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Pro Tip: For beginners, choose something with a higher loft since it will produce less side spin , which will allow for a consistently straighter ball flight. A golfer with a faster swing speed should use a heavier head to allow for more control, while slower swing speeds are better suited for lighter heads to increase club head velocity. The typical head of fairway woods and hybrids are deep faced. A deeper face has a lower launch and a higher spin, making it typically harder for beginners to handle.

Since new golfers need to establish confidence with the club that they are using, they should opt for one that will instill confidence in address position so that they can get the ball airborne. Pro Tip: A shallow faced club allows for just that since it has a lower center of gravity. A shallow faced head means that it will launch higher and improve performance, which makes them perfect for someone who is just starting out in golf! When trying to determine how many golf clubs in a set will actually work most ubiquitously, think of the driver.

A driver is characterized by having the largest head, lowest loft, and longest shaft of all the clubs in a golf bag. Modern driver heads are commonly made out of hollowed titanium while most shafts are made of graphite with varying tensions. A driver is the only club in a golf bag that is not designed to be hit off of the ground. Instead, drivers are designed to be used when hitting off of a tee to produce maximum club head speed and velocity while maintaining balance and control. Fairway woods are also an extremely important addition to a golf bag.

The heads used on fairway woods are smaller than a driver and the loft is generally between degrees while a driver is between degrees. For beginners, 17 degrees is highly recommended. Hybrids are a newer addition to the long club family. Hybrids are very versatile clubs that replace a range of irons from anywhere from a 2-iron to an 8-iron loft. The heads of hybrids are generally shaped similar to fairway woods but are smaller and more shallow.

Hybrids have a larger sweet spot and a lower center of gravity than the long irons that they are designed to replace. With the various types of clubs used in golf, it can be a difficult task deciding what golf clubs you should use depending on where you are at in the game. A beginner golfer may be left asking how to choose golf clubs when there are so many golf clubs in a set and for various reasons!

11 Highly Rated Golf Clubs That Will Help Take Strokes Off Anyone's Game

There are many different sizes and shapes of golf clubs that are designed to be used for teeing, swinging on the fairway, and getting out of a sticky situation. Teeing off is an essential part of a game of golf because it is how you start the round. Short golf shots, known as approach shots, are used to put the ball on the green and thus the correct club is needed to accomplish this shot. Landing in a tough spot, such as a sand trap can be a nightmare for all golfers, especially beginners.

The 1 mistake that beginners make is going into a shop and buying an entire set of golf clubs at once just because the bundled price seems like a good deal. It's a great all-around driver in improving your swing shots, and make better impacts on the golf ball. For its price, from the design to this driver's performance, it's totally worth it! Cobra has been the front runners in terms of innovation, and we aren't surprised with how this driver performs so well with a proper balance between forgiveness and distance. It features a Speed Channel around the perimeter of the face that increases ball speed, distance, and accurate ball flight.

When it comes to the quality of the sound and feel, this Fly Z Driver won't disappoint you. It's definitely one of the best feels sound we've ever experienced. For every shot, you will feel the penetrating flight and vibration that runs through your senses. With the combination of its lightweight clubhead and the Crown Zone Weighting Technology, that removes the weight from the crown, this driver becomes lighter that makes it a lot easier to swing. If you like to hit on a massive sweet spot, this driver has Forged E9 Zone Face Structure that makes it possible.

This increases the size and speed of the 'sweet' spot that gives more speed even on off-center hits. What caught our attention even more is The Fly Z Driver allows every golfer to adjust the loft of this driver starting from 9. With this driver, you can really hit it off with style. If you are a newbie, you will greatly learn a lot as the face structure makes up for it even if you are not yet good with speed.

To begin with This driver features a SmartPad Technology that will give you 8 different adjustable loft settings. This gives all golfers a wide range of choices and flexibility with their shots. You can actually adjust the angle in eight settings starting from 9. This driver also has an E9 BiO cell face technology so you can cover a larger sweet spot area.

It will also help you hit longer and straighter drives even on off-center shots. This E9 face also offers more forgiveness by maintaining the MOI position that can still turn missed hits or imperfect shots still playable. As usual, just like the previous Cobra Drivers, Bio Cell is available in a variety of color which includes - silver, blue, orange and red being joined by an all black version. Picking the color is completely a personal preference. The crowns of this driver are nice and clean that gives it a very classy look, it's what every driver would expect to see.

Meanwhile, the shaft length is about Take note that this length can increase the clubhead speed, but it may not be as effective if you're not used to it. With a shaft weight of 62 grams, it is still light, very stable, and a lot easier to swing. It will also likely add around 25 to 30 yards to your distance, which we think is exceptional, especially for a beginner. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, this driver will help you level up your game. It uses enhanced aerodynamics that makes this golf driver totally unique and one of a kind. The Nextt Golf Solstice Black Driver also comes with a custom head cover to fit the driver properly and securely.

The flex is firm but it will still help an average golfer to play comfortably without any issues. In fact, it can give you around 15 to 20 yards more than the normal yardage coverage for each shot that you make. It has a cc clubhead size that works great for both beginners, and amateurs either during practice or on a tournament. It has a thin and lightweight face that helps in making more accurate shots with faster ball speed. The lightweight construction and its composite crown, keeps the center of gravity low to help your shots with less ball spin.

Not to mention, that the head of this driver can accommodate 19 custom shafts as light as 40 grams to maximize clubhead speed. The overall look is excellent with clean finishes, and high-end materials for durability and toughness with style. Every design and material of this driver is used for a purpose. Every golfer can experience than vibrating feels, and hear that sound at the impact of every shot.

To add on this, the adjustable hosel also gives you some fine tuning options to dial in the driver. This helps you get the best result from your swing shots. We don't know what everybody thinks about this driver, but this is one of the nicest and most powerful drivers ever created. Do you want to see faster ball speed, and more accurate ball direction for your every shot? Most of the time, added ball distance is one of the determining factors of most golfers in choosing their new driver.

This driver might not be the longest driver on the market today, but this brings faster ball speed, and one of the most forgiving drivers we've ever used. This is all possible because Callaway used a lighter Titanium material, with more aluminum in it to maintain its strength while reducing the weight. What makes the XR 16 Driver more competent is the fact that it still can offer greater forgiveness even on off center hits.

This driver features solid sounds and excellent feels. In fact, the sound does dampen a bit on mishits, which is actually a good in determining which area a golfer has made a mistake. Either you are an amateur or an expert, this driver will rule out your next opponents. The Pinemeadow SPR Driver most known feature is its graphite shaft that makes this driver strong and firm to drive.

It has a clubhead size of cc with a loft setting of In addition, it also has a single port driver to influence a higher launch angle to optimize the ball trajectory. This driver will also give you a larger sweet spot, thanks to its shallow face combined with increased moment of inertia MOI. Now that you've seen the BEST Golf Drivers this , you might be confused about which of those drivers you should buy. Don't fret, because we are here to help you choose the driver that would suit your playing style. Why can't I get the most expensive?

Or that driver I liked the features the most? Stop thinking with that kind of logic, and save yourself from wasting your precious money on something that might not give you immeasurable results. Just because a golf driver offers premium features, doesn't mean that it would match your game. Then why do I have to read and know these buying guides?

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Well, if you're already a pro who has figured out his or her golf style utterly, then there's no need for you to continue reading. This comprehensive golf driver buying guide will answer ALL your questions about golf drivers. Choosing the right driver can be great at giving the user higher swing speeds with more accurate shots and longer drives.

With a little research and help from this guide, you should be able to find the right club for you.


As a beginner, amateur or a newbie, you have to know first the basics of a Golf Club before you make any purchase. It's very significant to apprehend the distinction between each golf club, when to use it, and how it will impact your swing. As a part of this buying guide, allow us to introduce to you different types of golf clubs available in the market today. Nope, they aren't made of woods anymore. It's just a name that has been carried over throughout time. Modern wood golf clubs now have different metals on their body, but their purpose in golf never changed.

Woods are for hitting long-distance shots from the Tee Area, Fairway shots, or the starting point. For this purpose, they have the longest shaft and largest heads among all golf clubs. These are for striking the ball to get closer to the green. So after using Woods, most golfers switch their golf clubs to Irons as they get closer to the green. Golf Irons have a categorization from numbers 1 to 9. As the number progress; shafts get shorter, loft angles become higher, and club heads go heavier. Golf Irons that are from steel irons are the most predominant in the market right now due to their lightweight.

Once you get closer to your target hole in the green area - then you have to switch to a putter golf club to roll the ball smoothly into the hole. Selecting the 'right' putter is a matter of personal preference. If you're unsure, go back to the question What is your playing style? You might want to determine what is the size, shape, and design of the club head that you will be comfortable using. A putter has a loft not exceeding to 5 degrees.

It is to help lift the ball from any indentations on the green while minimizing bouncing. Also called as 'Utility Clubs' - they are in getting the golf ball out from rough like beneath bushes, trees and other obstacles around fairway and the green. Some golfers also use Hybrid golf clubs for fairway shots, in replacement for long Golf Irons up to number 5.

They have almost the same heads with Iron Golf Clubs, but a bit heavier than the latter. Wedges have shorter shafts and a greater loft which is indicated by a two-digit number. Thus, for example, a 52 wedge has a degree loft. Designed for specific situations like getting the ball out of the sand, under the trees, and other soft hazards. The clubhead is a large, hollow, and bulbed-shaped head used to make an impact on the golf ball. Most materials used in creating club heads are titanium and other metal composites for more solid contact.

There's a perfect clubhead for different types of golfers - some like lightweight carbon crowns, while others prefer club heads with adjustable weights.

Does the size of a clubhead actually affects your shots or is it just part of the show? Most clubs available on the market these days have the club head size of maximum cc - and there's a reason for this This means you get a bigger area to get the shot you need for longer ball distance, and accurate trajectory. On the other hand, the small head size lets the pro players practice the control they have. But if you are still a newbie, go with the maximum head size you can find.

This is why there's an ideal golf club size based on what you need. In a very simple explanation, bigger club heads mean more steadiness at impact. It will then result in more ball control and forgiveness. Moving on with the shape of the club head As you can notice, almost golf drivers have similar shapes according to its type I hope you are paying attention as we have tackled the types earlier. This ain't no coincidence. Most common drivers have the same basic shape because there's a physics behind that - which we will discuss later in this article.

So, when it comes to shape you might have no options at all. Unless you want to be different, but get inaccurate results for your game. The shaft connects the grip and the clubhead on a golf driver. Getting the right shaft length and flex will make sure the accuracy and distance of your shot are on top-notch. If you are a player with a high swing speed of over mph with a low trajectory, then go with the drivers that have a stiffer shaft as it will help in increasing the accuracy.

Additional flex of In contrary, if you are a player with slower swing speed with high launch trajectory, then go with a driver that has a more flexible shaft as it will help in maximizing your distance. These are suggestions proven by experience, and an in-depth study using data and training aids. As a general rule of thumb, choose the most flexible shaft that you can comfortably control. Then, find that perfect combination for your swing. What about the shaft length?

The normal shaft length that manufacturers use is over 45" to guarantee that your clubhead speed is high as much as possible. It is important to choose just the right shaft length because too long or short may cost you less accuracy, and distance. Never underestimate this component of a golf club.

It can be a huge game breaker or maker. It can have a huge impact on how well you strike the golf ball. The best way that we would suggest is to figure the right size for your hands by talking to a certified club fitter. A trusted club fitter that would assist you every step of the whole process. The grip is not just about the size. Make sure to get the golf driver with a nice texture and great feel. At the end of the day, it's about making you feel comfortable for every shot that you make. How to choose the best golf driver for you?

This Buying Guide would be useless if we won't be giving you more specific answers to satisfy your golfing needs. We also don't like being useless nor waste your time. Picking the best golf driver is about choosing the 'one' that would fit your own game. So, we begin. For you to know your game, you have to do some assessments first. How do you swing or stroke?

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What is it that you want to achieve? More speed? Crisp sound?


Better feels? Or all of them? Just like a fingerprint, your game is very specific just for you because you have your own quality and form. The goal is to get a driver that would harness all positive elements of your swing and unleash all your skills to become a better golfer. How is your ball's trajectory whenever you swing that driver? For a more specific analysis, you can hit 20 - 50 drives with breaks in between.

Then, make sure to take some notes on the quality of contact ball flight, distance, and roll. From there, you can determine where to improve on and find which driver would help you get better shots. Hitting the golf ball at the sweet spot of the clubhead results to faster ball speed, and more accurate flight.

The best driver overall

If you're having trouble making desirable shots, you may want to get an adjustable driver to neutralize this. The question is What is your current ball speed and ball flight?

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What is your target goal? The answer to these questions will contribute on how you're supposed to choose the right golf driver. If you can notice, where do you usually hit the ball on the clubface? To make it more precise, you can draw a clubface on a piece of paper. Then, add a mark on the picture where you hit the golf ball.

How are you going to check the impact? You can look at the impact scuffs on the clubface after each of your shots where you can see a light mark. Take your time to study it closely, and take note of it. Do it several times, until you form a solid conclusion. Choose a driver that will help you improve your golf game, more than anything. It's not the most expensive nor flashiest driver out there. Pick one that would give you the best performance on the golf course.

An awesome golf driver will come with movable weights as well. This lets the user optimize the driver for taking different shots. Adjustable drivers allow every golfer to play with the clubhead's weight in different locations on the clubhead that give better ball control. If you are a solid golfer, you can adjust the weight of the clubhead to take shot options that might not have been possible with the traditional club head.

An adjustable driver may cost around to dollars more than the non-adjustable ones. We would recommend that you to go for it if you have the budget. Golfers who have consistency in their swings will benefit the most from the adjustable drivers. If you are planning to be a pro then this will also be beneficial for you. Face angle affects the ball flight and trajectory of the golf ball. If it is facing away from the player, it means the face is open then this will reduce the loft of the club. On the other hand; if the face angle is facing towards the player it is a closed face, it will add more loft to the face.

If you are a player who wants to slice a ball, you can square the club head at impact by doing a closed face angle. This will help to not lose the ball to the right. For hooking the ball on the left, the open face angle will help to straighten out the impact position.

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So, it is important that you understand how each component of your golf club works. There are ball technology and larger driver head sizes that can produce a higher loft and result in a long drive. A higher loft equals to higher launch angle, which in turn results in a bigger distance. If you are contemplating whether to go with the 9. If you are in doubt, it is always advisable that you loft up. The perfect combination of the right shaft, clubhead, and weight are all important when it comes to getting the most satisfying driver.