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If you can't read the tweet, it says the update will include a new mission set in Tokyo, new zombie type likely the virus spitter that was teased before , a FOV slider on PC, private lobbies, and more. We'll see if this slight delay ends up pushing back the rest of the World War Z roadmap - read on to see what all Saber has announced.

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Original story: World War Z has had a stronger start than you might expect for a game based on a mediocre movie from , and now the developers at Saber Interactive have revealed their plans to keep the zombie heads rolling with their World War Z roadmap. The game's first season of content yes, it seems every game has seasons now will stretch from May through July, with substantial updates like new missions, difficulty levels, and challenges rolling out every month.

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It looks like an unsuccessful patient and is very creepy. Saber Interactive also says new weapons, weapon variants, characters skins, and accessories are on the way at some point during World War Z Season 1. It gave an early heads-up on even more free updates, though it stopped short of giving the below items a specific spot on the roadmap. The bites could be extremely irritating, especially if the lice were crushed and their juices entered the wound. Given that a female body louse reaches maturity in around a week and can lay up to eggs in the remaining 3—5 weeks of its life, controlling lice was naturally difficult on the front line.

Both mobile and stationary disinfestors were employed — at hospitals, bathing establishments, special disinfesting stations, laundries, rest camps and leave billets. The story of Mata Hari — , with its mixture of espionage, sex, money and war, was made to intrigue. This Dutch exotic dancer and mistress of important men was executed by the French in , after being tried as a German spy. She was blamed for the deaths of many Allied soldiers.

Yet murk and mystery still surround her.

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Born Margaretha Zelle, she spoke several languages and travelled frequently, helped by her status as a neutral. In she left Holland and her marriage to pursue a dancing career in Paris, equipped with shimmering veils and a metallic bra. Sexual allure and money became inextricable, as her lifestyle depended to a large extent on the favours of lovers. When war came she had been performing for several months in Berlin and enjoying the attentions of German officers, too.

Here's what's on the World War Z roadmap for May through July

She made her way back to France, via Holland and England, but not before accepting money to spy for the Germans whether she did spy for them is not known and arousing the suspicions of the British, who interrogated her. Back in Paris, she was desperately in love with a Russian officer and needed French permission to visit him, near the war zone; and she was deeply in debt. To solve both problems she agreed with the French head of counter-intelligence, Georges Ladoux, to use her freedom of movement and seduction skills to spy for France in return for money.

He later claimed this was his ruse to trap her, for she was already under surveillance. Her arrest came on 13 February At her trial, her dealings with a German officer in Spain were alleged to be, not pro-French espionage as she claimed, but working for the enemy. She was found guilty and thrown into a dismal prison cell, before being shot in a muddy field on 15 October Was she a spy who ensured the deaths of thousands of soldiers? Or was she simply a larger-than-life personality who craved love, attention and money? Her guilt is still debated. In Britain, a century on, the popular impression of the First World War owes much to the widespread influence of the emotive poetry written by soldier-poets such as Edmund Blunden, Robert Graves, Siegfried Sassoon and, perhaps the greatest of them all, Wilfred Owen.

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If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, […] My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. Military slang abounded in the war, and the British army and navy — with their rich imperial heritage — had a broad seam to draw on. Servicemen had slang for every conceivable aspect of their experiences. The ammunition hurled at them acquired its familiar turns of phrase, so that a 77mm shell was a whizz-bang and a German stick grenade was a potato masher; in return, the British threw pineapples Mills bomb grenades and plum puddings trench mortar shells.

The best-known slang, though, was that used to describe the enemy and the sometimes unpronounceable places in which the squaddies found themselves. The Germans were Fritz or — as much favoured in propaganda — the merciless Hun. But they could also be the Boche or even the Alleyman, both derived from the French. Ypres was Wipers, Montaubon was Monty Bong, and the Flemish town of Poperinghe, where soldiers often rested out of the line, was — mercifully — just Pop. Toy-making did not stop when war broke out; indeed, the war generated a whole new market, and children were generally spoilt for choice when it came to war-themed toys and games.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Such toys were marketed as being British-made and British-designed, to push home the patriotic message and to increase sales , and they encouraged children to engage with the war from an early age. Soldiers made toys, too, for personal and patriotic purposes. Injured soldiers at convalescent hospitals across Britain were employed in toy-making as part of their rehabilitation: from a health point of view, the machinery could help in building up wasted muscle, and wounded soldiers still able to provide for their country was an uplifting message to convey.

No less creatively-minded, German and Turkish PoWs also made toys, including beaded snakes and animal or human figures, created with their loved ones in mind or simply as a means to keep occupied. Surgeons could now see where a bullet was lodged rather than having to probe for it, making it much easier to remove. Both the Germans and British soon proved the value of X-rays in military surgery, and by the First World War x-ray machines were in regular army use.

The Royal Army Medical Corps had six mobile x-ray units, and the famous Polish-French scientist Marie Curie set up mobile x-ray units in converted vans, which travelled to the front where they became known as petites Curies little Curies. The Zimmermann telegram 16 January was a coded diplomatic note by German under-secretary of state Arthur Zimmermann to the German minister ambassador in Mexico.

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But this bald description belies its real importance, for it was a catalyst of war. British intelligence intercepted the message, deciphered it and recognised its explosive nature: the question was — how to use the information? In the telegram, the German minister was asked to investigate the chances of a German—Mexican military agreement in case the United States entered the war; it proposed German funding for Mexico and support for a Mexican effort to regain territories that had been incorporated into the United States.

British intelligence did not want to reveal they were listening-in to German cable traffic, so they managed to plausibly claim the telegram was obtained from a spy in Mexico. It was passed to the United States in February The affair was a major coup for British intelligence. To find out more, click here.

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November 7, at pm. Read more: Who was involved in the First World War? Who was on each side? British army soldiers using dogs to pull a machine gun during the First World War. A portrait of British war poet Rupert Brooke, who is known for his idealistic sonnets written during the First World War.