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A novel of love, lust, and braces, Bracing Times with Cecilia is the third volume in the Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series and the eighth Dr. Samantha Wrighting book. It includes some sexual situations and stimulation, and is for mature readers. Bracing Times with Cecilia is brought to you by Intraoral Press. A collection of ten orthodontic stories, these case studies from the offices of Dr.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Samantha Wrighting each describe The Braced Experience. Meet a whole gallery of patients from Dr. Samantha Wrighting-series from Intraoral Press. Lights, Camera, Braces! Instead of being the end of her career But it comes at an enormous cost — braces! Samantha Wrighting short from Intraoral Press, a new series of fiction exclusively available as ebooks. An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter: Avia is in her early twenties, and for a year now she has had braces and everything that goes with them: no boyfriend, no romance, no sex.

Now, on the last day of her Is it the prelude to something more, or just more of the same Can he really be interested in her, notwithstanding the braces Catherine Aimes's new short novel weaves together the two stories of one unlikely night, the reader shuttled back and forth between what goes through Avia and Raphael's minds and all the surprises, passion and disappointments they encounter along the way. A short, intense account of facing getting orthodontic headgear. The orthodontist puts the facebow on the tray in front of the patient.

I realized that my whole life was going Headgeared is one girl's short story about the day that changed everything. Headgeared is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes some aspects of orthodontic treatment and wear are exaggerated and the characters' experiences should not be considered representative. Sylvia's father is a dentist, and her one big act of teen rebellion was to refuse to get braces. Now that she has finished college there's more pressure on her to finally get them, and when her Love and Braces follows her through the whole ordeal, and tries to answer the question of whether or not it is possible to have both love and braces.

Love and Braces is the second in the series of Dr. Or they could know what the IDE configuration is, but assume the question is about which key they press. Also, there is no technical difference between using the key tab or the key space making it irrelevant for a survey, while there are technical differences between the character tab and the character space such as filesize and indentation of lines of code written in more than one actual text line or languages without a clear indentation pattern like SQL.

The only difference the actual character makes is in display across multiple IDE configurations. And that actually benefits tabs unless someone goes along typing spaces sort of like someone shoving fixed-width objects in the midst of a variable width HTML page. It is treated as a factor in the present and that is what matters for a survey about the present. Like I have nothing better to do all day long than correcting code that starts in columns that are not multiples of 4….

Most IDEs nowadays will have an automatic document formatter. And for those of us not using IDEs — anyone with any technical competence can run a CL linter, autoformater, or bang out our own script in a few minutes to address the issue permanently. Nutarama, must be a really old language, then. I had this issue in the past. My first code that went on to be compiled and executed with a runtime error was FORTRAN written on paper, which then went to card punchers, who created the card stack, which was then fed into the specialized reader.

For maybe 30 lines of code probably less — it was a very long time ago it then produced several tens of printed pages, on special paper used by dot matrix printers. Sometimes its actually better to use vim or emacs, even if you have to write your own extensions to replace missing IDE functionality. To a large extent, those are IDE configuration issues. Some people must do a lot of their work on a remote server, and use vim, emacs, or similar over the terminal.

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Others are using less popular languages for which the best working environment is vim or emacs. There may be no IDE, or it may be under developed. Eventually these languages may get high quality IDE support, but until then….

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I forced myself to learn eclipse and now intelliJ. Also, you can consider the long term benefit of the time invested mastering various tools. Languages and IDEs come in and out of fashion, and sometimes evolve quickly. Teachers who emphasize good coding style are more likely to emphasize the use of particular spacing and thus passively suggest using spaces instead of tabs than teachers who do not emphasize good coding style. Students who had the former teachers will generally have better style, apart from space usage, than students who had the latter teachers.

Also, students who had the former teachers are more likely to use spaces than students who had the latter teachers. Students with better style regardless of space usage will earn higher salaries, so a correlation between space usage and salary will appear. Personally, good coding style was a major emphasis in my first computer science Java class.

We were taught to use four spaces to indent each line. I started off using spaces, but later switched to tabs. If I need to submit code with spaces, I will write the code with tabs and then Replace All tabs with four or two or however many space characters and increase the file size , or configure my IDE to do this automatically. Other than space usage, I am very persistent on style and will fix the style of code I receive before I read or compile it.

Look at hiring habits, though. You might be right that it is based on the institution, though. Graduates from well recognized universities or those with good placement programs have a better average salary than others, regardless of the quality of the particular program. They just want the code to be delivered because the client is waiting for it.

My hypothesis: The element of tradition in education plays a role, i. Call it genealogy of mentors. But how many of those space devs are required to use spaces because of code style guides at their respective companies? Regardless of whether or not they choose to use spaces on their own. Code in Go is autoformatted with tabs by convention, and a large majority of open-source golang code is autoformatted with tabs this way.

Or only very few people answered go and spaces, and so the sample size in that specific case is small. I assume language choice was a multi-select option? Might be interesting to correlate of languages selected rather than treat each individually. And little Space users.

Dude did you even read the article? Years of coding does not necessarily track perfectly with age e. That would still rest on the assumption that older developers did not have the tab character available to them. It being part of the original ASCII set, which goes back to the s, so this is so unlikely as to not be worth mentioning. The best paying companies usually mandate that you should use spaces. The whole spaces and earnings thing is one giant fallacy from the ground up, mixing up the cause and the effect.

IME, they mandate it because furniture police. They could as easily mandate using tabs exclusively for indent — a style checker can warn of mixes on commit. More often than not, very senior developers prefer tabs, not because it adds any stylistic or technical value, not at all because it saves a few bytes on disk, but simply because it makes sense.

In a given editor, a tab has always exactly the same width. It happens to me repeatedly that upon code reorganization the IDE mixes up indentation, and unless I want my whole file reformatted like all javadoc comments messed up I need to fix this manually.

Using spaces for indentation is simply a dogma that has caught on among enterprise developers. Of course, mixing tabs and spaces is plain stupid, but if tabs for indent proponents can do the mix, so can spaces for indent proponents do it. Read the comments a bit more. Many people are actually making that assumption, very seriously. The IDE does it automatically for you. This is indeed talking about typed spaces. Adaptable tab size does not refer to your keyboard!

Text editors can edit any text in the world, in any language, and you can control indentation of your text editor. Considering the comments here, the two of us may be demonstrating the divide. The benefit of space characters is that tab characters adapting to the display preferences of the individual programmer suddenly look weird when one idiot presses the space character a bunch of times instead of using tab.

In an exemplification of the eminent flexibility of tabs, this is easily resolved with a. Then you have to use mixed tabs and spaces, and you will only cause pain for any other developer who tries to edit your work. I specifically set up my IDE to use spaces. It would be utterly braindead to hit the spacebar multiple times at the beginning of each line.

But any modern IDE only requires you to do it once or tab once for each layer of indentation you want. Gonzol, that is the reason why I think the survey may have been poorly developed. The whole point between tabs or spaces is the character and not the key pressed. Basically there are these two arguments:. Having varying lengths of tabbing seems like it would be harder to read. If ever something inside a pair of parenthesis needs to be broken into multiple lines, just break everything instead.

If you would need to break and there are no parenthesis yet, just add them. I prefer to use a brace style which does never need alignment on keywords identifiers. So if you need to break an argument list, everything gets on a new line, and then is just indented with tabs, no side effects. If the style guide does not permit that, indent with tabs according to the current indentation level, and then use spaces to match the length of the non-tab characters in the previous line.

CreateNewAddress t city, state, zipcode, t streetaddressline1, t streetaddressline2. Yes, that is two more lines, but the indentation is unambiguous. Also non of the lines is even remotely approaching the length limit. For the other option, the additional indentation to match the parenthesis only with spaces. In front of the spaces all the tabs used on the parent line. So effectively:. CreateNewAddress city, state, zipcode, ttt ………………………………………………………streetaddressline1, ttt ………………………………………………………streetaddressline2.

Everyone knows what their editor is outputting. Apparently not considering the number of people saying spaces are slower. And I would expect people without that experience to not be pulling as high of a salary. People making that comment clearly believe the question has to do with what key is being struck, not what the IDE is producing.

The slightly more hollow sound of the spacebar hit hard with the knuckle of a thumb several times in rapid succession is easy to tell apart from normal typing. If your spacing is consistent which, frankly, it should be , then you can change between tabs and spaces arbitrarily with no significant effort.

After Autoportrait by Edouard Levé

The problem of arcane legacy code is the changing coding conventions of the past developers, not whether they used spaces or tabs. It makes sense they would on average be paid less. This is true until you hit version control, where tabs and spaces are taken into account by default. Exactly this. Mixed tabs and spaces cause version control issues, and create non-obvious, and impolite indentation issues when multiple devs work on files that contain them.

In every IDE I use, shift-tab goes back an indentation level while backspace removes the previous character. What IDE are you using that overrides backspace to indention level? I have all manner of shortcuts. The difference in salary here might correlate to developers who understand their tools, vs. Configure your editor right and there is no extra time. Also, spaces maintain consistent visual styling across development tools. Code and data are here, try it out!

And, dare I say it? I am moderately sure that what one calls it makes no difference to how using tabs at various tabstops vs. Use an IDE that will display code formatted however you want it and save it formatted according to whatever code style convention is in place. Or use a pre-commit hook to format it. Arguing over tabs vs. But then, if I fork it, and my editor changes the formatting, the merge will overwrite random bits of code all over. Depending on the editor used, tabs get expanded into 4 or 8 spaces typically. So, tab-indented source code often shows up with unintented indentation — really ugly.

I made pessimistic assumptions in order to demonstrate the robustness of your result, not to criticize it. Most people clicked it even knowing it is a clickbait and that is where you win. Good job. Maybe I was too harsh in using the word clickbait, but the thing is that it was an interesting marketing move to connect salary with some specific polemic topic. But it is a smart way to promote the survey itself. Because it is assuming your typing habits could influence how much you earn.

If you want to know the real reason behind this, you should isolate the money variable and start checking everything else. You tell me why relate money to a typing behaviour is logical. It is not logical. It is marketing. The only logic applied here was that it is an obvious bait for people to click in the article and comment about it.

And yes, I was caught by it hehehe. Because many people are just using tabs, and they are not aware of the fact that tabs can be composed from tab characters vs space characters. I expect groups 1, 2, 4 to answer tabs. Because of not knowledgeable people in group 4, since we can assume not having knowledge about an arbitrary topic statistically decreases the expected wage, tab answer will have a lower average wage. No, tabs are composed of tabs. They are asking what is in your file. As chipoverclock:disqus remarked before me, tabs have to be rendered, spaces do not. This one time I beautifully formatted code in my IDE with tabs, which were the width of 4 spaces in my system.

As soon as I uploaded it on gerrit, its ugliness was pointed out to me and I soon realised that because gerrit was rendering tabs as 8 spaces, none of my secondary indentation had any effect anymore. Do not use tabs to separate pieces of code horizontally to a specific amount. I guess people who have abandoned tabs are the ones who were quicker to realise this than their counterparts in the same experience bracket. Just for the people reading this, he did not just say yes to a random stranger: I am not a troll, I am his girlfriend.

Leading whitespace tabs, internal line whitespace spaces, this keeps your formatting and allows your editor to size the tabs how ever it is configured. And is a complete PITA for anyone else to work on ever. Only do this if you live in a silo, and have no Github account. Not with an. Every project has its own requirements, this is just one of those. Some projects may use tabs and some projects spaces, being able to manage either is more important.

If I had to choose it would be leading tabs, allowing display choice for each developer. If I have a multi-line comment to the right of two lines of code i. Not to mention the PITA of changing your tab stops on all your different tools. Thou shall not have a multiline comment to the right of lines of code. Or stop all this commenting trend, let the code speak by itself in freedom and glory! If you follow these rules, you will be able to: — use tabs or spaces and nobody would care — change tab size as you like, for better reading without beeaking indentation — convert tabs to spaces and viceversa without problems.

Jokes apart, code should be formatted in such a way that it really would not matter even if you edited it with non-fixed size fonts. As for where they go, comments should go where they make the code most readable. Making readability a second priority to solving technical issues that arise because you want to use tabs instead of spaces is utterly misguided, IMHO. Sincerely I think that someone that uses spaces because are more portable should comment in a portable way too.

And usually the main thing driving them to this mistaken idea is their lack of experience. Well, have fun with that. At least there is no minus button here! I agree with you that there are no fixed rules and I totally agree with you that assembly does require this kind of commenting, and yes, no tabs there. For the remaining Peace and love. Tabs as leading white space only, all other alignment spaces. Most editors allow you to set how wide a tab is, 2, 4, 8. Any thing else would be multiple lines with single line comments.

Note that the tabs are not a fixed width themselves; with a tab stop at column 5, a tab character in column three is replaced by two spaces when rendered in a fixed font, whereas a tab character at column 2 is replaced by three spaces. And therein lies the issue. Consider two lines: Two tabs, two printing characters, six spaces, two printing characters Three tabs, two printing characters, two spaces, two printing characters. With tab stops set at every fourth column, the second set of printing characters lines up on column With tab stops set at every second column, the second set of printing characters starts at column 13 on the first line and column 11 on the second line.

In your example I see where adjusting tab width could misalign items, but your example is trying to align internal line items across two lines that have different leading whitespace indents. This seems like arbitrary alignment and ignores the natural grouping that the indent suggests, where I believe only aligning items within their indent groups is reasonable to support.

You could change the third tab on the second line to spaces, which in itself suggests it is being aligned to the first line, I do this sometimes, however, I can see an issue where tools that modify leading whitespace from tabs to spaces or spaces to tabs might modify those spaces as well if they happen to match the current tab width. Are you saying that those apparently incompetent programmers who use tabs are all developing under notepad? He says straight out that code does not become better by using spaces nor worse by using tabs. I prefer spaces over tabs. Most editors convert the Tab to spaces, so developers basically indent pressing the Tab, but that just creates e.

No one is bashing the spacebar. So if I was asked what do I use — spaces or Tabs I would be confused, and I guess a lot of people did answer spaces because the end result is space indented but they do use tab to do it. You hit enter and it will go to the right level. I think any language that requires tabs is not part of the discussion. They reward the sellers who could sell a product that is still not finished and then make us do extra work because the product was already sold. This is it.

Anyone who knows their tools pretty quickly figures out how to make tab insert two spaces. Anyone who operates in a team pretty quickly figures out that tabs help other people to read their code, and cause fewer issues with source control. Yeah, but that knowledge is generally due to somebody pointing it out and then going looking for it. Yes, I remember when it was first pointed out to me. The fact I was, and continue to be, in environments where I learn these things probably at least for me correlates to the direction of my career. My experience is exactly the opposite.

Tabs are variable when viewed with other editors. Almost every place I have worked in the last 30 years has forbidden their use. I have a variety of rc and config files that I use to customize whatever editor a customer or employer uses. The one place that insisted on tabs failed. OK, you win. My editor indents my code automatically. I only need to use backspace to delete indentation. And there is the problem with spaces — with tabs you only need to press backspace once in most editors and it just works.

Did you check age? Salary may be different because one style was popular at a different point in history, so a different generation adopted it. If you need to further align code like lining up equal signs you would just use spaces here, no tabs or mixture of tabs and spaces. This way the code will always carry both the indentation and further alignment properly between editors, and has the added benefits of user defined tab widths and slightly smaller file sizes.

Code blocks unfortunately lose spaces in Disqus, but in your editor try: if something A long explanation other thing on these lines. Mixing TABs ans spaces. I use TABs, and my comments are either single line or stay below or above. Multiline side comments are totally ugly! I just found out that Mr John Daring Fireball uses tabs and that just makes me seriously happy that I use spaces.

I think you misunderstand the question. As far as I can see tabs use one character code wheras 4 spaces use 4. So a tabbed file will be much smaller than a non tabbed file, so tabs rule. You can have blocks of code be much deeper than that I once had a for loop end up seven indents deep. If you typed code all day, every day, for ten years, you might save a couple of megabytes by using tabs over spaces. Text files are not that large compared to say, image files, or video files.

I have been coding for years but I find it easier to press the tab key rather than the space key four times. Spaces look the same size with a fixed-width font no matter what program or page you view the code on. This exactly. There is no standard tab width, which causes all of your carefully aligned code to look horrible if it is using both tabs and spaces. Tabs were invented to try to trim a few characters for files sent over the phone line. Not relevant anymore. Someone using tabs for indent will never mix tabs and spaces. Just like someone using spaces for indent will never mix tabs and spaces.

All the time. And it is a constant source of frustration for people who want to be able to read the pull request but everything is out of alignment. It happened only in projects where other problems were even bigger, i. In such teams, spaces vs tabs are the least of your concerns. If you manually type each space, if your preferences say tabs for indentation, the spaces will be replaced with tabs in save.

The mix only happens if your indent is already wrong. You got me thinking about a particular situation, however, where tabs are indeed capable to get you to mix tabs and spaces — when your coding style prescribes ASCII art. Say your coding standard says that when you break up long parameter lists you have to align the second and subsequent lines of parameters to after the opening parenthesis of the method declaration.


This makes sense. People who do not use spaces predominantly give a clue that they have used various tools to read the code and admit that a tab in code makes the code look bad. How bad and when? This means that they have used multiple tools in different environments is which is not just years of experience but exposure and adaptability to many tools.

Such developers care about the code being written. It can be the perfection about the code that is maintainable, the code that is concise and expressive, the code to use nice design patterns or anything that will help manage well. When one goes an extra mile about not just working code but manageable code, it also means that they are better ones than their counterparts with similar experience who just write some code but not love code. The love part here is what makes more money. Not to humiliate but true. You should have used a better word. I agree that word perfectionist lost its solely positive meaning and now days has more negative tone than positive.

It would be better to say that I consistently drive for consistency in the sake of code quality as well its maintenability, readability and supportability. Also I use tabs. I beg to differ. I think devs who use spaces are more about the code looking good for everyone, rather than just looking good for the original developer. And I have a lot of experience. I can surely agree, though, that there are developers who use spaces because they care about the code. That merely suggest you need a lot more experience with different people in different environments. If what you state was consistently true, it would very likely offset the odd correlation the article is about.

Which they may not even notice, just somehow observe the tab guys as worse or more problematic developers in general. Four shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be four. Five shalt thou not count, neither count thou three, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Companies ought to start paying by the keystroke. You prefer 4 spaces, Bob prefers 2, Joe prefers 8. If only it worked like that.

So then you ask your IDE to convert all the spaces to tab or vice versa and now you inject all these changes into the file diff. Of those, I think I hated 8 the most. I will agree that 4 seems to be the sweet spot — enough to be visually distinctive but not so much that the code extends beyond the right margin. The sample is very, very, very small to the point of having zero meaning. And the only point is the usual one when reading the interpretation of any statistic data: beware. An argument that developers who answered the survey are not representative would be relevant.

Is there any reason to believe that the SO userbase is representative? Yup, this can also be generalised to every survey of anything ever. This is a case where SO is probably a relatively solid survey. Higher self-confidence, regardless of merit, usually translates to higher salaries. Case in point only if the confidence is regardless of merit, which is exactly what I was arguing against. Neither is default, you need an equal amount of confidence to use either.

I see individuals on both sides in that discussion having a similar strange feeling of superiority. Indentation is spaces by default on most editors. Blows your whole argument out the water, eh? And they eschew inserting those semicolons by such gauche methods as actually touching a key , preferring to use butterflies instead. Using tabs to indent and align code is like trying to use a hammer to clean your windshield. Lets say you have a function with a lot of parameters.

Simply not acceptable. Tabs clearly suck at the latter. They are, however, better than spaces at indentation. Indentation is what they are the character for, with no other purpose. But let me also say that consistency in style is far more important than which style is actually used. It just so happens quite a few people believe this is a convenient way to indent code.

Ideally your functions should not have that many arguments that this becomes necessary. Why is that a problem? If the team shares the same coding conventions, the code will be easier to read and maintain by the team as a whole. It also means that code that looks properly aligned by someone who uses two-space tabs may look like crap for the guy who uses 8-space tabs or visa versa.

In the real world, people who use tabs for indenting will also sometimes use tabs for alignment. Emphasis mine. THIS, right there, is the problem in a nutshell. In theory , tabs are better than spaces because everyone can set them to their preferred level of indentation, and everyone knows how to use them correctly tabs ONLY for indentation, then spaces for any alignment you want to do after the indentation level.

Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs - Stack Overflow Blog

In practice , tabs are worse than spaces because everyone can set them to their preferred level of indentation, and not everyone who knows how to use them correctly will actually use them correctly, alas. You rename foo and all your nice formatting goes out the window. If you absolutely have to align, do this:. If you are using decent tools, the rename refactoring will automatically realign your parameters. I just checked with IntelliJ, though, and it indeed does. So you are right, decent tools and proper configuration for the win!

Unfortunately for tab-lovers like myself, IntelliJ supports your original argument. Instead it uses as many tabs as possible so things get unaligned for a different tab length. I have been using those doggone tabs for 10 years!! Bye, bye tabs. Spaces, here I come!!! This is sort of the answer I wanted to find on here. Also, StackOverflow itself skews results because it has a certain demographic.

Yeah, so Joe maps his tabs to spaces, and sets his IDE tab width to 4 spaces. He changes this in his IDE. If only they knew how to use tabs properly, this would never have happened! Skip to content. Do you use tabs or spaces for code indentation? Spaces make more money than tabs There were 28, survey respondents who provided an answer to tabs versus spaces and who considered themselves a professional developer as opposed to a student or former programmer. To answer this, I fit a linear regression, predicting salary based on the following factors. Author David Robinson. Author Archives Website Twitter Github.

Tags Announcements Insights Survey. Related Articles. We are entering a new era in artificial intelligence, one where exciting breakthroughs seem to arrive every week. Continue reading. As part of our ongoing efforts to make Stack Overflow more welcoming and inclusive, Almost 90, developers from around Comments Keith Hultman says:. June 15, at am. Pasquale says:. And also: experience with source control and collaboration. Leonid Boytsov says:. July 11, at pm. July 28, at pm. Draco18s says:. Anthony Plant says:. Andy Borgmann says:. March 6, at am. This was my initial though as well. Joe says:.

August 19, at pm. Did anyone check the company pay scale v documented coding styles? Charles Robertson says:. September 20, at pm. Sullivan says:. December 4, at pm. December 17, at am. Also, who uses 3 spaces??? Usually indentation is either 2 or 4 spaces. Mark Evaul says:. May 16, at am. Eric Hydrick says:. Paurian says:. September 5, at pm. Vidhyashankar Madheswaraswamy says:. This is a very poor deduction. Nick Odaemus says:. Spaces master race! Marius Gedminas says:. We can do without the Nazi references thank you,.

Chris Charabaruk says:. CeeBee says:. June 15, at pm. Which was a reference to. Erk says:. March 14, at pm. Know your history! Chris says:. Izkata says:. The very first chart is about years of experience. Years of experience; Not age. Victor Lewis says:.

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Check the x axis. Nick G says:. Martin Bean says:. Lundin says:. Jit says:. Mike says:. Eric S. Bullington says:. Ah okay thanks. I prefer spaces, and will generally swap any tabs I find over to spaces. June 16, at am. Peter says:. January 23, at pm. To auto format code is evil if you work with version control systems.

Bryan Oakley says:. Jimmy Jim says:. June 17, at am. Kyle Strand says:. June 16, at pm. Heck, I believe Linus mandates tabs in the Linux kernel. I was expecting that people who use both make much less money…. Craig says:. March 6, at pm. Pluckerpluck says:. Just pointing out that the translation is not quite transparent. There are still differences. Sik says:. Jason Sebring says:. Brian Christensen says:. Tabs are for word processors not IDEs.

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GrandOpener says:. Thomas Peeters says:. Perhaps related to the differences in income taxation? Kratoklastes says:. No, Americans are more likely to lie about how much they earn. Cela explique tout. Surveys are notorious for having people answer what they think should be the right answer. Brian says:. Americans are more likely to lie.. Spacer says:. Marlon Stevenson says:. Daniel Samuels says:. Juank says:. Sven Slootweg says:.

For instance if I place a line break in a comma delimited list, the editor can align the list vertically with the resolution of a single whitespace, not 2, 4 or 8 2 — The code looks the same no matter what the local tab size setting is. Maybe people who use spaces are not developed enough to understand humor. Perhaps programmers using spaces lie more about their salary. Mario Rivera says:. Max Savin says:.

Perhaps programmers who use spaces also participate in satanic rituals. Boris Lazarov says:. Rolnard says:. Michael Beskin says:. David Lawrence says:. Oh, interesting — it even understands TISA. Try a sentiment analysis on your post history. You will find it enlightening. June 18, at am. June 20, at pm. Bryan says:. You may have just converted me. The attitude of plenty is rampant these days.

Instagram Photos and Videos says:. June 17, at pm. Joey Robert says:. Anthony Clink says:. That is exactly what I suspect. Petar Donchev says:. The Guy with The Hat says:. I find this to be both hilarious and insightful. Thanks for sharing. Benjamin H says:.

Perhaps not eight, but unless N is equal to one, my point still stands. Stilgar says:. N is equal to one. Ya, misunderstood! Thomas says:. Yeah I misunderstood.

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Giorgio Polvara says:. Tyler Hibbard says:. Mike Barlow says:. Victoria says:. How are those using linebreaks :? Ryan Thompson says:. With 12, respondents, the error bars are likely too small to be visible on this scale. Edwin Ramirez says:. Inquisitor says:. I think everyone does exactly that. Hi, professional programmer here. Who presses space repeatedly. Jan says:. DeeSnood says:. Matei Gabriel Copot says:. Ole Laursen says:. Hernan Silva says:. Kevin Cox says:. I used to use tabs myself. Papito says:. Larger file size? Is that what keeps you up at night? Edwin says:.

TennSeven says:. Tomasz Przybysz says:. GitHub can be configured with CSS. Change tab-size to whatever you want. Pax says:. Tim McClarren says:. That is not why. David Robinson says:. We accounted for years of experience, in both the regression and the first chart. But not age of developer. Good to know, thanks. Roger Creasy says:. Robin Munn says:. Wow… You have my sympathy for having had to read that. Tony Adams says:. I just switched to spaces. Maybe I should ask for a raise.

Lincoln says:. Frank says:. I hate Simone says:. Paul Ishak says:. AFAIK 9 is 9 regardless of the character set, care to enlighten me on that one? So I found that advice very helpful. Nicholas Johnson says:. I can only ask you trust me on that. I think I can respectfully disagree without having to break my reasons down to neutron science. Why does copy pasting imply not undestanding the code? Joshua Lamusga says:. How about using libraries? Or inheritance when you are using an OO language?

What about that? A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Nothing wrong with reusing code by copy pasting. Bones Justice says:. Samuel says:. I used tabs but configured my editor to put 4 spaces…. Chris G. We just figured it out!!!! Not Projecting says:. RadthorDax says:. Alex Artushin says:. Iron Sean says:. Kostya Pogromskiy says:. This assumption is controversial to the first chart.

Please explain. Noel Hibbard says:.