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Bacon-Pecan Cheesecake Bacon Takedown Approximate Calorie Count: The Bacon Takedown spawned some pretty impressive specimens of baconery, but we've gotta hand the Grand Prize to the Bacon-Pecan Cheesecake -- it's a vanilla cheesecake that's been covered in crispy, smoky bacon, and encrusted with a mix of graham crackers and chopped brown sugar pecans. Ask your rabbi. Yep, we think that's a better usage too. They call it The Demon Delight, and it has been known to absolutely demolish a hangover or two.

Start with four scoops of Bobtail ice cream vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry , add in crumbled mini-donuts made from buttermilk batter, blend it all up, then top it generously with whipped cream, chocolate, caramel sauce, and chopped pecans. Throw a still-intact donut through the straw, and you have a masterpiece of sugary goodness.

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To wit: this soft-serve vanilla flurry topped with whiskey-soaked cherries, chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce, and a bacon brittle topping. It's perfect for satisfying the dessert-loving kid in you, while also helping you to hit your bacon and whiskey man-quotas.

Hawaiian Hot Hoppin Hots , Andersonville Approximate Calorie Count: Get transported to tropical island paradise with this hot dog from Hoppin Hots the best tropical island paradise of all , which's topped with teriyaki pork, pineapple relish, pickled red onions, crushed avocado, and Cotija cheese.

Stuff your face with plenty of these and you still might be able to gurgle out an affectionate "mahalo". Ramen, lasagna Soon buns made of bread will only be a relic you tell your grandkids about as they sit on your very large, doughy knee. As a concession to my shoulder, I have replaced the carbon fork with a Rockshox Reba suspension fork, set to 60mm of travel. And a special mention goes out to the On-One Mary bar , which has been a life-changing component.

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It is incredible: my hands no longer go to sleep, even on long rides. Respect to Brant and crew. My primary objective is to finish at all. My secondary objective is to finish fun. Here are the possible fun finish scenarios:. And because they are super-delicious. It just occurred to me, by the way, that someone should find a way to add caffeine to real watermelon. I would pay extra for caffeinated watermelon.

And when I finish, I will hustle over to the ice cream store around the corner and buy a big dish of ice cream. Nothing in the world is as delicious, post-race, as ice cream. And then a burrito. And then a cube of cheese. And then a hamburger. And then I shall take a nap. And then I will eat again. The On-One folks noticed my love of the Mary bar and are celebrating with worldwide free shipping of this bar for a limited time.

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Pretty darned cool, if you ask me. More details here.

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Comment by Jason Good luck and have fun! Comment by Jeff If I had a bike that sweet, I would probably not suck at mountain biking. Comment by justrun Comment by Anonymous Comment by cheapie Comment by UpNorth I personally vote for being the last person to cross before the 12 hour cutoff. Comment by Mark W Comment by El Animal Comment by e mcbee Comment by Cory G. Comment by dug Comment by nccycling4fun Are you riding a wheelie the whole way?

Comment by Kalidurga I wanna know how you got such beautiful grass in your yard. Can I send the landscapers that work at my condo out to CO to see your lawn? Comment by Chole Any advice? Comment by Little1 Hey i think nccycling is onto something… objective D — ride the whole thing Wheelie style. Comment by Hamish A Because — wow!

Anyhow, when you complete the Leadville in sub 9 hours I know you can do it! Have a great weekend and regardless of what happens on the course or your finishing time enjoy yourself! Comment by Swedoz Comment by Jake Hey Eldon — I hope you have fun in Leadville with the new bike and all the old friends.

Wish I could be there. Oh yeah, please be sure to say hello to Floyd and Lance for me :- Best of luck!

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Comment by Rachel J Hey, you forgot to mention that Lance Armstrong is going to be there. Comment by peter Comment by fatty Comment by jasper9 The Lance vs Weins throwdown should be sahweeeet. Comment by chtrich Comment by Donald Sweet Bike Fatty. Have a Great Race. Comment by KanyonKris Comment by Clint Comment by SyracuseStu What about soaking watermelon bites overnight in flat Mountain Dew? You know…like they do for frat partys but without the vodka. Comment by Mike I thought you were my height I ride Is that a singlespeed thing?

More leverage? Comment by Rick S. Elden, I predict you will post your fastest time ever. It gives you wings.

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Comment by Charlie I may be either sprinting the finish to move up to th place or to make it before the shot gun blast. Comment by regina I hope you come back with a story of how Lance came up to you and gave you a big hug. Now get out there and crush it! Comment by bikesgonewild Comment by Clydesteve So, one flavor and type of one JPF for the entire race, huh?

I thought you already tried that plan. Do not take some wild cherry Shot Bloks or some caffenated tangerine gels or something, you know, just in case. This is science, and if you change two things or three things, like salt content, flavor and JPF form, the science is invalid. Comment by Mike from Melbourne Comment by leroy Comment by Lifesgreat Comment by A in B OoooOOoo… I used to be so in love with Mary. Now I love my Ergons, but Mary went to a good home.

Comment by M2 All the best for a fabulous, fun-filled ride Fatty! Comment by Paul Comment by BigMike in Marietta Comment by KM Good luck at Leadville, and good luck! Comment by Jaime O. Comment by CellPhoneGuy Nice ride!! Gotta agree on the Mary bars. A friend of mine had them on his bikes, and I pointed and openly laughed at him for having those rediculous looking bars on his bikes.

He grew tired of the comments and let me take his bike for a spin, and I was sold on them within the first 20 feet.