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Under no circumstance will an individual be allowed to check out a laptop for another individual. After the laptop logged out, all files are deleted. The Library does not assume any responsibility for files left on the hard drive. You should not install applications on the laptops; you may print to a networked printer in the library if available. You are responsible for loss, theft, or damage to laptops and accessories.

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Processing fee is not waived Damage charges will be assessed based on the actual repair cost. By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to all of the following statements for checking out a laptop computer from Northwestern Regional Library. The unit we reviewed was a regular XPS 15 laptop, not the 2-in-1 version. Otherwise it had most of the top specs for the model, including the excellent 4K Infinity Edge touchscreen display.

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This thing is a beautiful beast. Aesthetically, it compares well to the LG Gram.

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Credit: Nicole Gray. If you plop this thing down in a group of people who are unfamiliar with its pedigree, with the lid closed, they might think you have one of those cool lightweight devices that eschews power and practicality for low-cost and easy portability.

The XPS 15 can do it all. The unit I reviewed was an ode to the kind of excess that seems wasteful to some and necessary to others. But it sure is nice to fire up The Witcher 3 in between meetings. And do you really need your 4K display to be a touchscreen? It can handle Photoshop and Chrome and a dozen other programs being open at the same time. I'm not sure when that will change, because I doubt I'll ever haul around a inch display.

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  • Dell’s XPS 15 with 4K display is the laptop for people who want it all.
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  • More and more, the iPad Pro 9. I know I can type, I know I can benefit from all of the apps. It's just faster.

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    It's instant-on access to Chrome for doing research on the The new model sports the Apple A12X Bionic chip, which runs faster than any previous tablet I've tested. I tested Netflix, Skype, the Chrome browser--all faster. I know some readers have told me they could never use an iPad because they do web programming, video editing, or play high-end computer games, and I understand those reservations. I believe mobile is changing, though. When I see people using the Microsoft Surface tablet in meetings, they are usually taking notes.

    As far as younger workers, they tend to use their phones, even for typing up docs. Laptops were once a primary productivity machine, but with bots and apps we've moved away from that mentality. We don't need to use a laptop to organize a schedule, or set up reminders, or hold a Skype session.

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    With each passing year a tablet becomes more like a laptop anyway, especially in terms of raw processing power. Still not convinced?

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    I understand. It took me about three years of using an iPad during meetings to realize it makes me more productive. I also never use a laptop at home anymore.