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The cake has a rich heavy texture of a mud cake, with the chocolate flavour intensified by the addition of a little coffee in the batter, and then complemented perfectly by that espresso aroma in the smooth, fluffy swiss meringue buttercream. For best results, I would suggest using the highest quality chocolate and cocoa you can afford. I decorated this cake with piped buttercream blobs, chocolate covered coffee beans, Valrhona dark chocolate and caramelia crunchy pearls, handmade mini cake bunting and a light dusting of cocoa and icing sugar.

The bunting can easily be made by yourself using some pretty ribbon, twine and wooden skewers. Baking Notes 1 If this is your first time making Swiss Meringue Buttercream or you encounter any problems while making it, I would highly recommend you refer to my post on Swiss Meringue Buttercream Basics. The ingredients given below are for one completely assembled cake.

While you can make the whole cake batter up at once, and then divide it evenly between the two pans, I prefer to halve the recipe below and pour the batter into one pan, then repeat the whole process for the second pan, because I feel it gives a more accurate distribution of ingredients and generates more consistent layers.

If opting for the former method, I would suggest weighing the batter when dividing it between the two pans to ensure an even distribution. Therefore ensure these crusty tops are cut off, both to give your overall cake a much neater appearance and to facilitate easy slicing.

I usually bake the cake a day or two in advance, and keep it in the fridge, but you can also bake it a few weeks prior and freeze it. Allow the cake a couple of hours to thaw before frosting it with buttercream. I prefer to subsequently chill the cake briefly again in the fridge after frosting to allow the flavours to develop and the buttercream to set, so when it comes time to serving it, the cake is easier to cut and the layers of cake and frosting remain well-defined.

Of course, the cake will taste best by bringing it back to room temperature before serving. This sounds like a lot of time between the bench and the fridge, but I find making layer cakes in stages over a couple of days significantly minimizes the wasted time between. Ingredients Mocha Mud Cake g butter, coarsely chopped g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped g 4 cups caster sugar 4 tsp vanilla paste 4 tbsp instant coffee granules ml 2 cups boiling water g 3 cups plain flour 6 tbsp self-raising flour 6 tbsp cocoa 4 large eggs.

Coffee Swiss Meringue Buttercream 10 large egg whites g 2 cups caster sugar g unsalted butter, softened tbsp strong coffee. Chocolate Glaze g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped 75g unsalted butter, coarsely chopped. Decorations Chocolate coated coffee beans Valrhona dark chocolate and caramelia crunchy pearls Handmade mini cake bunting.

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Coffee Swiss Meringue Buttercream 1 Place egg whites and caster sugar in heatproof bowl over small saucepan of simmering water, ensuring the base of the bowl does not touch the water. Chocolate Glaze 1 Gently melt the chocolate and butter in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring intermittently until smooth. Assembly 1 Assembling this cake is easiest when the cake is slightly chilled, the buttercream is at room temperature and the chocolate glaze is slightly warm and fluid.

Use the base of one layer for the base of the cake, and the base of the other layer for the top of the cake to avoid crumbs in the buttercream. Repeat frosting between each cake layer, and then a thin layer on the sides of the cake.

Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake | Easy Boozy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dear Salma, Recipe seems to have quite a lot of water comparing to white chocolate mud cake there is milk instead. Is water added just to dissolve coffee? Can it be replaced partially with milk? Maybe for more delicate taste…. Thanks, Gosia Ps. The part that causes me the most trouble is the sugar syrup.

I think that this method is actually the better option however, since a lot of pastry chefs use it and seems to be more consistent for most people except me! So after many failed attempts last year, I then tried the French method. But this made me more determined the next attempt. So I recommend the French method since it does not require working with a hot sugar syrup and is a lot simpler. You learn the most from your own personal experience! NO — they simply need to be at room temperature.

Rich Mocha-Chocolate Fondue

It is very hot where I live so if in colder weather — leave them out for longer. Room temperature eggs mean that the meringue will whip to its full volume. I do not recommend taking shortcuts by microwaving egg whites. Are they all the same thing? Almond meal is generally coarser and is grinded up almonds with their skin on; hence the flecks of brown.

Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake

Almond flour is a finer grind made with blanched almonds. Ground almonds are a bit coarser than almond meal. Although they are all different, each one is interchangeable confusing I know. Icing sugar is simply very finely ground sugar which reaches a powdery state. Whilst icing mixture usually contains sugar PLUS other ingredients like cornflour or tapioca starch. I find that icing mixture tends to give macarons a chewy texture, so icing sugar is most preferred. Is sieving 3 times required?

Can you use a food processor instead of sieving?

I find that a food processor is the better method as it is mess-free and a lot quicker, but if you do not have one — sieving will do the job just as well. The success of your macarons is dependent on this process, and I stress the technique folding because it is absolutely pivotal. Folding is different to stirring. Flat macaroons — the batter is folded too much and overworked during the macaronage. Is this a misconception or a truth?

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Well, it is true — this step is necessary and does require patience. The main advice I can give you is to take your time and have everything measured beforehand as well as accurately. This advice also goes for anything and everything — whether your cooking cakes or ice cream or macarons.

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Since I explained so much about macarons, I will delve very briefly into the science behind this cake. I use butter for flavour and a bit of oil to really amp up the moisture. There is both chocolate and cocoa powder for richness and flavour.

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Try to use the best quality you have available. Even though cake the contains real chocolate, it is not dense due to the reaction between an acid and alkaline ingredient.

Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake

Basically, the sour cream and baking soda react and form bubbles which equal air pockets. This results in a very delicious, moist, light and fluffy chocolate cake. The cake is then covered in a swiss meringue buttercream that has a subtle coffee flavour. But in amongst all this excitement including our holiday to Whislter, baking a great cake and successful macarons, I decided to watch the very talked about movie La La Land. I wish I could write about it without giving away any spoilers, but what I can say is that it made me cry and feel very happy at the same time. But you have to persevere with everything you do.

Adapted from Call Me Cupcake. Use whatever type of chocolate you prefer. For a richer ganache, use more dark chocolate. And for a sweeter ganache, use more milk chocolate. Adjust the amount of coffee to your liking — with 1 tablespoon it provides a very subtle flavour. Make sure you be patient and measure the ingredients carefully! Repeat with remaining shells. I used chocolate covered coffee beans to decorate the cake, feel free to use whatever you want!

The possibilities are endless! Right hopefully. Macarons have never been easy for me. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Welcome to ! It is then beaten to form glossy, stiff peaks.