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Jill, a housewife with two young boys, thinks she is happy with her life and very much in love with her husband Erik, a high school teacher. An unfortunate incident at his high school forces Jill and Erik to make necessary adjustments to their life. Claire, the youngest, is a medical resident who has a tough time going through the demanding residency program, especially the ICU rotation. Patients love her, but her attending considers her too soft and hesitant in her decisions.

Will Claire convince the severe Dr. What about the mysterious neighbor who crosses her path so often? Welcome again to life in the city of Seattle, the real main character in this series. The Sheriff 's Story. Just when he decides to leave Laramie, Wyoming, he falls in love with… a house and sixteen acres of land on the outskirts of town, and buys it immediately. Then he meets a seven year old boy who is fending for himself and his little dog the best he can.

The granddaughter of some retired ranchers, friends of TJ, needs a better social life. Could the sheriff ask her on a date, please? Veterinarian Iris Richardson comes back to Laramie, Wyoming to live with her grandparents who raised her. She works as an associate doctor at the Maitland Veterinary Clinic. Her calm, self-assured personality hides a deeply hurt, broken heart inside.

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The Deputy 's Story. He finds a picture of a beautiful woman and keeps it on his nightstand. When he meets the real Laura he is charmed by her and wants to know her better. Meanwhile, what he thought to be an easy job in a peaceful town, turns dangerous with the return of the outlaw Coyote, wanted for arson. Mysterious fires at midnight keep ranchers and the sheriff on edge. Laura Delaney is back in Laramie, Wyoming to work as a pediatric nurse at the hospital. Her past as a battered wife at the hands of an abusive man has made her wary of men. She likes the new Deputy Sheriff very much.

He is very gentle and wonderful with her six year old son, Joey. Could she get over her fear and give the handsome deputy a chance? On his way to Texas he decides to stop in Laramie, Wyoming to see his younger brother, Jack who is sheriff here. The beautiful country, the friendly people and an enchanted place convince him to settle here. Minnie Gardner is a poor nineteen year old girl working at a truck stop off the highway. When Dane McRavy saves her from her cruel father and drunken brothers and offers her shelter at his ranch, Minnie is very grateful to him.

Or perhaps she feels more for him. Emma Sanders comes home from Denver only to be surprised naked in the bathtub by a stranger. Emma cries out in fear, not knowing that her father had invited Dane to live with them until his house is built. In time, when she gets to know him, her feelings change. Could Emma convince Dane that her feelings are real?

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And what about Minnie? Also, is there a treasure in the canyon as the legend claims or is it only a story fabricated by generations of fancy minds? And if the treasure is real, who will get to it first? Tom 's Story. After his longtime girlfriend marries another man, Tom Gorman, owner of a large ranch in southeastern Wyoming, thinks there will never be a happy ending for him. Working on his ranch and taking care of his two siblings becomes his life. As a favor to an old friend, he invites a young widow with her two little boys to stay at his ranch.

Lottie Donovan grew up as an orphan raised in foster care, and she has been alone for most of her life. Now at thirty years of age, she is alone again after her husband Wyatt, a police officer, is killed during a bank robbery. She struggles to take care of her two boys from her income as a schoolteacher.

When her house sells faster than she expected, she has no place to live.

The Railway Series

Tom Gorman offers her temporary shelter at his ranch and Lottie wants to pay him back by transforming his house into a home and making his family happy. The approaching Christmas celebration is a great opportunity to bring his family together. If only she could ignore the attraction she has felt for Tom ever since they were in high school when Tom was the high school quarterback.

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Lottie was secretly in love with him then, while Tom had eyes only for his beautiful girlfriend Faith Parker. Will the magic of Christmas bring together these two lonely people who are so much in need of true love? Brianna 's Story. Brianna Gorman wanted to be a rancher ever since she was a little girl.

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  • She rides better than many cowboys and she is trusted by her older brother Tom with all the aspects of their ranching business. His will left her only money. What else can she do but to continue to work on the ranch that now belongs to her brother. She has no place to call her own. Virgil Townsend is a homely cowboy with not much to his name. He ran away from home at twelve to escape his abusive stepfather.

    Secretly in love with Brianna from the first moment he saw her, he goes to work at the Diamond G Ranch to be near her. Can a mysterious visitor for Christmas change all the misunderstandings and bring together two people that were meant for each other? Chris' Story - Available Now. Chris Gorman has grown up like a gipsy, moving with his mother from place to place. When at last she confesses who his father is, it is too late for Chris to meet him.

    His father died without knowing that he had another son. His brother Tom takes him in and welcomes him into the family. Not having any other home, Chris decides to stay at the ranch. He is good with the horses despite his disability, having almost no hearing at all. Accustomed to men fawning over her, she is surprised by the distant manner of the deaf wrangler. He assesses her with cool eyes, almost with disdain. Desiring to see wild mustangs, Karilyn leaves for the wilderness on a bright, sunny morning. When a blizzard strikes unexpectedly, Chris goes to find her. Or is it a second chance?

    Alexandra's Story - Available Now. This is a contemporary romance, Book 1 of Virginia Lovers series. Alexandra Stewart leads a happy life with her husband, thoracic surgeon Dr. Her life changes when her husband moves out and she is served the divorce papers. Distressed and not knowing what to do, Alexandra moves back home and finds solace in the wonderful garden tended by her Aunt Loretta. April in Virginia, with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the garden a paradise of colors and fragrances, gives her comfort and healing.

    And the handsome landscaper who rebuilds the gazebo is not too bad to look at. Eight years later, life is much better. His brothers have grown up and his business is thriving. Brad always admired Alexandra from afar and now that she moved back home, he gets to know her better. Is Alexandra going to let herself be persuaded that their love is the real, forever kind, despite her doubts and the age difference between them?

    Ariel's Story - Available Now. This is a contemporary romance, Book 2 of Virginia Lovers series. Successful architect, Ariel Stewart anticipates an enjoyable vacation with her family in Northern Virginia and on the shores of the ocean at Virginia Beach, before packing her bags and leaving for a longer project in Europe. She has the shock of her life when the daughter she gave up for adoption fourteen years ago, shows up at her door. Forced by the circumstances, Ariel takes Mellie with her, and her carefully planned vacation is turned upside down. Kyle Fergusson lives like a recluse with only his dog for company since he was released from prison five years ago.

    None of the audits could pin embezzlement on him, but he was found guilty nevertheless. Now, all he wants is to be left in peace. Lulu 's Story - Available Now. Unlike her sisters, Louise Stewart had not been successful at anything she had tried in her life; several career paths abandoned and several boyfriends that had abandoned her. Yet Lulu plods through life with courage, joking, laughing, and mostly hiding her hurt.

    She also hides a big secret. When she was sixteen, her Christmas wish was that Aeneas would see her all grown up, and not the pesky kid sister of his girlfriend, tagging along when all he wanted was a little privacy to steal a kiss from Alexandra. She also wished to find true love. Aeneas Foster, renowned photojournalist, comes home to Northern Virginia to take a break from facing perils in all the dangerous places on the globe and to write a book about his travels thinking his old girlfriend, the beautiful Alexandra, is recently divorced and in need of comfort.

    27 Christmas Books for Adults to Read This Holiday Season

    Unfortunately, he finds Alexandra remarried and his eyes turn more toward her sister, the lively Lulu with her laughing eyes and enchanting voice. Liam Hennessy is a wealthy businessman, a developer involved in politics, an active presence on the Washington DC political and social scene. Accustomed to the glamorous women of his world, he is taken by surprise by the spontaneous, natural Lulu. What starts as a simple act of helping a friend, develops into strong feelings of love and passion. Will the magic of Christmas bring true love to her and make an old wish come true?

    This is a contemporary western romance. Romance writer Annabelle Lacroix from New York City decides to travel to Wyoming to research the history of the American West for her next book, to meet people and see places, to experience the spirit of the west. She is also motivated by an image of a cowboy from a box with old pictures. The image started coming into her dreams beckoning her to come to Wyoming. Lance Maitland, owner of a small ranch north of Laramie, left to him by his uncle Erik, is struggling to manage the spread, despite being estranged from his family and plagued by cattle rustlers.

    Coming home from Laramie, Lance finds Annie just when a storm is brewing and he offers her shelter at his house. Landed in the middle of a family feud, supporting Lance and his ranch hands in their fight against cattle rustlers and arsonists, Annie gets to know better and fall in love with this honest cowboy, with mesmerizing aqua-blue eyes, and this rough but beautiful land. She helps heal a dysfunctional family, wounded by old misunderstandings and of course discovers the identity of the mysterious cowboy from the old picture.

    Tristan's Story. Veterinarian Tristan Maitland lives a quiet life with his son Zach in Laramie, Wyoming, close to his family ranch. He made peace with his two brothers and the father that had adopted him when he was four years old, and moved into a great house together with his son Zach and their household of assorted animals.

    Raul 's Story. Two years ago, Raul Maitland changed overnight from a poor cowboy into a respected, wealthy rancher. This change brought him satisfaction and happiness, but also he felt profound grief and disappointment when the woman he loved left him for another man. After spending Thanksgiving with his family, December 1 st finds him in Cheyenne for a business meeting. The town is preparing for the Christmas celebration and everywhere he turns there are ornaments, lights, and traditional merry songs.

    In an old tavern where he enters to have a bite for lunch, he has an unexpected encounter with Faith Parker, the sister of the woman he loved, a very beautiful, but proud and conceited woman. Or so he remembered. Two years ago, Cassandra Faith Parker, confident in her beauty and talent, left her family home at a ranch near Laramie, Wyoming to go to New York City to achieve her life dream, to be a singer on Broadway. Meeting Raul, a man from her past she had treated with disdain, makes her none too happy.

    In the middle of the joyous Christmas holidays, and a winter storm, Raul and Faith learn a few things about each other and discover that love and passion can be unexpected and healing. This is a western contemporary romance, 2 nd edition, rewritten and revised. Successful Boston attorney Christy McKinley has her routine life interrupted when unexpected events force her to take a leave of absence from work and fly to Colorado to find her two-year-old stepbrother, Matthew.

    Rugged rancher Jared Reed finds himself in charge of a failing ranch and his two-year-old nephew when his brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident. My mother is from Sweden also Finnish and even though me and my siblings never learnt the language we were surrounded by the rich culture and the music.

    Around Christmas every year we bake Swedish food and listen to Christmas, I think my mother actually has this record haha. Attack of the Nordic people… Yet another Swedish-speaking reader here though Finnish by nationality and part of the minority Jenni mentioned. Thanks for the file, I will listen to it soon! Thanks so much for posting this — Such a great album and cover. I just saw this in a charity-shop the other day in Sweden. This is my favorite Christmas album ever. When my parents were first married they lived in Goteborg and as a result loved all things Swedish. Growing up in NY I was the only kid who listened to this.

    I was allowed to load it on the record player with much care. Now living in New Zealand I can enjoy it still thanks to your upload. Anna, I was record hunting yesterday and—lo and behold! I think I even let out a little shriek of delight, having recognized it from your post. There is a CD out but the cover is all in Swedish. In the first song I hear: Yully yully yen….

    Thanks and Merry Christmas from Germany. Door Sixteen is a hate-free, drama-free, spam-free zone. Open dialogue is welcome, but comments designed to harm or deceive will be removed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My Society6 Shop. December 6, God Jul! Previous Post Next Post. April 9, March 26, Vanilla-lemon cake with coconut cream cheese frosting.

    March 29, Reply Lindsay December 6, at pm Aww! God Jul to you too! Reply Courtney December 6, at pm Thanks for reposting! Reply Kristina December 6, at pm I love this! Reply Amanda J. December 6, at pm Thank you for sharing! Reply Vanessa December 6, at pm I am indeed a Swede, so these songs make me feel all warm and fuzzy and Christmassy inside.

    Reply Gina December 6, at pm Thanks Anna, this made my day. Am listening to right now! Reply Kati so happy home December 6, at pm Thank you for sharing another bit of your childhood… I ended up buying the Moomin books for my niece upon your recommendation still not sure if she appreciates them — time will tell. Reply Mieze December 6, at pm Yay! Reply Amy December 6, at pm Sweden really knocks it out of the park with Christmas traditions and music.

    Reply Dori December 6, at pm I downloaded this last year and loved listening to it! Reply Andrew Hughes December 6, at pm Ahhhh. Reply Andreas December 18, at am Hahaha! Reply amy h December 6, at pm I downloaded this, but as soon as I started listening, I knew where I had heard the beginning of the first song before. Reply guildencrantz December 6, at pm How fun! Thank you! Reply Anna twelve22 December 6, at pm Yay! Reply Anna D16 December 7, at pm Oh, excellent!

    A Very Crappy Christmas

    I wish I had a backup copy of the record. Reply Scott December 7, at am Could somebody be so kind as to host the zip file somewhere else? Reply Anna D16 December 7, at pm Oh, how fun!! Reply Sara December 7, at pm Is it bad that all I can think looking at this post is that your house seems so clean! Reply Gladys December 7, at pm I luv it! Thank you Anna for this original gift. Merry Xmas to you 4. Reply Megan December 8, at am Thanks for making this available! Reply Jenni December 8, at am Ooh, very nice! Reply Leanna December 8, at pm Thank you so much for posting this.

    Reply Niko December 9, at pm I think this just made my Christmas. Reply Gabriella December 10, at pm Thank you so much!!!