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Our sex life was good, but with three kids and the hustle of life sex simply did not have the spark that it did in the beginning. That all changed on day when I was eating lunch at work with my friend Amy. She is one of them people who will say whatever is on her mind. As I was eating my sandwich she proceeded to tell me about the hot sex she had with her husband the night before.

I was pretty much just listening to her ramble since I do not usually engage in these type of conversations. Google it and you will see that it is a very common fantasy for husbands to fantasize about hot wife stories. Try it and you will see plus you will be horny as hell when you realize how turned on he gets. We went back to work and I could not help thinking about what Amy said. I found it hard to believe what she said so I googled it and was surprised to read that this was in fact a common fantasy for guys. That night while lying in bed with my husband I was thinking again about what Amy had said.

Is that really something guys get turned on by? I had a one night stand while in college. I went out to a club with some friends and I ended up having sex in a vehicle in the parking lot. You are getting hard from what we have been talking about. It is ok you can admit it. I googled it and it is a common fantasy. I then rolled towards him and started massaging his dick as I began telling the story. Baby, I was always the good girl and rarely drank in college but this night was different.

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I went out with two of my friends to the local dance club and had several drinks. There was a tall muscular guy that was leaning against the handrail next to the entrance to the dance floor. He was there with a few other guys. Each time I walked by he would smile and I could tell he was checking me out.

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I was dancing by myself when I felt someone come up from behind and put their hands on my shoulders. I turned around and realized that it was my admirer. We dirty danced and it progressively got dirtier and dirtier. We were pretty much dry humping on the dance floor. I was so horny and could feel my panties getting wet.

I know he was horny too because I could tell his dick was hard as he pressed it against me. We ended up back at a corner table and my friends were still out on the dance floor. He started making out with me and it did not take long for him to start rubbing my pussy. I returned the favor and massaged his dick under the table. I was so horny that I let him finger fuck me right there in the club. He then said he needed to go out to his car to get something and asked if I wanted to come with. I said yes and we headed out.

He had an SUV that was in the last parking stall next to the woods. When we got there we walked to the side of the vehicle facing the woods and he immediately pinned me against the vehicle and started making out with me. He put his hand up my shirt, unhooked my bra, and started playing with my tits.

That did not last long as his hand dropped to my jeans. He unbuttoned them and slide his hand in my pants and started to finger me. I had my hand in his pants and was playing with his hard dick. I could have got off on his fingers but I was really horny and wanted his dick in my pussy. He immediately opened the back door to the SUV and put the seat down.

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We crawled in and both of us took our shoes and pants off and laid down. We made out and played with each other for a while. Then he straddled me while I was laying on my back and had me suck his dick while he reached back and continued fingering me. After a few minutes we got in a 69 position and he ate my pussy while I kept sucking his dick.

It was so hot. He finally rolled me over and got between my legs and put his dick in. He fucked me slow for a few minutes and then started giving it me hard. It felt so good got off the first time in about three minutes.

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He fucked me in several positions. I got on top and rode his dick and it felt awesome. We fucked for probably 45 minutes. He finally had me lay on my stomach and fucked me from behind. I started having another orgasm which made him cum to. He moaned loud has he shot his load in my pussy. I could feel my pussy fill up with his cum.

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We got dressed and went back in the club. I meet up with my friends and we headed home. It was in dreams that I heard the command to awaken. It must have been, since when my eyes did open, I was alone. In the dark of As I said in my texts, my sex drive has just been pretty low since the The whine was a little girl noise: a pouting, stubborn groan of frustration.

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I heard it when I opened the door and let the light from the hall break the Erotica Fiction Queening. A young woman comes back to the cello after leaving it behind for college.

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In attempting to master the instrument, she finds herself in need of assistance. A friend recommends Her pink t-shirt was pulled up, as was her bra. Her thick black rimmed glasses were almost falling off and her bangs were in her eyes. Get her addicted to the sex toy only you have. Then she'll do anything you want.

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