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Print and web. Featured radio interview by France Boisvert. Le Pays des livres. Radio VM Montreal. Multiple broadcasts. July 29, Interview by Silvia Dumitrache. Observator cultural [Bucharest, Romania] , Aug. Sceaux, Fr. CyberContact [U. June 6, Web , subscribers. Dialogues francophones [U. ISSN Print. Lingua Romana Brigham Young University. With selected documents provided to interviewer. Full page, ill. Interview by Laurence Grenier for literary blog. Focus Extra: La forza dell'Eros. Italian transl. Interview by Anne-Marie Duquette. As guest writer on public writing event.

Interview by Gilles Archambault. Pourquoi pas dimanche? Interview by Sarrah Osama. Rencontre du 3e titre. June 21, Interview by Laurent Gauriat. Radio France Bleue, Aubenas Fr. Interview by Montel Williams. Montel Accross America. Air America Media, Apr. On romance. Featured interview by Chip Rowe senior ed. Playboy Magazine online. On Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. July 10, Featured interview by Sara Fredaigue.

Le Petit Journal, Rome, It. June 3, On Italian transl. Interview by Tiffany Granath. Afternoon Advice. March 20, Live, 20 min. Featured interview by Thomas King. Interview by Ginny Lamontagne. Des notes et des mots. One hour, live. Interview by Romanian Writers' Association, Cluj, for its radio program. June 23, On erotic literature. Interview by Gilbert Reed. Ideas: Pleasures of the Flesh. A 2-hour documentary. CBC, Toronto. Feb 8, Interview by Ryan Warner.

Gulf Coast Live. Public Radio. On France-USA relationships. Interview by Francine Bordeleau. Cover Story. Interview by Hugo Joncas.

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Cyberpresse, Montreal, QC. Photo with Prime Minister. Web March 12, Danas, Belgrade Serb. Interview by Slavka Sunajko, in English. Radio-Belgrade Serb. Dvernik, Novi Sad Serb. Interview by Snezana Martinov. Live, 12 min. Simultaneous Serbian transl. Interview by Susan Conolly. Radio-Canada, Winnipeg Can. Live, 7 min. On the Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. Radio-Canada, Ottawa Can. Interview by Danita Arbuckle Feinberg. Interview by Anne-Marie Dussault.

Beau Temps, mauvais temps. On my play Le Client. Interview by Laurent Lejard. Magazine Faire face and web site www. Avignon, Fr. July 26, Interview by Manuel Houssais. July 20, Interview by Louis-Bernard Robitaille. La Presse, Montreal, and Avignon, Fr. July 19, Interview by Christian Jade.

July 9, Radio-Canada, live from Avignon, Fr. Featured interview by Negovan Rajic. June 18, Interview by Habiv Salha. Radio Tunis International, Sousse Tunisia. June 1st, Interview by Naouelle Said. On Epreuves. On Les Cahiers de Limentinus. Broadcast on Jan. On Oeuvres de chair. Montreal: Tisseyre, Interview by Christian Devaux. June 17, Radio-Canada, Paris studio, Dec. About Les Cahiers de Limentinus.

TV5 International, Montreal, Nov. Interview by Shelly Pomerance, in English. All in a Week-End. CBC, Montreal. Interview by Pierre Thibault. Zone libre. CIBL, Montreal. Interview by Mark Munroe Dion. Interview by Carlos Cunha. On short story. Interview by Denise Bombardier. Comme un grand livre ouvert. Radio-Canada, Montreal, Round table. Interview by Alain Crevier.

CBV Matin. Live audience. CBC, Vancouver Can. Interview by Abdelwahab Hechiche. Interview by Claudette Lambert. Broadcast: June Interview by Risto Vitanov. TV Beograd, Belgrade Yugoslavia. Broadcast on Oct. Interview by Guy Ferland. Interview by Mike Casavantes. About Quebec. Interview by Angie Wood. Interview by Diane Dontigny. About Ce qui nous tient. Interview by Janet Wiljof. About a tour of lectures in New Mexico and Morocco. Interview by Luc Chartrand. Nuit Blanche [Quebec] 33 : 4. Interview by Christine Champagne. Videotron Television, Montreal Can. June 22, Broadcast on Aug. About Ce qui nous tient, with reading by actor of an excerpt from "Candy Store.

Interview by Serge Drouin. Interview by Daniel Tremblay. Featured interview by Anne-Marie Voisard. Front page.

La production d'un récit historique. - Persée

Interview by Marie-Claire Girard. Interview by Julie Stanton. Les Belles Heures. Radio-Canada, Montreal. Interview by Jean-Yves Bouchard. May 3, Radio Canada FM, Montreal. About Quebec Literature. Interview by Marie-Paule Delos. Rebroadcast on May 26, About creative writing. Interview by Liliane Rocray.

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Featured interview by Raymonde Leclerc. Interview by Francine Marchand. Le Caroussel du samedi. Radio-Canada AM. About the French Canadian presence in Florida. Interview by Anne-Marie Voisard. About my literary activities. Survey of a year of literary activities. Interview by Suzanne Vertey. Biographical documentary. Broadcast from Paris on 86 Free radios of Europe, Dec. Interview by Linda Garnick-Grieve. Interview by John Benciet, in English. Interview by Doris Hamel.

Interview by M. About Dix contes et nouvelles fantastiques. Interview by Percy Turcotte. Interview by Guy Harvey. Interview by Serge Fournier. Video document. Interview by Chantal Joli. About Le Surveillant. July 27, In prep. TV program on the interviewed. Interview by Danielle Mondoux. June 1, May 31, Interview by Michelle Roy. Interview by Jean Brousseau.

Les Matineux. Interview by Michel Gagnon. Nos livres 14 : Cover picture. Interview by Lison Hovington. Interview by Christiane Laforge. Interview by Pierrette Roy. Interview by Jean Malo. Tout sur tout. Interview by Pierre Lebel. Quoi de neuf. Interview by Jean Denoncourt. Featured interview by Louis-Marie Lapointe. Interview by Michel Julien. Interview by Pierre Laurence. Gens du midi. Interview by Winston Mcquade. Broadcast on 14 radio stations in Quebec. Interview by Chantal Trottier. Interview by Claude Witgens. May 4, Excerpts in Le Nouvelliste, Apr. Radio and print. Featured interview by Yvon Leblanc.

Two hours. Interview with Chrystine Brouillet. Broadcast: June 2, About her detective novel. Excerpts in Le Nouvelliste, May 27, Featured interview by Grace Barbakhanian in English. March Interview by Yves Beauchesne. About the cultural life of Quebec. Image de la Mauricie, Aug. About reading. June 12, June 11, May 19, Interview by Denise Martel. Interview by Madeleine Gaudreault-Labrecque. May 6, Interview by Yves Gauthier. Cablovision TV, Quebec City. May 1, Intervision TV, Quebec City. Interview with the Swiss painter Adrien Sin. About the creative activity. Interview by host of Neuf et demi.

Interview by host of Midi-Soleil. July 24, Interview at 9th International Book Fair of Quebec. About the follow-up on the Prix Robert- Cliche. Interview by E. About the writer in the city. Interview by Mario Verdon. Cablovision TV, Montreal. Interview by Michel Jasmin. Bon Dimanche. Au fil des Arts. May 26, Interview for Au jour le jour.

May 14, Featured interview by Gilles Bourassa. Radio suisse-romande Switz. May 7, Interview by Raoul Mille. Television and radio. Interview by Jean Martin. Series of interviews in Quebec, Apr. CJMS, Montreal. Television: by Winston Macquade. Studio 1. Radio and television.

Radio: by M. Television: by Marie Mornau. Radio, television and print. Periodical: Le Soleil. Interview by Raymond Hivon. About Ph. Interview by Richard Salesses. Le Carnet des arts. Radio-Canada [Paris studio]. March 3, About Le Colloque de Tanger and W.

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Des livres et des hommes. About William Burroughs. About a novel project. Interview by Jacques Baudoin. To come. Host: Danna Halpin. May 15, Jan 31, Video recorded and broadcast live. Presented via a filmed video posted on Youtube. Invited Panelist, Fulbright Opportunities in Israel. Webinar, Washington and Tel Aviv, May 18, March 25, Within the Month of Francophonie and the th anniversary celebration of the university. March 3rd, March 1st, Followed by book-signing session.

Invited discussion on my works, Club de lecture, Meylan France , June 10, International conference "Female Bodies, Image and Time. An Interdisciplinary History of Looking. Brigham Young U. Catholique de l'Ouest, Angers Fr. Followed by book signing session. Presentation and discussion rec. July 18, Louisiana State U. Populaire de Caen Fr. Invited presentation of Doppia esposizione and commentary of excerpts read by translator Rahel Francesca Genre, at launching of the Italian translation of my novel L'Emprise. Cultural Assoc. Il Baffo d'Oro, Rome It. Simultaneous Italian translation.

As newly elected member. Charles-De-Gaulle-Lille3 Fr. Villa Mont-Noir Fr. Simultanuous transl. Columbia U. USA , Apr. Serbian tour of 8 featured presentations in French and English at U. October , Simultaneous Serbian translation. Lyon Fr. March 29, Catholique de Louvain Belg , May 6, College Dublin Ire. Read in absentia. Catholique de Louvain Belg. Followed by a talk on creative writing with students, Apr. Read in absentia by Claude Fouillade. In coop. USA , July 18, Moderator: Louise Milot. Broward C.

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March , Laval Can. Lecture series featuring also Laurence Wylie from Harvard U. Intro by C. A TV adapt. College, Florida State U. Houston , U. San Antonio , U. USA , March , University Club of Quebec City Can. Le Nouvelliste, Sept. En Vrac 3 Sept. Image de la Mauricie, Sept. By Daniel Dargis.

May 28, Nov , Invited reading of fiction. Sept 25, June 19, Public reading of creative works as guest writer at Brigham Young U. Public reading of selected excerpts on the theme of Tenderness of Kawabata's Sleeping Beauties in French translation, Nov 4. Followed by a day of writing for, and with, the public, Nov 5, Espace l'Harmattan, Paris, June 15, Documented with pictures on web site: www. Public reading of "Les Toilettes de Monsieur Toujours.

Olivieri bookstore, Montreal, Nov, 12, Video Rec. Public reading of "Cage ouverte" and "Le Silencieux. Public reading of "Cage ouverte. KS , Apr. Public reading of fictions. The Vancouver Writers Festival, Oct. Public reading of "The Directions. May May Public reading of fiction as guest author. Galerie Skol, Montreal Can. Exhibition of drafts and manuscripts. Public reading performed by actor Jean Laprise of "Ventriloqueries. For the defense of writers in prison. With costumes, menu, decoration, musical pieces and scenes inspired by the work of Proust. Public reading of "Emotions californiennes," poetic suite.

Bertrand of Farnham Can. Saint-Yves, Nov. Public reading of poem "Plage. Video rec. Live audience, radio and television. Public reading of poems. Broadcast on September 23 and November 8, Live audience and radio. Exhibition of manuscripts "Le Surveillant," and "Le Balayeur. Books translated 1. Life Sideways. English transl.

Victoria, BC: Ekstasis Editions, , p. ISBN English translation by Steven Urquhart of my book La vie de biais, 2. Doppia Esposizione. Serbian transl. Belgrade: Clio, , p. The Secret Voice. Double Exposure. Ottawa: Oberon Press, l, p. The Violins. One Shop Stopping, New English transl.

El Cliente. La posesion. In-progress: 1. Translation project in Greek by George Seferis. Fall Spring Novi Sad, Serbia: Prometej. Short stories translated 1. Translation into Thai by Apirujee, Chulalongkorn U. Won the First Prize at the inter-universities national competition. ISSN: Indian Tamil transl. Quebec sirukadhaigal. Chennai Pondichery , India: Samhita Publications, Antologia de cuentos quebequenses en el fin de siglo Caracas Venez.

Dias de Quebec. Un continente a la deriva? Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, A montrealitisz. Hungarian transl. Magyar Naplozi [Budapest] XI. Revised by the author. Karla El-Hassan, and Helga Militz. Berlin: Verlag Volk und Welt, Unpublished translations of individual short stories: 1. What Holds Us. Articles translated 1. Belgrade Yugoslavia. Knjizevne Novine , Nov. Lachapelle, obra grafica. Du Seuil. Paris] Advisory Board of journal Anastasis. Research in Medieval Culture and Art. Since March Reading committee of the journal Nouvelles Etudes francophones U. Reading committee of the journal Etudes francophones U.

Co-PI grant proposal, w. Philippe Mottet, Canadian Council for the Humanities. Feb Advisory board. Invited Review of article for Analyses, scholarly journal of critical theory published by the UP of Ottawa. Fulbright discipline review committee volunteer. Since July 5, Reading committee preliminary discussion as external member.

Since Defense jury: June 27, in Dijon, Fr. For a literary study project. Lubna Hussein Salman. Reviewer for Yale U. Press of French Conversation textbook Tu sais quoi. Acknowledgement: xiii. Judge one of 3.

Nadia Chafik

Spring and summer Selection meeting, Ottawa, Can. Sept 6, Reviewer for the U. Literature and Painting in Quebec. Invited endorsement on back cover. Toronto: U. Acknowledgement: xi. Referee for Dr. John Phillips to diverse British institutions. Hired successively since at U. Wadham College. June 7, External evaluator. MA thesis. Reviewer for the U of Toronto of Dr. Sept Pre-selection committee and Judge Reviewer for Palgrave-Macmilan Engl.

External evaluator and Co-Dir. Defense: May 2, Reading committee. Reviewer for Oxford U. McGill U. Montreal, Can. Reviewer for Palgrave Macmillan Engl. Reviewer for U. Press of St-Boniface Manitoba, Can. Reviewer for Pluto Press Engl. Evaluation for Villanova U. Referee for Canadian writer and publisher Pierre Turgeon to the W. Mitchell Literary Prize, Toronto, Can. March 10, Evaluation committee. Boston: Houghtin Mifflin. Evaluation for Rutgers U. March 24, Georges Desmeules. May 21, Letter of support for creation of Ph.

Reviewer for Houghton Mifflin Boston of textbook Qu'est-ce qui se passe? Judge for the Robert-Cliche Literary Award International Book Fair of Quebec, Can. Montreal, Judge for the Florida Endowment for the Humanities. Judge for the Canadian Council for the Arts, Ottawa. Evaluation of texts. Evaluation of 7 novels. Evaluation of 20 submissions. Evaluation of 10 manuscripts. Evaluation of 5 candidates. Evaluation of 32 texts. Reading committee for publisher Les Ecrits des Forges Can. Her work can be found at zonecrititique. His current research topics focus on the ontological status of images and their normative power, especially in fashion and advertising.

She is currently completing a book about the modernist beach. She is currently working on a book entitled A Renaissance Ecology of Waste , about the literature of early modern France, the New World and the environment. Their current research interests include theories of time and space, cybernetics, and labor.


Member of several academies and recipient of six honorary doctorate, he is the recipient in of the Holberg Prize. He has written and edited more than twenty books and published more than one hundred and fifty articles. She has also directed some twenty plays in French with her students while at The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His research focuses on the constitutive relations between the human and the living, both within and beyond. He is notably the author of Les Diplomates. Cohabiter avec les loups sur une autre carte du vivant He is editor of Alienocene and a member of the editorial board of the journals Lignes and Multitudes. He has writte extensively on literary onomastics.

An art historian and critic specializing in contemporary art, she focuses mainly on environmental issues mostly climate change and Animal Studies.