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I can then find interesting textures and resample. Its great for creative purposes and finding happy accidents, and also live improv. All i was asking was whether it was possible to negate the need for pickup machines altogether and overdub multiple takes directly onto a flex recording buffer.

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This would mean i can free up a couple of tracks for thru machines for a vocal mic, guitar etc etc on Part 1. Ive not yet found a way to do it without pickup machines, and i think the suggestions above may be getting wires crossed. Also mate…yes if you could post the steps that would be great. Im always looking for more techniques.

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Next step is to get fluent enough to live improv something on the fly! Here is a walkthrough:.

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In this example that will be track 7, but any free track can be set up for doing this. Nobody is playing it so it just sits there waiting…. You should hear it burnt into the sample the next time it loops.

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To be honest, for my style i think its simpler to just use pickup machines. Been having decent success with it.

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Flex overdub? Elektron Gear.

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Is this possible? Nah I understand you can record multiple inputs at once. Cheers guys.

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So what is overdubbing? Additional recorded sound that is blended into a musical recording: instrumental overdubs. Mentioned in?

References in periodicals archive? Formed in by by guitarist Kawabata Makato, the original intention was to record loops and overdubs to create "extreme trip" music.

Getting Into the Process

They are the same basic recordings with new vocals and overdubs then remixed. On that note, Schmitt seems to relish novel challenges, whether its Dylan's microphobia or his last album with Young, "Storytone," which Schmitt recorded live, sans overdubs , alongside a piece orchestra and a voice choir. Fixed in the mix: master record engineer and producer Al Schmitt has spent six decades keeping the music business in tune. Rock of Ages. A few days later, they called to say they wanted myself and my husband, Brian Amador, a fellow bilingual voice actor, to also overdub the female and male voices in their weekly L'Oreal industrial podcasts into English, in addition to the occasional Spanish overdubs.

He went on to develop tape echo, multitrack recording and overdubs. Music legend Les Paul gets hometown honor. Much of what you will hear on this song was recorded that same day, with a few overdubs and tweaks the following day.