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Science Buddies has free NGSS-aligned Lesson Plans for elementary and middle school teachers to help students explore and, in some cases, see the science of sound.

Sound Activities & Lesson Plan for Preschool: Musical Instrument Craft & Group Activities

From making and playing rubber-band guitars to using your voice to send candies dancing across a surface, students can learn more by getting hands-on with sound science activities. Perfect Pitches with a Rubber Band Guitar grades : Use Google's Science Journal app to explore and quantify the relationship between the frequency and amplitude of sound waves and what we hear. Block That Noise! Send That Signal! Using sound is one approach students can try!

Lesson 2: Exploring our Voices

Measuring Heart Rate with Your Own Stethoscope grade 4 : Students use what they know about sound to make and test a simple stethoscope to hear someone's heartbeat. A soft whisper at three feet is about 30 dBA. And a busy freeway at 50 feet is 80 dBA. An anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota, is so quiet that the longest anybody has been able to bear it is 45 minutes. Image courtesy of Star Tribune.

Yet even after all that effort to block external sound and thwart internal reflections, silence is surprisingly hard to come by in an anechoic chamber.

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In fact, people have a habit of discovering new sounds both real and fake in these disorienting environments. Language Skills: Reading, writing, and speaking. Vocabulary and grammar activities are included. Objective: Students will read and discuss the article with a focus on improving reading comprehension and learning new vocabulary.

The Music Show Episode #4: We're Gonna Sing High, Low, and in the Middle

At the end of the lesson students will express their personal views on the topic through group work and writing. Word Inference.

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Directions: Students are to infer the meanings of the words in bold taken from the article. They may use a dictionary, thesaurus, and Word Chart for assistance.

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Word -Recognition Directions: Students are to circle or underline the correct word or phrases from the article. Have them skim the article to check their responses.

Students should also find the meanings for all unknown words. Prepositions : in, for, of, with, by, on, at, to, as, into, around, over, from, during, after Directions: The following sentences were taken from the article.