspire. Boom, Mad Genius.

Salty Dog. Geosculptor Yip. Scourgelord Garrosh. Deathwing, Dragonlord. Soggoth the Slitherer. Jungle Giants. Crystal Power. Wardruid Loti. Living Roots. Biology Project. Mark of the Wild. Witching Hour. Witchwood Apple. Enchanted Raven. Tortollan Forager. Jade Idol. Flobbidinous Floop. Floop's Glorious Gloop. Predatory Instincts. Elder Longneck. Earthen Scales. Ixlid, Fungal Lord. Darnassus Aspirant. Defender of Argus. Bittertide Hydra.

Swamp Leech. Cursed Disciple.

HMF Grizzly 700 Titan (swamp) Series Exhaust and Fuel Optimizer Test

Raven Idol. Lesser Jasper Spellstone. Crystalsong Portal. Dreamway Guardians. Druid of the Fang. Mark of the Lotus.

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Poison Seeds. Ancient of Lore. Druid of the Saber. Spirit of the Raptor. Aya Blackpaw. Strongshell Scavenger. Menagerie Magician. Soul of the Forest. Jeweled Scarab. Ancient of War. Druid of the Swarm. Savage Striker. Greedy Sprite. Fungal Enchanter. Witchwood Grizzly. Echoing Ooze. Twig of the World Tree. Giant Anaconda. Keeper Stalladris. Feral Rage. Grove Tender. Healing Touch. Stampeding Roar. Force of Nature. Mark of Y'Shaarj. Gloop Sprayer.

Ferocious Howl. Jade Blossom. Hungry Ettin. Power of the Wild. Living Mana. Ironhide Direhorn. Druid of the Scythe. Forest Guide. Jade Behemoth. Dreampetal Florist. Addled Grizzly. Branching Paths. Mire Keeper. Spreading Plague. Blessing of the Ancients. Tending Tauren. Mark of Nature. Star Aligner. Fandral Staghelm. Ironwood Golem. Heroic Innkeeper. Crystal Stag. Crypt Lord. Mounted Raptor. Druid of the Claw. Savage Combatant. Dark Wispers.

آخر الأخبار

Exotic Mountseller. Moonglade Portal. Imp Master. The Forest's Aid. Evolving Spores. Mark of the Loa. Ironbark Protector. Malfurion the Pestilent. Gonk, the Raptor. Ultimate Infestation. Savage Roar. Wisps of the Old Gods. Tree of Life. Virmen Sensei. Kun the Forgotten King. Dark Pact. Lakkari Sacrifice. Kobold Librarian. Blood Imp. Bane of Doom. Malchezaar's Imp. Mortal Coil. Grim Rally.

Flame Imp. Dark Possession. Shadow Bolt. The Soularium. Soul Infusion. Despicable Dreadlord. Drain Soul. Voodoo Doll. Young Priestess. Sunfury Protector. Glinda Crowskin. Mistress of Pain. Darkshire Librarian. Faceless Shambler. Rin, the First Disciple. Spirit Bomb.

Skull of the Man'ari. Renounce Darkness. Clutchmother Zavas. Plot Twist. Spirit of the Bat. Lesser Amethyst Spellstone. Vulgar Homunculus. Aranasi Broodmother. Bloodfury Potion. Arch-Villain Rafaam. Chittering Tunneler. Dread Infernal. Drain Life. Tiny Knight of Evil. Doubling Imp. Twilight Drake. Dark Bargain. Reckless Diretroll. Elise Starseeker. Heck yeah. Were you not tempted by more bard, and less BG? I guess you really wanted the SA, but that's an awful lot invested for 6d6.

I know a lower BG, and higher bard, build would be totally different and probably already done , but offhand, it seems the better bet. While the end result is decent and eminently buffable , those are shockingly bad numbers all things considered. That said, the ease of buffing makes this pretty much a non-factor. Just sayin'.