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One reason that I found it fun to read is that there were sentences and expressions in the beginning that seemed more toward adults or specifically parents. If this book is intended to be read by a parent to a child, then I think the author did a good job at including something to be enjoyed by an adult. As someone struggled with ADD growing up, the scenarios during school resonated with me; so I think that this book would be very relatable for children who have a hard time staying focused.

While I think that overall the book is very fun and relatable, I also feel that depending on the target age, a child would have a hard time staying engaged due to the length of the book. In terms of the overall message of mindfulness, this story presented it in a creative way that may be very effective for some. Besides this, the story delivers a fun read and a creative, easy to remember mindfulness tool. I appreciate that this book can be used as a resource for children as well as for their families to understand and explain ADHD.


As an older sister with a younger brother who has ADHD, this is a resource that I wish my family and I would have had. Growing up, I felt as though my younger brother had a lot of difficulty understanding himself and how to interact with the world around him. Before he was diagnosed, my family and I were unware as well; because he was so young, my parents assumed his symptoms, like high energy, were just a result of being a kid boy. This book, as well as the character, is written in a way that is very relatable. I believe it will be easy for children to connect with the character and feel a sense of familiarity within themselves.

This book is also important for parents and teachers to read; it contains the information they need to understand and help their child. It is fun, interactive, and I believe several children would benefit from reading it. I think the graphics in the book are great and resemble sketches children themselves may make. I think using this type of images promotes creativity by prompting children to doodle. While the book is interesting and shows various situations that promote emotional responses, it does not have a clear plot to me.

The storyline is slow to start and it consists of mostly everyday situations children would experience, but with monster characters instead of children. In addition, monster books are very common so it would have been more unique with some color or extra aspects. More content and visual cues could better promote imagination.

One major strength is the way the author brings up real references and twists them to be funny and fit the plot of the story. If a child in fact knows Stevie Wonder, maybe they will make that personal connection. I think this book would be good for some kids, but I can see others losing interest quickly.

This may be because it is a chapter book. He learns about a good way to help himself concentrate but develops his own better method of helping himself concentrate. This new method helps him not only cope with his attention issues but succeed in all of his activities. This book is important for kids with ADHD to find that they are not only not alone, but they can overcome their struggles with coping strategies that lead to success. I think this book is a really powerful tool in teaching kids with ADHD not only how to cope and succeed while living with this disorder, but also that they are not alone.

This is because even in the book, Marvin, was not alone, he found someone he could connect with in Stevie Strummer. This shows that children are not alone in living with ADHD. Through Stevie Strummer, he also learns how to cope with ADHD, showing other children that it is possible to live with this disorder but also accomplish important activities. Finally, the strategy that Marvin ultimately ends up picking, leads to his success in making friends and accomplishing all of his school and extracurricular activities.

This shows kids with ADHD that they too can succeed in life when they find what works best for them. These are all important though, when showing kids that they are not alone. This book shows that kids with ADHD can succeed in everyday life by implementing coping strategies, and that they are not alone. I think that this is an important tool for helping kids feel less alone. There are many great benefits to this book. I think this book would be a great tool for young children with ADHD to learn how to work with their tendency to be distracted.

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The story helped show that kids with ADHD are still individuals and, as such, require individualistic assistance. In this article experiments are implemented that show the deficit of cognitive processing among kids with ADHD. This allows me to share my indifferences with the story. Depending on the audience, the attention spans of the children could create a challenge for such a book.

How so? It was hard for me to relate at some points, and I do own a guitar. His passion for music was far more electrifying than mine. I think this book has a wonderful message to young readers. For my critique I will discuss the content, formatting, and illustrations for the book.

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Content: I love the message that this sends to young children. I think too often people focus on grades, and logical skills, but we are all skilled in different ways. Formatting: I think that the formatting for chapter introductions is useful for young students because it breaks the information into smaller digestible bullet points. The Did You Know sections are also good breaks between the longer chunks of text. Illustrations: I think the illustrations and font for this book are very subtle.

Since this is more of an informative book I think that it is appropriate given the type of book it is. Content: I really like the method of imagining you are filming through a small window to concentrate. I feel like a lot of kids would have a lot of fun trying this, regardless of if they had difficulty concentrating. I like that this message was given to Marvin by someone he idolizes, I think it empowers the story more.

Formatting: I think the whole story is set up in a very cohesive, flowing way. Illustrations: I really like the basic artwork on lined paper style. I think it makes it more fun and playful for the reader. This book was extremely creative and did an excellent job depicting the mind of a child with ADHD. I enjoyed that the story was being told in diary form and that there were pictures to go along with it.

This really provided insight on how children with this disorder think, rather than just having information regarding the mental issue supplied. I also liked how the author used the characters and their stories as a way of giving advice on how to cut out distractions, like Stevie Strummer did with monstercam to help stay focus.

In the end it was motivating to read that Marvin was able to come up with ST4 himself because it shows the readers, especially those with ADHD, that they too can self improve. All they need to do is stop and take time to think.

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I think this book could be very useful in finding ways to have families spend time together. With electronics becoming more and more popular, families are spending less time together and I think that the games listed in here sounded fun and like they could bring a family together. This makes it so smaller families can still use this book and get something out of it.

A suggestion I have is to maybe add a recommended minimum age for some of the games, that way families with younger children can quickly see what games might and might not work for them. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Meet Marvin, a lovable monster with a twelve-stringed baby fang guitar, a rambunctious case of ADHD, and a diary to record it all.

His teachers scold him, his parents don't know what to do with him, and his sister is convinced he was raised by triple-tailed monkeys. In short, Marvin's life is feeling out of control--until a secret formula changes everything. Using the "monstercam" and "ST4" techniques developed by Dr.

Raun Melmed of the Melmed Center in Arizona, Marvin's Monster Diary teaches kids how to be mindful, observe their surroundings, and take time to think about their actions. Marvin's hilarious doodles and diary entries chronicle his delightful adventures, misadventures, and eventual triumph in a funny, relatable way.

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It's the one book on ADHD that kids will actually want to read! Marvin's Monster Diary also includes a resource section to help parents and teachers implement Dr.

Melmed's methods, plus ST4 reminders that kids can remove, color, and place around the house. Other books in this series.

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Marvin's Monster Diary Raun Melmed. Add to basket. It has been a terrific tool for my younger clients as it has helped them open up about their own struggles with ADHD.