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The other toys can hear him coming by the distinctive "Parp, Parp" sound of his taxi's horn and the jingle of the bell on his blue hat. Often he uses his car to visit all of the places in Toyland helping people wherever he can.


And when he needs help he turns to his best friend Big Ears. Big Ears after all is the most important figure in his life as it was Big Ears who brought him to Toyland. Whenever he faces serious peril, it tends to be Big Ears who comes to the rescue, one way or another, and it is invariably Big Ears to whom Noddy turns for support and reassurance.

Whether you are looking for a best friend for your hug or a hug from a little best friend, take Noddy home and add a spoonful of joy to your collection.

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Wollfilz wool felt Art. All rights reserved. Dieser ist oberhalb der breiten Krempe mit einem schwarzen Filzband und einer leuchtend gelben Schnalle versehen. Sie steht auf den Zehenspitzen und macht einen Katzenbuckel — wegen dieser typischen Haltung wird die Scary Cat seit mehr als hundert Jahren bis heute geliebt. Above its wide brim, the hat is trimmed with a black felt hatband accented with a yellow buckle. With its petite size, it occupies a small space, but will make a big impression in any collection. Dabei hat er einen ganz eigenen Charakter.

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Und er ist der beste von allen! Meinen Sie nicht auch? And yet, he has a personality all his own. Between his paws, he holds a beautifully hand crafted felt carrot trimmed with a leafy green top of braided cord. His nose, facial features, and claws are hand-stitched in shades of light and dark pink floss. Benny is a proud part of the family of Springtime rabbits that began in Milne erschaffen wurde.

Disney Miniature Eeyore Eeyore is one of the many beloved characters from the treasured set of Winnie the Pooh stories written by A. He is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind creature with his famously springy tail. His boisterous manner often leads him to leap before he looks, bouncing with a zeal that appeals to his fans of all ages. Milne erfunden wurde. In diesem neuen Look wird Puuh bis heute von Fans aller Generationen geliebt. Der Steiff Winnie Puuh ist aus feinstem blonden Mohair gefertigt und dreifach gegliedert. Because Walt fondly recalled reading the Pooh stories to his daughters, he was pleased to bring the character into the Disney fold.

The Steiff Winnie The Pooh is made of blond mohair and three way jointed. He wears the trademark red shirt popularized in the Disney films and television programs. Getafix Panoramix In a village like that of Asterix, where people are all kids at heart who think only of lazing around, feasting or fighting, there was an obvious need for a father figure. This role quite naturally falls to Getafix, the venerable druid of the village, fountain of knowledge, as well as creator and keeper of the secret magic potion making him the star of all the yearly gatherings of druids in the forest of Carnutes.

Not available in Germany, UK and Ireland. Vintage Memories Kay Teddy bear in gift box multicoloured 16 cm 5-way jointed surface washable. Great Escapes London Teddy bear in gift box multicoloured 16 cm 5-way jointed surface washable. Studiotiere Studio animals Art. Lieferzeit 4 Wochen. With individual embroidered foot pads, for example: Anniversary, Birthday, Bride and Groom.

With individual embroidered foot pads.

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With pink or blue bib. Individuell mit Namen max. With pink or blue bib embroidered. This article is only available in Europe and in German, English and French languages. Embroidery: Name max 12 letters , birth date and time. The embroidered bib will be sent to the customer within 10 workdays.

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Gesundheitliche Unbedenklichkeit. Hochwertigste Materialien. Besondere Nahtverarbeitung. Hygienische Produktion. Health safety. We deliberately go far beyond the standards required by law. This is because we firmly believe that only products that pose no health risks whatsoever are worthy of the Steiff brand name! Top-quality materials. We weave only the finest natural fibres — such as mohair and alpaca or woven fur made of synthetic fibres — in our own Steiff Schulte weaving manufactory in Duisburg. As well as this, we only use outer material of the highest quality for our plush products.

This is extremely soft and durable, making every product into something special! No harmful fillings. All materials that we use to fill our products are new and pose no health risk whatsoever! Superior seam workmanship. This is ensured by having a standardised Steiff seam width as well as a high stich density, which is typical of all of our plush products.

Only in this way can a Steiff plush toy be sure to last a lifetime! Hygienic production. When crafting our products, we take extensive steps to ensure that all hygiene and cleanliness requirements are adhered to! Independent quality control. We also carry out a great many tests in our own laboratory in Giengen in order to guarantee the high quality of our products. Mit circa Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.

With approximately 26, endangered animal and plant species, a new high has been reached. Margarete Steiff GmbH is also aware of the current situation and has decided to support measures to preserve biodiversity. Margarete Steiff GmbH, together with National Geographic, is working to raise attention to and awareness of the species at risk with 9 products from spring Part of the proceeds from the sale of Steiff animals in this cooperation series will go directly to the National Geographic Society, which in turn supports the National Geographic Photo Ark and other worldwide scientific projects.

Learn more at www. Meet the kids in town from the proudest name in plush — the Soft Cuddly Friends from Steiff. The ideal friends for hours of cuddling bliss. We are Knopf and Frieda, the heroes of the Steiff Museum! Nelly frequently accompanies IRMA on her travels and is now a permanent fixture in her life. The Happy Farm Numbers counting game will occupy babies and toddlers in many differnt ways. A hard-wearing felt mat provides a stable surface for the skittles to stand on. Tissue paper white 75 cm x cm One package includes 50 sheets. D: www. Form fill in and save.

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Your personal password you will receive by email. Club The exclusive ear tag for Club items. Kids Kollektion Unsere Spielartikel. Kids Collection Our toys. Memorial Teddy bear Manufacture. Family collection Charm. Replicas Flair. Limited Editions Rarities. This means that you can wear it on your arm all evening and your bear will never be far from your thoughts … Art.

All Rights Reserved Art. Milne and E. Shepard blau 22 cm 4-fach gegliedert Arme und Beine abwaschbar limitierte Auflage 2. Sold out Art. Shepard Disney Miniature Pooh Bear item no. Celebration Teddy bear blond 27 cm 5-way jointed surface washable Art. For cuddling! Unrivalled quality since Our easter heroes! For the love of travelling. The perfect matching look. My friends! Our flamingo loves to cuddle. Brrr, freezing cold! Our heat cushions are filled with cherry pits. For your dummy! The Happy Farm skittles set encourages babies and toddlers in coordination and concentration.

Rustling and rattling is great fun. Beautifully packaged! Available 24 hours, 7 days a week! Always up to date! Bestseller articles at a glance! View current information on product availability! All processes at a glance!

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