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Adorable illustrations and simple-yet-informative text will engage little ones. Curious readers can continue the journey with Nerdy Babies: Space. Anyone who enjoys Leo Lionni will love this alphabet board book starring Frederick as he explores the world with his Lionni friends. Chunks of cheese, dainty dragonflies, and joyful jellyfish are part of his X-tra special surprise.

Tucked inside this chunky board book is an oh so tender tribute to sleep. Simple text, perfectly accompanied by works of fine art, creates this tranquil bedtime family read. In The Magic Boat , Ellie has little interest in making friends, but when another girl approaches her and asks if she would like to go on an adventure, how could Ellie refuse? This heartwarming tale encapsulates the childlike happiness of being at the beach. In this dreamy under-the-sea tale, shy little Maya drifts off to sleep on the beach.

She finds herself riding on the back of a turtle, way down to the bottom of the ocean. In the reefs she discovers that she can swim like the other creatures. She is a mermaid! But something even better is waiting for her among the fish and coral -- a new friend. The island this little girl inhabits has no name.

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It has flowers, animals who come to lunch, and a little house with a hanging coffeemaker and strange bric-a-brac. You must know how to live, share, and dream to live on her island. Beautiful, creative, and colorful illustrations make this island a special place. Lenny has been invited for dinner. He is ready with flowers, a chocolate cake and a gift for the kids.

GM Bob Myers thought DeMarcus Cousins' call about Warriors was a prank

Everyone is very excited to see him. Watch the antics unfold as he realizes he may BE dinner. Fortunately, this picture book is a choose-your-own adventure. Does Lenny stay or go? You decide. Perfect for the curious children who are always questioning, Super Summer even includes directions for crafts that are sure to keep children busy all summer long.

Errands are boring, but today dinosaurs come with everything. Going to the bank or the bakery? Here's your dinosaur. This wonderful long-form picture book is now in paperback. Read the pictures as well as the text and enjoy the facial expressions along the way. Parents will particularly appreciate the mom's reactions. Kids, of course, will delight in the possibilities. What would you do with all of your dinosaurs? Dive into the pages of the Ocean Emporium and view the wonders of the ocean world, from the hermit crab scuttling along the shoreline to the gulper eel roaming in the deep.

This gorgeous book is a feast for the eyes and perfect for nature enthusiasts. Float, Flutter contains one word per page that summarizes animal movements in a delightful rhyme. There's a story here, though! Where exactly are all these animals going? With a word list and pronunciation guide in the front and delightful illustrations, this book is perfect for readers just beginning to sound out words. The second book in the Questioneers series, Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants is as wonderful as expected. Ada and the other Questioneers, Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere, are an inspiration for 6-year-olds and up who dream about becoming scientists and engineers.

Introducing math and science in a hilarious way, this series is great for encouraging young minds to question the world around them. Books like this series are creating a new generation of thinkers! Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk is a fun book to take with you on a family beach day. It includes information on local critters and plants that kids or adults will enjoy searching for along the beach as well as several games and activities. Hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, AND bullseye in the sand?

Yes, please!

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Stickers at the back make it even more enticing. The Midnight Gang brings the comedic flair of Roald Dahl back to life. A funny story punctuated by comical illustrations and jazzy text, this book is a great choice for a hesitant reader. For Cousins Otto and Sheed, the wacky, weird, and unusual are normal in their town. However, when a man well, not exactly a man appears and takes a picture, things get even weirder and definitely more wacky. Otto and Sheed are the only two people moving about; everyone else seems stuck in time. It gets worse. Apparently this time anomaly doesn't impact people who aren't exactly people.

Otto and Sheed need to save the day so that the last day of summer isn't the last day. Furthermore, they need to figure out what the heck happened to grandma. Shayla and her two best friends are growing up and dealing with all the highs and lows that accompany middle school. Shayla's tactic has always been to follow the rules. Now the rules are changing and she's having a hard time understanding why her friendships seem a bit off, why her classmates have decided she's not "black enough," and why her school seems to care more about the dress code than it does about the students.

Shayla never meant to be a leader, but some things are worth fighting for -- even if it means causing trouble. Sunny St. James is 12 and she has just received a heart transplant. Life is different, because now she can do all the things she couldn't do before.

Go swimming. Ride a bike. Be a kid. But how different is different? With a new heart, does that mean she loves differently? When she meets Quinn, Sunny is determined that her feelings for girls are gone, along with her old heart. And when her mom comes back into town, Sunny isn't quite sure how to love the person who abandoned her. Just as confusing are her feelings for the woman who took her in and raised her, the same woman who wants to protect her, even though Sunny is ready to shine.

Vera doesn't really fit in and she is sure that going to camp for the summer will help her connect. She convinces her mother to send her to two weeks of Russian Scout camp. Big mistake. Now two weeks have turned into more and Vera has to figure out what she's willing to sacrifice to fit in, which wild animals are friendly, and how to see in the dark. A relatable story to scouts, campers, and misfits everywhere. Genius is a gripping sci-fi novel that utilizes a variety of narrative forms both text and image and is perfect for any teen who wants a page-turner and appreciates fictitious tech.

The story contains a mystery that can be solved before the end -- if the reader is paying very close attention. With elements of fantasy, mystery, history, and adventure, The Gilded Wolves is a spectacular read. Set in Paris a group of skilled characters must solve codes, retrieve artifacts, and stay alive. Chokshi has created an incredible magic system, a complex plot, and diverse characters that make you never want the story to end. Fans of Six of Crows: this is the book for you!

Sana and Rachel hate each other. Actually, Rachel hates Sana. It has something to do with Sana asking her out in 9th grade. She wasn't serious, right? It must have been a prank. It wasn't. Three years later Sana still doesn't understand why Rachel hates her so much. A fiercely feminist love story, complete with romantic tension and cheesy public declarations, along with genuine, insightful commentary on the professional and social challenges women experience.

Life in America is oftentimes a shock to the Fortuna family, but for Stella this new life offers the possibility of the independence she so craves. Independence, however, comes at a cost and threatens to break apart her traditional patriarchal family. In this immigrant story that details the hardships and travails of life in a new and foreign country, readers will find themselves cheering for Stella and hoping for her success. I fell in love with Circe and identified with her struggles and her determination. Her story will challenge your perception of the famous Odysseus. When they do, quickly squeeze the sides of the bottle.

Water will shoot out of the bottle and into their face. Spray your sibling with fake snot. Cup your hand and fill it with water. Walk around until you find your sibling and sneak up behind them. Next, fling the water into their face while sneezing loudly. They will think that you just sneezed and sprayed them with snot! Otherwise they will see that you threw water on them. Paint their pens and pencil with clear nail polish.

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Locate your sibling's favorite pens or pencils. Next, cover the tip with clear nail polish. Let the nail polish dry for about five minutes and replace the pens and pencils. Change the language on their phone. Log on to their mobile device and find the Settings button. This button is in different places on different kinds of phones. Next, find the Language settings. Change it from English to any other language. Your sibling will get frustrated when they try to use their phones.

Method 2. Glue their deodorant shut. You will need superglue and a stick of deodorant. First, remove the lid of the deodorant. Squeeze a large amount of superglue all around the edge of the lid. Replace the lid quickly. After a few seconds, the super glue will dry and the lid will be impossible to remove. Create useless soap. Find a dry bar of soap and a bottle of clear nail polish. Paint the bar of soap with a few thick coats of clear nail polish. Allow the soap to dry for five to ten minutes between each coat.

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After three or four coats, the soap will be completely sealed in the nail polish. This technique works best with a brand new bar of soap. Older bars of soap can be soft and difficult to paint. Make useless shampoo. Add a few tablespoons of baby oil to the shampoo and shake it to mix it up. Otherwise, your parents may get mad at you for wasting a whole bottle of shampoo. Hide alarm clocks in their room. Find or purchase two or three alarm clocks.

Set them all for different times before your sibling is supposed to wake up. Next, hide the alarms around their room. Otherwise, you may exhaust them on an important day. Method 3. Leave a fake cake on the counter. This prank is especially useful on cake-loving siblings.

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Find a clean, new kitchen sponge and place it on a plate. Next, frost the sponge with icing and sprinkle it with sprinkles. Freeze a bowl of cereal. Surprise your sibling in the morning by freezing their breakfast. Pour a bowl of cereal the night before and put it in the freezer. The next morning, pour a small amount of milk onto the surface of the frozen cereal to make it look realistic. Place the frozen cereal in front of your sibling and watch as they attempt to eat it. They may refuse to eat it and your efforts would be wasted. Drop raisins in their drink. Wait until your sibling makes themselves a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

The dried fruit will sink onto the bottom of the cup. Find an old fast food drink cup with a lid and a straw. Take the lid off of the drink with the straw still inside. Next, open a small packet of hot sauce. Place the end of the straw in the hot sauce packet, set the packet and straw in the cup, and carefully replace the lid. Offer your sibling a sip of soda. This will make the drink seem more believable.