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One person who was my soulmate. One person who could love me. I think the belief was formed by some concoction of Disney movies, religion, and American culture. I was afraid I would be alone. Self-love is the work we have to do ourselves.

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No one else can give us that gift, no matter how young we happen to be. Into my third decade of life I did the deep work that led me to discover what it actually meant to love myself. My life transformed in so many incredible ways, and then I no longer worried about whether there was someone out there who would love me. I knew I was lovable, and by more than one person. At some later point I met a man. I liked him, but there were some red flags.

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He was a bit flaky, and he lacked the ability to communicate maturely. I was about to walk away, and then suddenly everything changed. The red flags turned green, and we pranced off into the moonlight. That red lack-of-communication flag never really turned green. Nothing had actually changed. He just hid who he really was until he felt suffocated and invisible.

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After almost a year of living like this he left me with no warning. For a long time I felt so much pain that my entire being melted into sorrow. I fell into a deep depression and reached out to a spiritual teacher who wrote me this:. Please do not indulge any thought that attacks yourself or even your ex-boyfriend. Grief is healthy and it is healing. I spent a lot of time in bed feeling my pain, crying, and thinking.

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This was a man who I was building a life with. This was a man I opened my whole heart to. And then he swiftly took it all away. As I lay in bed for days with a churning mind the stories began to surface in whispers:. Related Stories. When you first start dating someone new, you might have sex all the time. In , an essay in the New Yorker titled "Cat Person" went viral, because it spoke to the issues of bad sex, consent, and dating that so many people.

The Best Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Sex on the beach might be a tasty cocktail, a common fantasy, and a staple of romantic movies. In reality, there are a few logistics to plan for. You need. From fashion to beauty to home, it seems like our favorite way to celebrate America's birthday is by getting our shop on. Call it our way of stimulating. Symptoms may include difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, sadness, apathy, hopelessness and sometimes even loss of the will to live.

The heartbroken often struggle with feelings of powerlessness; frustration that it's not within their control to make things the way they want. Many internalize the rejection of a break-up to mean that they are somehow not worthy, not capable of a sustaining relationship, or not lovable on a deeper level. This self-loathing can take root and cause a pessimistic view of the future, igniting panic and despair that love may never be found again.

Many people seek therapy to remedy a broken heart. In treatment, we try to understand and analyze our love relationships. Are we recreating old patterns? Filling a void? Addicted to love? Seeking ego validation? Or maybe we are just human and subject to the forces of love. Recovery from heartbreak is much like processing grief, so we go through the following stages:. In my practice, I have counseled hundreds through the depths of the depression that accompanies heartbreak.

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  7. I recommend the following:. Just because it didn't last doesn't mean it wasn't real or true. You're not crazy, foolish, wrong or delusional. Love is a blessing even if it ends painfully, for heartbreak bears great wisdom.

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    Eckhart Tolle says, "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. Don't ruminate about the past or second guess your actions. Don't worry about the future. Will that relationship be better?