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Skip to content Measuring consumer demand for every make and model, in every zipcode in the US. Using data science to uncover hidden patterns and key trends in consumer demand. Helping automakers make better sales and marketing decisions, faster. Autometrics combines new car shopper demand data with leading-edge data science to help automakers make better sales and marketing decisions, faster.

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Shopper Data. All makes and models, across every zipcode. Data Science. Uncover hidden patterns and key trends in consumer demand.

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Real-time demand insights for greater marketing ROI. Autometrics Explainer Video. Competitive Demand Tracking. Provides invaluable marketing intelligence on demand for makes and models in the market, every day of the year at region and DMA level. Advertising Campaign Effectiveness. Autometrics Shopper data will immediately indicate the effectiveness of a product launch by tracking the Share of Shoppers against key competitors during the pre-launch, launch and post-launch periods.

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Major Event and Sponsorship Effectiveness. Autometrics Shopper data is used by OEMs to determine cross shopping threats and opportunities, providing deep insights for tactical marketing at a national and regional level.

Autometrics have been working directly with OEMs since , helping identify opportunities to use Shopper data to make better sales and marketing decisions. If you call up Autometrics auto-repair and supplies for a consultation, a new part, or some advice on your car, you might be surprised. When the ringing stops and the line clicks, the voice on the other end is not the one you might expect: that of a gruff mechanic, grabbing a call between repairs.

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Instead, at the click, a melodic female voice warmly answers the phone. Autometrics, what can I do for you? The voice belongs to Teddy Fortin, 29 year old Brunswick native. Autometrics is a family business.

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  • Together he and Joey, who does the books for the business, have provided the residents of Brunswick, Harpswell and Topsham with top quality auto services for 40 years. Aside from her mother, who plays an essential, but more inconspicuous role, Fortin is the only woman at Autometrics. Although she herself does no large scale repairs, she still found that initially, people were taken aback to see a woman in the shop.

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    At Autometrics, Fortin and her mother occupy markedly different spaces than her father and the other male employees; they are not mechanics. Obviously, I do some stuff out there, but nothing crazy. While she now feels entirely at home in her position at Autometrics, Fortin recalls the times that she had felt uncomfortable as a woman on the other side of the counter: when she was a customer at an auto shop. She recounted one particular experience in college when her car broke down in Stowe, Vermont. This experience has stayed with Fortin and she keeps it in mind in her own work at the shop.

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    For her, there is no such thing as too small or too silly a problem. According to Fortin, he is a skilled mechanic, but does not envision himself working with cars long-term. Joe stays out of the shop for the most part, but comes in occasionally to help with more challenging electrical repairs. As for Fortin, she loves her job even though she never anticipated this career path.

    When her father retires, she will take the business over.