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Unable to explain his vision, or to let go of the investigation, Matthew turns to renowned medium Kiernan Fitzpatrick. Though he has doubts about Kiernan's claims to communicate with the dead, Matt is nevertheless drawn to the handsome psychic, who awakens feelings he thought were long-buried. At 18 Emerson Rosberg was poised to become an Olympic skiing sensation. Growing up in the Adirondack ski town of Lake Henry with a world-renowned ski champion for a father gave her an edge over the competition Deciding the only way to heal her shattered dreams was to run as far away from Lake Henry as possible, she settled in Los Angeles.

Rafe is a normal teenager from Colorado. And while that's important, all Rafe really wants is to be a regular guy. To have his sexuality be a part of who he is, but not the headline, every single time. So when Rafe transfers to an all-boys' boarding school in New England, he decides to keep his sexuality a secret - not so much going back in the closet as starting over with a clean slate. When jackal shifter Quade Danas was banished from his pack for being gay, he spent years in the military escaping his father's prejudice before returning to civilian life as a bodyguard for Roman Howell, the teenage son of a very rich man.

After Roman is in an accident that leaves him physically scarred and emotionally distant, Quade is the only one who can get through to him. As Roman becomes a man, he realizes what he wants - his bodyguard by his side and in his bed. First time I saw her was in the mirror on my locker door. I'd kicked my swim gear onto the bottom shelf and was reaching to the top for my calc book when she opened her locker across the hall.

She had a streaked blonde ponytail dangling out the back of her baseball cap We slammed our lockers in unison and turned. Her eyes met mine. My stomach fluttered. She was new. Had to be. I would've noticed her. She sauntered away, but not before I caught a glimpse of her T-shirt. It said: IMRU? Am I what? Yet Aleron still hopes that he can escape. Welcome to Junebug Farms, a successful, well-known animal shelter in upstate New York, where every day brings something new - love, stress, heartbreak, warmth - and not just from the animals.

Lisa Drakemore is in charge of intake and adoption at Junebug. She excels at her job, in large part because of her ability to keep her emotions in check. Her past has given her many years of practice and she's become a pro. But once she meets dog-walking volunteer Ashley Stiles all bets are off for Lisa. Erica Ryan is flying home from London after a disastrous business trip. For ninety-six hours they share a rollercoaster of emotions and find themselves drawn to one another.

Will their nascent connection survive everyday life when they return home? The face of terror is hard to recognize - especially when it's homegrown. Blair Powell is set to join her father on the campaign trail even though a domestic terrorist group has already launched one attack on President Andrew Powell's life. The orchestrators of the assassination attempt are still at large, and Andrew's opponent is a popular ultra-conservative with questionable ties to the radical right.

He's a respected and experienced dom. Nothing shocks him anymore, and nobody catches him off guard. When Bayden rides up to The Dragon's Lair on a bike worth more than most men earn in a year, and immediately demonstrates that he has far more attitude than sense, it's easy for Axel to write him off as a silly little rich boy who's about to get himself killed.

Discovering Jamie had also cleaned out my bank accounts made it officially the worst day of my life. I think I can be forgiven for wanting revenge, even if a few little laws and possibly Jamie's nose got bent in the process. Hope brightens a bleak Edinburgh December. Misty Malloy.

Molly McAdams. Molly O'Hare. Monica Murphy. N Isabelle Blanco. Naima Simone. Nalini Singh. Natalie Bennett. Natalie Wrye. Natalina Reis. Natasha Knight. Natasha Madison. Natasha Preston. Nazarea Andrews. NE Henderson. Nelle L'Amour. Nicola Haken. Nicola Rendell. Nicole Blanchard. Nicole Dykes. Nicole Edwards. Nicole French.

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Before you were born, your father traded your life to secure his. He thought. My rules are simple. You will bow. You will break. You will obey. Save to Calendar Save to Google Calendar. Cruelty ran in my veins like poison. It ran in the veins of every Vitiello man, passed on from father to son, an endless spiral of monstrosity.

I was born a monster. It ran in the veins of every Vitiello man, passed. I was raised to become Capo, to rule without mercy, to dish out brutality without a second thought. Raised to break others. For as long as I can remember, Easton Crews has been off-limits. Or how close we once were. I want to hate him. I know I should hate him. Easton was never meant to be mine. Let me feel it.

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All of it. Every dirty look. Every nasty word. I will have it all before I leave. Stop hiding from me. What could go wrong? Maxima Alcado returns in another heart-pounding installment of the international bestselling Rogue Ethereal Series. A former Rogue being presented to the Fates. When I was offered a seat on the Ethereal Council, no one said anything about meeting the actual Fates. But I have to stay away. We are not. I never thought I would see her and my life would never be the same.

Everything is too complicated right now. But all I can think about is her body underneath mine. She is mine and no one else can touch her. Parker Knight was going through the motions. Opposites not only attract, they combust! In sweet, sexy. In sweet, sexy Emily Stevens and the rundown resort she runs with her father, Parker sees the chance to reclaim the life he once lost and take care of the first woman who makes him feel … everything.

No matter how good he makes her feel, in bed or out. Former Army Ranger, Ryler Dean, wants no part of this little spitfire with the long tan legs. He has no time for her drama either, no matter what his body is demanding.


Now the people closest to AJ are getting caught in the crossfire. As she seeks the truth about her past, she must decide who she can trust. What will she do?

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Where will she go? And will she live long enough to figure it all out? EL Irwin. One week. Private cabin. Famous physicist. Still an unrepentant slacker. Abram still makes her feel entirely too much, which is one of the reasons she disappeared after their one week together. But now, trapped on a mountain of snow and things unspoken, Mona will have to find a way to coexist with Abram, chaos and all. Penny Reid. With a missing father, a murderous brother, and a marriage of convenience, Becca Gatlinburg's life is one hot mess She makes a deal with the devil—a gorgeous, irreverent soldier turned PI.

The last thing Bronson Warner ever wanted was to be a groom. The second to the last thing he ever wanted was to be a dad. As Bronson strives to protect his new family, he realizes not only are their lives in danger, but so is his heart. Danger is a constant companion—and one of the few things that make him feel alive.

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But that one night is just the beginning, thrusting both of them into a dangerous web of scandal and cover-up with roots that run deeper than either of them expects. When TR becomes an unwitting pawn in a game of deception and revenge, Mac will do anything to protect her—even if it means risking his own heart. How the hell did I, the perpetual bachelor, end up accidentally married in Vegas—to my client?

I was never supposed to be married. I was never supposed to fall in love. I was never supposed to put her in danger. They have one summer before they go their separate ways. Insecurity wars with the possibility of a future together, but it could all come to an end before it even has a chance to start. Behind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction. Are you ready for Hollywood Royalty? Kellie An Oscar, a. An Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, a Grammy—she has them all. Headlining for the first time in five years. Around the world in ninety days. Should be a piece of cake.

You made it. Get off the guilt train, because I. Get off the guilt train, because I know if there was any chance you could have saved me, you would have. But you can. Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves. Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man. Who would have thought that a strange case of criminal horseplay would lead her to falling deeply, wildly in love?

If only the man who makes her heart race faster than a wild mustang would let his guard down, that is. Caleb Harper is no ordinary cowboy. Sure, he wears his hat, boots, and jeans like a second skin, and displays an easygoing charm that comes from years of working on the ranch. But with his military background, and Army buddies at his side, he is tried-and-true Texas tough. Audrey knows she can trust a man like Caleb to help her save horses. But can Caleb trust himself to resist his attraction to Audrey—or will the sparks of their desire end up getting them burned?

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Rose S. Rules of Bennett by Ember Michaels. Standalone or Series Rules of Bennett series Prequel. Blurb Here kitty, kitty, kitty…. I am Bennett Moreno, devil in the flesh. This double portrait was begun in the late summer of after the artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera divorced. As so often, Kahlo makes metaphor literal. Diego is on her mind, tattooed on her brain, locked inside her head despite all the agony of his extramarital affairs.

She cannot stop thinking about him. She wears the traditional Mexican costume he loved and a crown of leaves that seems to spread like a web, as if Kahlo was trapped in both the picture and the obsession. But that was not the end of their love. By the time the picture was finished, in , they had remarried.

When it is all over in this world, what next? The lovers in the foreground, seen embracing against what looks like a gigantic Love Heart sweet, suitably inscribed, are brought back to life in the moment of a kiss. We will see each other again and our love will never die. It might be what we all hope for… and after all, who knows?

The word spells love. But the picture is far more than a word. That lovely round O, beside the upright L and carried by the bracing E, takes on a bodily form. It swoons, it leans, its head has been turned. It flirts. It has been knocked sideways by love. The American pop artist Robert Indiana created a pure and concentrated modern pictogram with this surpassingly famous painting, lettered in the colour of love against a blue and green landscape.