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Mini Question Egg 3, Pearl 17 2, 24 7. Examining history, both the authentic Christian faith and Jewish tradition got corrupted with very successful Satan lies and only a few will see the effect. But when a heart is defiled by iniquity, the Shekinah glory will leave, like the missing Golden Ark thus end in temple desolation.

Mankind has again reached the point of no return, still controlled by absolute Evil proven by corporate systems operating outside common law and worse, destroying worldwide many laws of nature like Trans-genetic technology and GMO patents. The 21st Century Civilization is ruled by relative small billionaire club governed by an Illuminati NYC banker cartel similar to psychopath criminals. They originally financed mass-murderers like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and some recent American Presidents now totally evil, determined to destroy this earth with high-technology managed and directed by Satan.

Keep praying that Yeshua soon will return in power to rule as King of Kings on earth. Thus, an evil system enslaving all nations is finally terminated now governed by higher divine laws. After years Evil is no longer permitted for years. Watch next the AntiChrist is appearing on the Earth as Satan lost the war in heaven bound in prison, followed by Abaddon with his million demons being judged with only a Death option, thus evil finally is no longer in the Kosmos.

Soon the birth pangs of the Apocalypse will end with Two Witnesses from the Heh dimension-heaven, Elijah perhaps Moses or Enoch for the final countdown conflict in Jerusalem. Check Babushka Egg But this time the Creator did not send a prophet or theologian but employed a scientist-inventor like Enoch, the builder of the Ancient Great Pyramid before BC. Pearl He firmly warned Noah and his perverted evil hi-tech generation destroying genetically the earth and Mankind.

Now following the trail as a scientist investigating the Plan for Mankind, I discovered a hundred matching events detailed the same, even projected by Yeshua-Jesus.

The Endtime juncture has now arrived to totally collapse and change atheistic civilization worldwide, once more to perish in a massive Apocalypse. Why not preach repentance in churches or Synagogues still in conflict to a holy YHWH like a Nineveh society was spared. Sadly, Torah-Bible Truth is no longer taught to the next generation. Time has run out, like the last day in Matt. Every mortal will be exposed to their personal good achievement or secret evil Abomination: Maybe you can change your Life before the butterfly cocoon birthday cycle.

Only one option is offered:. A great division exists among theologians who failed to properly interpret Scripture not knowledgeable of a Hebrew Alphabet Number System HANS which superimposed a divine Revelation matching a math base seven 7 system. It must be agreeable with what we teach. Every Mortal will be resurrected on the last day. Only a special staff serving Yeshua the King became an exception for extra training. Google it for more information They were appointed across years of human history.

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Thus theologians should not interpret that a Saint is a privileged Christian and the rest are lost going to damnation. It made a lot of money since the Middle Ages, but when you look around in your neighborhood seeing empty church building should ask a question.

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If you really want to know what a Saint is, please check the free Web: Pearl , , , The biggest deception preached for hundred years to corrupt most Christian churches is a fake rapture story caused by mistranslations of Scripture not understanding lessons of three Resurrections from the Apostle Paul.

A deception was caused in a subtitle by the J. Nelson Darby Bible which mentioned a vision of little girl in Scotland. Because it was in the Bible became a popular dogma adapted in America and Germany to evolve into many conflicting denomination. It got worse promised some would not to die and rise to glory invited to dine with the King of Kings.


That is sold by many theologians to make money, not changed since Martin Luther immortalized a German practice: So wie der Tahler im Kasten klingt, die Seele aus dem Fegefeuer springt. No wonder many misled Christians ignore that a raptured person checking true science would become a different species linked to modern genetics, thus exalted above Yeshua-Jesus who died. Mini-question 8, Pearl Why is that not taught in history? Thus, the Trinity doctrine was invented by Caesar Constantine, which became the foundation of the historic Catholic Church ever since.

To benefit everybody across his empire Caesar stopped the killing of expensive Christian slaves and mixed a Babylon sun religion with Christianity of various Jewish doctrine divisions.

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Later a Protestant movement adopted the Catholic Trinity doctrine, too. Not believing usually got you burned as a religious outcast in the public market place; thousands were murdered during the Middle-Ages. Today we think that we are superior, theologians still control and suppress what was originally proclaimed by the apostles. An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world.

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