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LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Red hot feelings rumbled inside Lucy. It was coming. Lucy knew it. Anger was pressing against her skin from the inside. Lucy copied her — Hey! She tipped it upside-down so that pencils decorated with tiny unicorns fell on the floor. Unicorn-shaped erasers fell out too.

And unicorn stickers. They scattered all over the floor in a big mess. Lucy shook the pencil case one last time and a unicorn stamp dropped out.

Lucy the Good by Marianne Musgrove

Lucy kicked it so hard that it skidded under desks and chairs and hit the wall. Lucy hoped it got wrecked! It listed the names of all the students in the class. Next to each name was a space for stars. If a student had a good attitude, they got lots of stars. Her dad used it sometimes when he was mad at her.

*Lucy'*s Based on Bad Science, and 6 More Secrets About the Film

Do you promise to be a good girl? He should know she was a good girl.

Lucy was going to show Tante Bep all her things and Tante Bep was going to tell Lucy stories about what it was like to live in Holland. She was even going to give Lucy a pair of Dutch wooden shoes called clogs. What was Dad worrying about? The Good Attitude Chart had lots of names on it. She snorted. Eight stars already.

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She looked further down the list. Harriet Spiegel — five stars. Well, that made sense. Harriet always seemed to know what the school rules were. Lucy kept looking till she got to her own name. Lucy van Loon — one star. Surely she could spare one, thought Lucy. She peeked over her shoulder to see what Ms Denny was doing. She was busy helping Girang. Reaching up slowly, Lucy began to peel off the star.

It came right off, stuck to the tip of her index finger.

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She checked over her shoulder again then stuck it next to her own name. She pressed down hard with the heel of her hand.

ER:"You fought the good fight, Lucy"

There, she thought. Check out the FAQ. May 7, - Jun 7, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Roboy and his best friend Lucy help a boy with autism using magic glasses - a story on how to ethically use technology for the good. Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. A diagram listing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Aug Ships to Only certain countries.

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