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Coffee is sometimes referred to as a "cup of joe" because of Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels.

Why is coffee called a “cup of joe?”

While those of the Starbucks generation may almost think they discovered the drink, coffee, that enticing hot brew, has been part of everyday experience in Western society for a number of generations. It has fueled the productivity of countless offices and imparted warm comfort to innumerable half-frozen G. Navy ships albeit with some exceptions for special occasions.

His General Order 99 that prohibited alcohol aboard such vessels was issued on 1 June Prior to , the U. Navy had not been sodden with rum and staffed as far as the eye could see by tipsy sailors barely capable of remaining on their feet. Rather, the implementation of General Order 99 had precious little effect on the lives of enlisted sailors, an already heartily sober lot, because the ships they served on had been officially dry since the spirit ration was abolished in There are far fewer officers than there are sailors, thus the impact of General Order 99 would have been relatively mild, certainly not the stuff of which rueful sobriquets are coined.

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To believe the Josephus Daniels theory is to believe that across that span of time no one — in the Navy or outside it — wrote down that term in any newspaper article or letter that has yet come to light and guys aboard ships are known for writing letters. Yet the song, the lynchpin of the theory, makes no mention of coffee. Moreover, would a song that was hugely popular in spawn a widespread term that appeared only in ?

Derived from the words Java and Mocha, where originally the best coffee came from. Concerned social media users honed in on a controversial tattoo worn by an Elizabeth, New Jersey, police officer at a June protest. The U. Plenty of people showed up to celebrate Independence Day with U. Question for May: how do you prepare for bottling day? It's mad to think that by changing our cup of Joe in the morning we can really make a difference, that by just checking our labels we can help the most impoverished.

Where Did the Term “Cup of Joe” Come From?

Jackman is dreaming of making a difference. There's the Wi-Fi router that sits next to the fax machine; the document from a cloud database printed on a finicky, ancient printer; or the brand-new smartphone that brings the latest issue of The New York Times, paired with a cup of joe from a coffeemaker built on the other side of this millennium. Setting standards. Join the owners of Blue Bottle, Four Barrel and Ritual Coffee Roasters as they discuss sourcing beans directly from farmers they know, roasting on the premises of their local establishments, and brewing the perfect cup of joe.

So what’s true?

Are You a Coffee Snob? Trade Representative Run Kirk to scold Brazilian and Vietnamese coffee growers for stockpiling their beans, warning that it would hike American retail prices for a cup of joe.

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Party pooper: breathable-caffeine ban. You don't have to feel guilty grabbing that cup of joe in the morning," CBS News quoted her as saying.

Daily coffee intake 'cuts risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease'. It was a relaxing Saturday afternoon, so my niece and I set out to a small local coffee spot for a sandwich and a cup of Joe.

Coffee shop lingerers present dilemma; good business or wasted space?