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The Gemshorn Celeste pipes were made to our specifications by Stephen J. This windchest,plus two others, were installed in an "alcove" space created for them in the Swell Box by pushing out the wall where the electronic had been located into the Carport by 6 feet. The electronics, in turn, were-located to the back wall of the Swell Chamber. William Hardy of Auburn, California. This electro-mechanical action makes extensive use of second-hand materials that were thoroughly re-worked in the Schneider shop; some of which were provided from our inventory, and several ranks of pipes which were procured by Mr.

The plan consists of two side-by-side sections, with the enclosed Swell on the left-hand side as one faces the instrument, and the unenclosed Great Division on the right. Facades pipes consist of the bottom octaves of the 16' Quintadeen on the left and the 8' Prestant on the right; both Great stops. To the far right-hand side of the main body of the instrument is another smaller section comprised of the bottom octave of the 16' Pedal Untersatz of Oak and divided diatonically. In the center of that section are the two bottom octaves of the Geigen Prinzipal, which is shared as both a Swell and a Pedal stop.

This was essential for the physical success of this design due to the necessity of designing pipe placement around numerous obstacles, such as the ceiling trusses. This also afforded the ability to lay out the Swell Division as compactly as possible, due to the number of pipes in that division.

Chambers of Desire: Opus 1 (Stripped)

The Great main Chest was re-constituted from an old Wicks 6-stop windchest. The Mixture is mounted in "cornet" style above the treble end of the Great main chest. The Swell Main chests were built new in the Schneider shop, and feature Peterson Electro-Mechanical action magnets mounted over generous Expansion Chambers.

The wind system consists of a Static reservoir, fed by a Meidinger blower. This, in turn, feeds a wooden wind trunk which distributes wind to the Great and Swell main reservoirs in turn.


Wind is then distributed to each of the windchests in these divisions via wood wind trunking or P-A-P-Flex wind trunking. Wed 20 Nov hours. Sun 24 Nov hours. Wed 27 Nov hours.

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