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3 Ways to Raise the Perfect Child - Parent Cue

Share with them your desires to have respectful, appreciative, kind and responsible children and the ways in which you are going to achieve that goal. You will need their help in doing this if they are like most grandparents who want to spoil their grandkids! Ask them to spoil them with love, time, affection and attention — not toys, treats and money. If you do this from an early age you are truly setting a foundation of responsible wealth management. Last but not least, you should tell your kids the legacy of your family's fortune.

When I say wealth or fortune, that is all relative. If you come from significant wealth tell the story of how that was earned and created.

How to be a Perfect Parent and Raise the Perfect Child (Parody)

If you are self-made, tell that story too — just don't forget that "giving your kids everything that you didn't have" is not always a good thing. There is probably a lot that you learned along the way by stumbling to make you the person you are today.


And at the end of the day, if you have a spoiled child — one who relentlessly nags, cries and throws a huge fit when they do not get what they want — you only have yourself to blame! Stop giving in and start applying most if not all of these values and approaches. You will have greater enjoyment in being a parent, your child will be happier and better adjusted and there will be greater peace and love in your home.

And that is something money cannot buy. Sheryl Ziegler is a mother, psychologist, speaker, and the author of Mommy Burnout.

How to Raise Happy Kids

Follow Us. Sign in. Expert Blog. Photo: pinterest. Sheryl Ziegler. Family April 24, This will make them empathetic and prepare them to connect with people of all backgrounds. How: Discuss global hardships with your child and use newspapers, magazines, or the TV to start the conversation.

You can also prompt them to think about what it's like to be someone else. Even if it's just the new kid in class, all of these little thoughtful moments will add up.

  1. Noisy Frog Sing-Along.
  2. Shorter Works for Pianoforte Solo (Dover Music for Piano);
  3. Sons of Adam.

Why: By getting involved in the community, your child will learn about fairness, loyalty, ethics, and how to work with others. Most children are naturally interested in ethical questions, so by getting involved, they'll be able to navigate their way through these issues. How: Involve your child in a cause that takes action against problems they face or addresses an area that interests them, the experts suggest.

Bonus points if you actually do it with them. Why: Kids need to learn how to deal with their emotions in productive ways.

10 Tips For Raising Perfect, Unspoiled, Angel Kids

Working on this with your child will cut down on the fussy fits and bad attitude they may express. Sometimes our ability to care for others is limited by feelings of anger, shame, or envy, so it's important to overcome these emotions to transform your child into a caring person.

How: Identify feelings with your child, figure out resolutions with them, and train them to work through problems calmly. The report suggests a three-step trick: "stop, take a deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth, and count to five.

The Conversation

Type keyword s to search. Getty images. Put Fun Time on the Calendar Why: Kids learn about care and respect when they are treated with care and respect, psychologists say. Be a Strong Role Model Why: The experts say your child learns ethical values and behaviors by watching you. Prioritize Caring for Others Why: Children won't know that caring about others will make them feel better unless you teach them, experts say. Talk About World Problems Why: It's important for children to think about their social circle of family and friends, while also being concerned with the big picture.

Motivate Them to Join a Cause Why: By getting involved in the community, your child will learn about fairness, loyalty, ethics, and how to work with others. Navigate Through Their Feelings Why: Kids need to learn how to deal with their emotions in productive ways. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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