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The book presents guidelines to visiting 42 different volcanoes around the world. Pompeii - the Roman city buried by Vesuvius' ashes In 79 A. The most famous of it is Pompeii, which has been excavated during the past centuries.

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In the post-eruption sequences - chillingly, viscerally described - the novelist makes explicit this implied connection with September "The further he went the more clogged the road became, and the more pitiful the state of the fleeing population. Most were coated in a thick grey dust, their hair frosted.

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More provocatively, given the importance of the US market to thriller sales, Harris also, through the use of a triumphalist epigraph from Tom Wolfe about American superiority, invites a comparison between the Roman empire's journey from smugness to destruction and imperial Washington DC. Gore Vidal has often made the same point, but he is not writing populist thrillers.

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For British readers, there's another - and rather charming - code buried in the prose. Some aspects of the characterisation of Pliny the Elder seemed curiously familiar: a tubby, sweaty man given to elaborate courtesies which may contain a feline twist, someone who wipes his face with a napkin and then inspects the cloth "as if it might contain some vital clue". The model here was surely Harris's friend Roy Jenkins, a more recent example of a man who combined a brilliant literary output with high political office. As the Roman novels of the crime writers Lindsey Davis and Steven Saylor have shown, the principal difficulties in writing modern novels about the ancient world are nomenclature and dialogue.

Once characters start having to address each other as "Glutinus Maximus" and so on, the ghostly sniggers of Frankie Howerd and Monty Python start echoing round the spa baths.

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Harris allows his Romans the occasional "By Jupiter! It has enjoyed great success and beeen translated into many languages and is popular with readers of all ages. Kimselius skilfully brings the history of Pompeii to life and takes the readers on a thrilling journey back in time.

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It's a book you won't want to put down! Here at last! The much longed-for new edition of Kim M. Kimselius's success "Back to Pompeii", her blockbuster debut of Christmas An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.

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Buy the book here. This is the casting of Primus' dog.

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In "Back to Pompeii" this dog is called Pluto and he plays a central part in the book. After seeing this cast, Kim decided that the dog should be rescued.

That is why she wrote "Back to Pompeii".