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This use is minimal and doesn't identify you as an individual. You can set your browser to not accept cookies, however, be aware that some key aspects of our site may not function as a result. He looked around, he was still in the clearing, and the monster was still there, the only thing different was that his body was still on the ground covered in blood. He looked at himself to find he was slightly transparent, but only slightly. He also had a chain connecting him to his body, which only served to confuse him. Matt didn't need any more provocation than that; he bolted away. Of course, he forgot he was connected to his body by a chain, and ended up falling onto his back.

He looked up and the monster was still making its way to him, and his fear was growing. He began tugging on the chain that seemed to anchor him to his body. He was pulling with all his might when the white masked creature stood right above him. He kept pulling and pulling to no avail until right before the monster was about to grab him and the chain finally snapped.

Lustucru: From Severed Heads to Ready-Made Meals – The Public Domain Review

Now that he was free, he frantically scrambled away, tripping again, but getting up quickly. He turned to face the monster one last time, and then he felt that warm tingle again.

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It was different this time though, it was much stronger and much, much warmer, almost hot, like 'someone set him on fire' hot. The weirdest part was, it was building. The ground around him started to shake, not from the monster, but from him. He looked down; dirt was being kicked up into air and he was growing more visible again.

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Suddenly, a huge burst of orange energy of some kind was emitting from the ground all around him, it almost looked like fire. It may have looked like fire, but it didn't feel like it, it felt more like a warm blanket enveloping him, slowly wearing down and taking shape. After a few seconds, it died down and he looked completely different. His shirt and jeans were gone, and in its place was a black robe with a white sash; it looked sort of Japanese.

Also, he felt a strap over his shoulder and a heavy weight on his back. He reached his hand back and felt a leather handle and metal farther down, and realized it was a sword.

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He grasped the hilt and drew it; it was a slim claymore that looked long enough to be two-handed, but was light enough to be held with one. The hilt was black leather, and the guard and pommel were silver with gold lining. The blade looked to be made out of some kind of iron or steel, and it had a symbol at the base of the blade. It was gold as well. There were three interconnected loops with a circle passing through all three; a Christian Triquetra.

It was a stunning blade. He heard the monster in front of him growl, and he held the sword tighter; he felt stronger just by holding it. He never got an answer, instead the monster charged forward with his claws ready and roaring like an animal. Matt ran forward to, moving faster than he'd ever moved before. From his point of view, the creature was now moving extremely slow, and he had no problem sidestepping his punch and severing his hand.

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It reeled back and screamed in agony as blood sprayed from its wrist. Matt kept the attack going, and sprinted forward again, cutting off its left leg. The monster toppled over at the loss of another limb, and was now screaming on its back, blood shooting out from two wounds. He leaped onto its torso and stood over his masked face. Once it was gone, Matt rushed over to his body.

He kneeled down and looked over it; it was still bleeding profusely, all the color was virtually drained away, and his left arm was still in a strange angle. What confused him the most was how he was here, yet there at the same time, unless he was a ghost or something. He poked his motionless form, but nothing happened. He was thinking the whole thing over when he heard someone call his name. A second later, she appeared from behind the brush. He stood up and ran over to her, but his hand just seemed to pass through her. Maybe he really was a ghost.

Matt ran after her, and the two of them stood over his bloody body. All he could do was stand there and watch her as she lightly touched his now vacant face before completely breaking down and started crying. He put away his sword and sat down on the opposite side of his body that she was kneeling at. This is all my fault…I should've just…spent the day with you like always…then maybe you'd still be…" she said through fits of tears and whimpers.

He wished there were some way he could tell her he was alright, that she didn't need to blame herself. Though if there wasone, he didn't see it. She sat back up, and pulled out her phone and dialed It wasn't much good at this point, but she still had to call him in to the police. While she was frantically babbling words into the little device, he sat there and sighed.

Over the course of the next few hours, Matt stayed with Holly as the police and paramedics arrived. A bunch of detectives and officers started surveying the area and a few others took Holly off for questioning. Matt was easily able to keep up with the car just by running and jumping, which was a huge surprise to him, considering he was never much of an athlete.

Severed Wings

He was in the small questioning room where they asked her where she was, when she found him, what she was doing before that, stuff like that. All the way, he was right next to her; even though he was sure she had no idea he was even there. After her parents picked her up, the three of them plus Matt went to Matt's house to stay with his parents for a while.

They were even more hysterical than Holly, and it really hurt Matt that they didn't know he was standing in the room with them, listening to every word. He didn't want to leave his parents, but he was really worried about Holly, and what all this might have done to her head, so he followed her home to watch over her, at least until he was satisfied she'd be okay. As the day went by, he was starting to get depressed. It was a continuous cycle of crying hysterically, shutting down emotionally for a while, lashing out angrily, then repeat.

He'd never seen her like this before; she'd always been the rational one of the two. It was nine o'clock at night when her mother finally came up and tried to calm her down. The PPF was keen to secure better up front payments for pension schemes to protect its levy payers from having to pick up the bill for deficits after a series of high profile failures of businesses shortly after securing CVA deals, including BHS.

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