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It will lead them ultimately into the wilds of the Savage Land to fight mutations and even the vampyric mutant, Sauron.

New Avengers Vol Breakout : David Finch :

But before the battle is finished, Wolverine will join, only to make things more complicated. The concept of these New Avengers starts out interestingly. Iron Man and Captain America provide links to the old team, establishing precedence and continuity to the new team. The other characters add striking elements to the team that the previous Avengers had long since lost.

Spider-Woman serves as an interesting counterbalance to Spider-Man as well as the sole female on the starting team.

Thus far, he has been given mostly one-liners or brief words and lacks any significant depth. In many panels, he lingers in the background. If Marvel is trying to be more multi-cultural and gender sensitive in including a female and a black hero on this bold new team, then that indeed is a great step forward for the exposure of strong female and black characters.

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But if the New Avengers is merely a long-winded tale to bring back the old Avengers, the story in retrospect will merely be tokenistic and disappointing, especially given this first volume in which Captain American and Iron Man dominate the dialogue. The cover art stands as boldly as the characters displayed on it.

With a bolt of lightning giving slight illumination, the New Avengers pose in group formation with dark shadows cast upon each, foreshadowing the darker, edgier tones this team means to explore. Oliver Copiel Variant.

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Oliver Copiel Textless Variant. Oliver Copiel Sketch Variant. New Avengers Vol 1 3. Joe Quesada. Cover Artist. Brian Michael Bendis.

The Story – New Avengers Vol. 1 #1 – 64 + TPB + Extras (2005-2010)

David Finch. Frank D'Armata. Richard Starkings Albert Deschesne.

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New Avengers 4. Peter Parker I can't believe I'm saying yes to this.

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