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We must focus our practice of worship on the worthiness of God and not his wealthiness. Think about this: Would you continue to worship God if, from this day forward, God's miraculous signs and wonders were not so profoundly evident in your life? Would God still be worthy of your worship? Or is your worship completely dependent upon the abundance of God's blessings upon your life? Do you only worship God for what he can do for you? Because of our God's unimaginable generosity toward us, God, in all of his glory, chooses to respond to us through our worship.

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This is the promise—that when we worship God with extravagant love and extreme submission, God will come and commune with us. The promise is not that we will feel great or that our heavy load will be lifted, but that God will come. And when God comes in his own time as a response to our worship, Psalm declares, "Let all creation rejoice before the LORD, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his faithfulness.

What is true worship? Delesslyn A. Page 1 of 2. Page 1 of 2 Next. Tags: Presence of God Submission Worship. References: None. Posted: November 06, Related Bible Studies. Exodus: A Glimpse of God This course will help you learn how God can perfectly love imperfect people. Seeing Christ in the Old Testament Offerings Explore the meaning behind the sacrifices with this five session course. Free Newsletters.

Christian Bible Studies Weekly. Small Groups Weekly. Email Address. If you don't, it's not He who suffers. It's you. It's because you'll be totally unprepared to be in his presence. Retain your ego, you're desire to be His peer, and you're not going to be prepared for the infinite.

Why worship a God who allows horrible things?

Because remember: you won't be the one who is infinite, but you'll be in His presence. Yes, this question could be considered offensive, but I think it can be healthy for us to realize the privilege of worship. Why does God care? It could be our jobs, families, sports teams, and the list could go on. The truth is that where we spend our energy and focus our attention becomes a form of worship.

Why worship God? Because, He is! It is not an ego with God. He created us with will and choice. Our choice to celebrate to no end when our favorite team wins the big game, memorize meaningless stats about our favorites players, or just learn all that we can about our favorite actors actresses. The question is not about why does He care about the fact that He is worshiped, as much as He cares that we worship HIM. I think this is a healthy question, and one that is not blasphemous, but more inquisitive.

God created all of us and loves us. Either you believe that or the debate topic is nothing but an opportunity for you to take a pointless shot at other people's beliefs. God does not care if we worship him because he is insecure or not omnipotent, but because he is the cause of all that is and our worship of the divine creator is the natural and appropriate expression of our love and thankfulness for him and the world he created.

The question asked in the debate topic is really silly - would you refuse to revere your mother and father for the gift of bringing you into the world? Would you refuse to thank a classmate for even a small gift? Only the truly arrogant and hopeless go through this world without the ability to be humble because of the gifts and accomplishments of others, both great and small. Regardless of how one worships, for one to refuse to love God for his gift to us is to exclude himself from being deserving of God's love.

It's no different than what should happen if you fail to give the most basic courtesy of thanking your family for gifts they give - they won't give them anymore if you appear to be so self-entitled that you can't even express gratitude. I prefer to be thankful for all of the gifts I'm given and particularly reverent of a creator generous enough to create a world so rich and beautiful.

Cambrian , 17 October EDT. Can people please stop misreading the question? The question is NOT asking why we should worship him. It is NOT asking how it benefits us. It is NOT saying we shouldn't worship God so stop with all the 'you shouldn't worship him out of fear' etc. It is asking if us worshipping God benefits God! And our relationship usually includes worshipping him. To JamesCA: I agree that it seems that there is a lot of knee-jerk misreading of this question.

Why Prayer and Worship are Vital to the Christian Life

Here is my answer to it: God wants us to worship Him, not because he has a fragile ego or anything like that. He wants us to worship him because through our devotion to Him, we move closer to him, we travel a path that returns us to him. In other words, He wants us to worship Him for our sake, not for His. I don't think it's for His benefit because God is infinite and doesn't need any benefits from us. I hope that helps. It is always a pleasure when our children say "Thanks Dad", or "Thanks Mom".

It is also a pleasure as a parent to be able to provide good things to our children. Therefore, the benefit being that God, being love, gets the glory of being loved by his creation which firstly, he is fully entitled to as we belong to him, and secondly, we should give because of all the good things we have.

Love is a two way street. Do you have a close friend?

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Of course not! God made us in his image. In other words, think of what makes YOU enjoy the love of your friends and family and compare the same to God.

God So Loved - Hillsong Worship

Of course God doesn't NEED us to love him, as he's perfect, but he created us out of an expression of love, as you more than likely would have if you have children. Best wishes. Exwikipediaperson , 6 August EDT. I find all your statements and quotes to be if ignorance.

We were not created out of love.

Thoughts on Worship | In Spirit and In Truth

Sounds like someone believing the mind control t techniques of ancient writing. We were made to work for gods,not God and definitely not just a "He". Atheist would not exist if the church didn't use brainwashing to manipulate there congregation. Are we slaves? It seems so! When Adam and Eve revolting d against being enslaved by the gods they were up punished and blablablah. When farmers revolted against the land Cane and Abel they were punished. When homosexuals revolted in Sodom and gomarah they were punished. It's true it's either the gods way or be punished.

If we are speaking of the gods who are in the Bible walking with man and causing destruction to them. If we are talking about the every thing happens for a reason, Universe God than that's another story we as humans are not able to read. I can. Assume humans we created to work the earth by gods, whoever they maybe.

Worship is a Response

The God of the Universe is not he or she, it is a set of laws that can't be changed. The first sign your ignorance could have been enlightened by word be the gods are jealous. That is a being characteristic. The God of the universe would have warned us of pollution, aids, and cancer. About corrupt governments and religious groups brain washing citizens.