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Midnight Eyes

This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Hellbent and crazed, she's not done for the night Give her dreams, and she'll fill them with fright Prayers and tears never did you much good She'll haunt you till dying feels right Suicide dreams Forcing you down on your knees Suicide dreams Plaguing you like a disease Midnight eyes Kill the light Dead on arrival, your pleas stood no chance You were the prize in her twisted romance You can't shake your animal instincts at all Begging for more, the further you fall Suicide dreams Forcing you down on your knees Suicide dreams Plaguing you like a disease Midnight eyes Kill the light She's got your fire burning But you just can't feel the flames She's got your wheels a-turnin' But you're clueless to her game Kill the Light.

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With the help of the darkly handsome, enigmatic Director of Tourism Talat Fazzim, she feels guaranteed to succeed. Yet when his magnetic charms overpower her, she finds no guarantee in his caresses.

Talat is wary of American career women, and Noble has her own prejudices about Egyptian men. Can their passion break through the bounds of their cultures?


This title is included in Audible Escape. By: Deborah Camp. Narrated by: Piper Goodeve.

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