Guide Knock Knock Jokes for Kids that You Won’t Know About (Jokes Books for Kids Book 1)

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Cereal who? Cereal pleasure to finally meet! So you are a peanut! China who? China like yesterday! Ryno who? Ryno charging at the door! Cheese who? Cheese a cute baby! Chester who? Chester in time, almost late! Boogy who? Boogy down lets dance! Joe who? Joe can make me sloppy Joe!

Dried who? Dried me to school today! Dora who? Dora the explorer ,Duh! Iwanna who? Iwanna go home now! Sick who? Sick of knocking on this door! Mike locked, that's why I'm knocking! No I'm really sick don't open the door! Trying who? Trying to get you to open the door! Dozen who? Dozen you ever look through the peep hole!

101 Hilarious Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Eddie who? Eddie body going to open the door! Duct who? Duct duct goose, tag your it! Avery who? Avery body needs love! Emmett who? Emmett your door open up! Esther who? Esther there anything i can get up! Fanny who? Fanny I'm sitting on! Fonda who? Foster who? Foster flakes for breakfast please! Better Grammar! Better Grammar who? Better Grammar crackers to eat!

Time to go! Time to go who? Time to go shopping! When we go! When we go who?

Age Appropriate Knock Knock Jokes

When we go shopping again! Guess who? I can't tell! You have to guess! Gus who? Gus i have to tell another joke! Hairstyles who? Hairstyles gone wrong! Honey bee. Honey bee who? Honey bee a dear and get me a soda.! Hans who? Hans off my cell phone! Idaho who? Ima who? Ima tell you ten more knock knock jokes! Ivory who? Jamaica who? Jamaica sandwich for me too! Kentucky who? Kentucky fired chicken tenders! Beet juice! Beet juice who? Beet juice sound great on my mp3!

Kevin who? Kevin we go to the arcade! Lenny who? Lenny in its starting to snow! Broken pencil Broken pencil who? Ah never mind. Jake and Jill! Jake and Jill who? Ice cream not falling down a hill! Luigi who? Luke who? Luke the sky-walker, the force is with me! More who? More knock knock jokes,in part two! Knock, knock.

Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids by Whee Winn

Dewey who? Dewey have to wait so long to eat? Harry who? Harry up, and cut the turkey! Knock, knock! Arthur who? Arthur any punkin pie left overs? Gladys who? Gladys Thanksgiving. I'm hungry? Waddle who? Waddle open the door the family is here? Knock Knock. Norma Lee. Norma Lee who? Norma Lee I don't eat this much! Gladys Thanksgiving! Olive who? This book also gives a shy kid an opportunity to come out of their shell and tell jokes that may allow them to become not so shy and be able to talk to other kids.

Awesome book of knock, knock jokes one that every child should have between the ages of 7 and My grandson is in 2nd grade and home schooled he is an avid reader just like his mom and aunt. He loves books stories for himself and his family. I am highly considering buying this book for him as he loves to tell jokes.

I highly recommend this book for your youngster if they love to tell jokes and you don't want the same punch line for every joke. I am glad that I got a chance to read this book. I received this at a discount In exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My kids and I always say knock knock jokes when driving around in the car. This helps me have plenty to entertain the kids, that they will understand and are able to play back with me.

Great for many laughs. This product is of awesome quality! A steal in value and definitely can live up to whatever their claims are. I will definitely be keeping and maybe purchasing more. I would recommend to friends and family. This item has met at least 90 percent of my expectations, The design is sound, The build is great and the product does what it was made for. This is what most products fall under. I would not return item. May have some cool features but did not meet all of what it claimed it would be able to do. Something is off and you would want to be warned about it before hand of buying it.

I probably will not return but it would be settling. Would still be returning because does not meet the needs I purchased it for or that it would probably wont have longevity in my opinion. I wish I would have not purchased and wish I could have given it no stars. Will be returning product. Have you honestly ever met an early elementary school kid who didn't love knock knock jokes?!

They love them so much that they make their own knock knock jokes up. They are silly and dumb, but they love them! I ordered this for my kid so that he could have a book of jokes, he loves it and reads them all the time. There is a pretty impressive amount of knock knock jokes in this book, some are funny and some are not, but my kid loves it. This book is laid out well, and easy to read and reread. I would say any kindergartener and up would love this book.

101 Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids (Free Download)

Seriously, what kid doesn't love knock knock jokes?! I really recommend this book for your kiddo, if they love to tell jokes and you know they do. Is it my favorite book? Laughing The Joke King is back with another hilarious joke book full of funny, laugh-out-loud, crazy comedy and MASSIVE assortment of knock knock jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adults.

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Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 37 pages. More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Which joke said me? Valerie Ramso I don't see it in the book. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 20, Dana-Adriana B. To bad there are no illustrations with each joke. View all 4 comments. Dec 31, Roger lee Jensen rated it it was amazing.

Best book ever it was hillarous Best book ever I thought it was hilarious I also loved all the jokes even the science one. Thanks for making the book. View all 20 comments.

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May 16, Lonna Cottrell-Thompson rated it it was ok Shelves: children-s-books. Neither me nor my kids boys, 5 and 9 found the jokes funny.

I even tried saying them in a "you think this should be funny" voice. Zero laughs were produced, but this could just be that we have a different sense of humor. May 01, Brenna rated it really liked it. Knock knock Who's there? Accordin According who? According to the TV it is supost to rain. This fun book will have you laughing till you can't breathe. Some of them you will need explaining to, but they are very funny. View all 13 comments. Dec 02, Liz Krueger rated it did not like it. Not the best jokes The jokes that were written in this book weren't very creative because I've heard these jokes like thousands of times but if you are bored or something you could read this book to waste some time but wouldn't recommend.

Jun 19, April Sanders rated it it was ok. Was hoping for something else but yeah it's decent, I would recommend it to young people. Aug 03, Chas Bunch rated it liked it. AlalL Kedpcc Jjq Naha. Qhna nma am a. ZMm Jnw. View 2 comments. Not a fan, too repetitive. Can't say it is advertising something it isn't though. Recommended to Nicole by: I got it on a free Amazon Kindle offer. Young kids will enjoy these.