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However, they both have about the same functionality when you learn the methods. Next time, try searching it first. I have used both extensively, and both are extremely powerful. A great feature that JMP has is that the graphs and data tables are dynamically linked. You can create subsets of data by double clicking a segment of a histogram.

JMP scripting is also great. With minitab, you can save all your analyses as one project and pick up where you left off.

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Really nice feature. JMP can handle larger files as far as I know.

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You can also easily edit the graphs histograms, variability charts to put in your target, upper or lower spec lines. Please Sign in Register.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 of 5 total. All rights reserved. Building Better Models Malcolm Moore 2. JMP helps you make better decisions, faster 3. Ways of building better models Help us to help you. How many rows are in your data sets?

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Select one 1. How many columns are in your data sets? Are your Xs correlated? Moderately correlated 3.

Strongly correlated 8. Does your original data contain missing cells, outliers or wrong values? Rarely 2.

Sometimes 3. Always 9. Select all that apply 1. Tabular summaries 2. Graphs 3. Statistical methods 4. Data mining or predictive modelling 5. Quality or reliability methods Low 2. Moderate 3. High What function best describes your work? Academia 2. Research 3. Development 4. Production 5. Marketing or Sales 6. Support Services What is a statistical model?

What is a predictive model? The focus is on how well it predicts. Gives honest assessment of how well model predicts previously unseen data. Repeat for each fold. What About Missing Cells? Sometimes statistical heredity is imposed to make the problem more tractable. See Gardner, S.

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Adding the best term at each step may not produce the best overall model. Resulting estimates are biased, but prediction error is often smaller. Banding in a Printing Process Example 1 Case Study 2: Decision Trees Which customer segments to target with campaigns Best split has maximum LogWorth Find optimal split across both branches.