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How to Make an Advertising Pitch

Make something. If you do what you love, the money will come. Learn from people and companies who inspire you. Wrapped up in the story of compensation is also recognition. Tiffany Rolfe cautions people to ditch the obsession over title.

11 pieces of career advice on how to thrive in the ad game.

You should always be learning and saying yes to things that are outside of your job description—below or above your pay grade. As the type of work we do in a variety of media continues to evolve, I am thankful for the experience I gained from taking on projects that stretched me. I believe it has made me a better creative leader and collaborator. And I love it for that.

Careers are long, and for creative people, the delineation between work and life can be muddy. I should have taken some time to develop a hobby. People need hobbies. This is ill-advised for a number of reasons. First, advertising is evolving at such a clip that what you once knew quickly becomes old-school. Second, the more you know, the more opportunities arise. Key to the quest to know more is the confidence to ask questions, says Duering. When you ask questions you learn. I worked with amazing people and in the beginning I was too intimidated and honestly too busy to ask questions.

I wish I had asked more.

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Another suggestion is to actively avoid complacency. If you find yourself bored or stuck, take a chance at going client side, working for a tech start-up, trying out a non-traditional place. While learning can be an active decision, it can also come from humility, says Monson. Basically, shut up and learn while working. I think I was OK at that when I jumped into advertising, but terrible as a young journalist.

Anyone is capable of doing anything, because the rise of digital has made anything possible. David can topple Goliath, and you could create the next Facebook. If you can think it, you can make it. Stay open, stay nimble and stay curious. If it ever feels like a job instead of a passion, quit. Because we all know, everyone has ideas.

Successful people make those ideas a reality. There have been a lot of projects that only happened because my team and I were pro-active. The more often you act as if your best idea cannot be stopped, or your client is braver than they think they are, then the more likely those things will come true. You have to keep learning and surround yourself with strong people. Fear is the biggest creativity killer. You need to stay naive, fearless, and believe anything is possible. Once you choose your wave, you need to commit yourself to taking that wave.

Together, they cited information from 15 references.

How to Make a Living in the Advertising Industry

Categories: Advertising Career Portfolios. Learn more Consider your resources. If you are an advertising student, there are probably people at your school whose job it is to advise your portfolio. Talk to your adviser about designing your portfolio, or bring your questions to the career counselor at your school. If you didn't go to school for advertising, but you want to become an art director, copywriter or creative director, then you should consider attending advertising classes.

If you are currently getting a four-year degree in advertising, there are probably classes specifically geared toward portfolio design. Ask your adviser about these. Even if they are not a requirement, take one anyway. Consider going to a portfolio school. These 1 to 2-year schools teach advertising and give you occasions to develop copy or art for your portfolio. You should have a professional looking portfolio by the time you complete the school.

Take a portfolio building class from a local college or community center. Visit an advertising conference and sign up for a class on advertising and portfolios. If you have very little knowledge about building a portfolio, then it will serve you well to hear about the latest advancements online and in print.

What does an Ad Agency do?

Gather your advertising samples. You should have at least 10 professional advertising samples at hand. Most contemporary advertising happens simultaneously across many platforms, so you will do best if you include samples that span a range of media.

How to Make a Living in the Advertising Industry

Advertising agencies want to see your brand-building ability. A well-integrated campaign is the most professional thing you can showcase in your portfolio. Generate more material. If you do not have enough samples to create a portfolio, then you should work on creating some.

1. What Makes You Stand Out From Your Competition?

If you have work for class or "spec" work that has not been finished or published, consider including it. Make sure your "spec" work is as high-quality as your finished pieces. If you are designing work from scratch just to build a portfolio, consider donating your efforts to an organization that could use your help. Consider collaborating. If you are a copywriter, join forces with a designer. If a designer, join forces with a copywriter.

Combine your efforts to produce professional-looking work for your portfolios. You might find someone whose skills compliment yours by putting out an ad online or by contacting other former students of your school. Commit to making both a digital and a hands-on portfolio.

Whether you want to be an online ad designer or a logo or brand designer, you will probably need both a physical and a digital portfolio. Curate your selection. In each version of your portfolio, you should start with your strongest piece. If you have a series of ads for a campaign, start with that.