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Getting There

Tonelli on Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image to see the original and explore the location on Google Maps. Unrelated to blog entry but of interest to all bird enthusiasts. This entry is well researched.

Well look at that pretty sign. It appears to be a little down the road. I had a notion someday to take three river trips, each one starting from that point. Very nice blog.

Triple Divide Peak | Glacier National Park, Montana | Crown of the Continent

I noticed one mistake. The Triple Divide is not in Genesee Township.

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I believe it is in Allegany Township. Look at all this on a map, and we see three places where continental divides intersect -- points where a raindrop has to decide which of three oceans it might go to.

Hike Glacier National Park's Triple Divide Peak

One of these points lies near the Pennsylvania-New York border. Another is near Hibbing, Minnesota. Neither of these triple divides is very well defined.

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You'll find no markers on them. But the third intersection lies in tourist country where geography is far more dramatic and identifiable. The plot thickens when Canada claims a fourth triple divide. The place is the Snow Dome, just above a glacier in the Canadian Rockies. But it also finds a third river system that empties into Hudson's Bay.

Triple divide

While we're talking about such flukes, here's another one: In the middle of the western US watershed lies the Great Basin, a dry region including western Utah, most of Nevada, and parts of three other states. It's our largest endorheic basin. That's a region water cannot leave. What little rain or snow falls upon it simply evaporates away without ever reaching an ocean. All this complex water movement became very real to me two weeks ago.

That's when I dipped a cup into the glacier melt leaving Snow Dome. I drank some of that crystal pure water and watched the rest flow away. This particular rivulet parted from snowflakes that'd fallen very nearby it to begin its own long journey to faraway Hudson's Bay. I'm John Lienhard at the University of Houston, where we're interested in the way inventive minds work. Click here for audio of Episode The melt of Athabaska Glacier beginning its journey to Hudson's Bay.