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If they guess correctly player 1 writes the letter on the corresponding dash. To win player 2 must guess the missing word s before the hanged man is completed.

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A firm favourite pen and paper game for a lot of families. My charges have been playing this game since they were about 4 and 5. Now this is my favourite pen and paper game! I have been playing this one since I was about 6 and I have always been really good at it.

A friend and I recently went to Hong Kong Disneyland and we played a game that lasted about 15 minutes because I refused to give up looking for the best place to make my move.

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It paid off, because I won in the end. Each player takes it in turns to draw 1 line between two adjacent dots. Lines can either be horizontal or vertical, NOT diagonal. The aim of the game is to make as many boxes as possible, without letting the other player get them. If you managed to complete the 4 th side to a box then add your initial on the inside. Each player begins by drawing a head in the top 3 rd of a piece of paper without letting the other players see. Pass the piece of paper to another person who then draws the body.

Once that is completed fold it over again so that just the top of the legs are showing. I used to play this game a lot while working for Disney Cruise Line, we actually played it as a team game, but it works just as well with single players. At the beginning of each round think of a letter, then set a timer for minutes and try to come up with something for each category. Start by making 2 grids that are sectioned 11 by The top row is marked , the left side column is marked A-J. Make sure to mark down any hits and misses.

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  • Player 1 stands behind player 2 and draws a picture on their back. Take a large piece of poster board and draw the tic tac toe lines on it and laminate if possible. Make winter shape templates of mittens and hats…or snowballs and snowmen. Cut out the shapes laminate if possible and play as usual. Supplies : Black board and chalk or a Dry Erase board. Example of winter pictionary words : mittens, coat, snowflake, sled, ice-skates, snowman, etc…. Divide the kids into teams. The player up draws a slip of paper from the bowl and then reads it silently and hands to it to the facilitator.

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    • The player must then draw clues as to what was on their paper — their team guesses what it is. If the playing team guesses correctly, before the timer runs out, they get two points. If the playing team cannot guess correctly, before the timer runs out, the opposing team may take one guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly they get a point and the playing team loses a point.

      Paper game

      Most points wins. Just play until someone in the class yells out the right answer.

      Step 1: 1. Write Something!

      So, each December with my older group of children we assemble about snowballs using newspaper and masking tape. Divide the group into two teams. Put each team on opposite sides of the room with the pile of snowballs in the middle. On go, each team must try to get as many snowballs on the other teams side as fast as possible.

      I usually time them for about minutes. At stop, all of the snowballs are on the ground and staff assist the children in gathering them into one pile and counting. The team with the least snowballs is the winner. Have fun!! Race against time and competitors to puff your ball to the finish line. Fill each cup halfway with small prizes. Give the first two players paper towel tubes and explain that when you place a Ping-Pong ball in front of each of them, they must blow through the tubes like a snowblower. Each winner gets to pick one prize from the cup—and the playing continues until each cup is empty.

      Just play if there are no prizers. This could be an on-going winter game; if it is, have the kids decorate their paper towel tubes with construction paper, stickers, ribbon, drawings, etc. Divide children into equal teams. Use tape or chalk to mark a starting and turning point—about 10 feet apart for each team.

      Give the first team members a paper snowflake. At the signal, the first players place the snowflakes on their heads and clasp their hands behind their backs. They walk to the turning point and back.. If the snowflake falls off, players must return to the starting point and begin again. Collect plastic grocery bags. Tie one on each foot.

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      This will take a little time. Have children go into the gym and play a game —but they have to skate on the bags! Basketball is a riot! From Mrs. Play the game from there! You could put in a mitten, snowball-in a baggie , hat, paper snowflake, chap-stick, etc. First child on each team will be given a Styrofoam ball snowball and a pencil. On your mark- they are to bend over, place the ball on the floor, and push the ball with the pencil across the room, around an obstacle, and back to next child on team.

      First team to finish wins. Play this game as you would any relay race. Divide into teams. Drop the snowball into a bucket, return to the team, pass the mittens and go to the back of the line. First team to complete the race wins! Source: Amazingmoms. Tape one labeled paper shape on each child to indicate what group they are part of.

      Have the children sit in a circle on chairs or carpet squares. If so…All kids find new seats!