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He is the principal and needs to be professional and bringing God voluntarily into schools is a no no to nonbelievers. So when all seems lost the name Luke Baxter comes to mind and Luke is determined to help Wendell but this suit will be an uphill battle and one they possibly wont be able to win.

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I adored this! Oct 12, Judy Collins rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read-in , karen-kingsbury , christian , releases , netgalley-arc. Review to follow. Which means the kids at Hamilton High have a choice to pursue the Christian faith Apparently they are all standalone books. Wendell Quinn, public hi "The Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion. Wendell Quinn, public high school principal, is sued for starting an after-school Bible study called Raise the Bar. Because of Raise the Bar, Wendell lost the love of his life, but he refuses to stop the program.

Hamilton High has seen a dramatic decrease in drug abuse, violence, and teen pregnancies since the afternoon Bible Studies began. The lawsuit threatens to put an end to Raise the Bar and all the favourable results. Luke Baxter, a lawyer specializing in religious freedom cases, takes on the fight of his life when he agrees to be Wendell Quinn's lawyer.

The fight is about more than statistics, better student life and improved test scores. It is about religious liberty and protecting faith, family and freedom. IN THIS MOMENT is an inspiring, relevant story about the nuances of religious freedom, the cost of the fight, and how a group of determined people might restore the meaning of faith in today's culture. Sep 16, Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , baxter-family. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review so I honestly loved this book. This one was a great new edition addressing a controversial issue in today's society.

How should one address God in public? Karen Kingsbury answers that question with a captivating story that fans are going to love. I really liked this one and will be lookin I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review so I really liked this one and will be looking forward to her next book in the Baxter series.

I recommend this book for all readers Feb 20, Enrique Alvarez rated it it was amazing. I loved the story. It took me back to my grammar school days. When I was in the third grade we had after class Bible study, we were lead to one of the volunteers home for 45 minutes we pray and talked about the bible stories. We were returned to the school and our parents would pick us up. I miss those days!!

Sep 29, Karen rated it liked it. I have worked my way through the entire something books in the Baxter series this year with anticipation of getting to this one.

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Only to be disappointed. The story felt forced and feature too little Baxter family. It seemed like such a let down after enjoying the early years of this series. May 08, Sarah Bailey rated it it was ok Shelves: reading-challenge , christianity , library-ebook , christian-life , christian-romance , christian-fiction.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really wanted to enjoy this book but it was mainly me just wanting to finish it and mark it as read. The description piqued my interest but as I kept reading, I felt like it was just a fairy tale, with everything just so sickeningly sweet.

I hate to say that because I've enjoyed other Karen Kingsbury books but this one just left a bad taste in my mouth. To begin with most principals and teachers won't date or be allowed to date, of course Alicia transfers to another school but only because she I really wanted to enjoy this book but it was mainly me just wanting to finish it and mark it as read.

To begin with most principals and teachers won't date or be allowed to date, of course Alicia transfers to another school but only because she fear repercussions to her career if she stands behind Wendell and his Bible study. When the Bible study starts, student Cami, who hates Christianity goes so she can get facts to use against him, instead she immediately gives her life to Christ.

Fast forward, students begin giving their lives to Christ which I'm not knocking and is fantastic! As a Christian and reader of the Bible, Christ tells us we're going to have trouble, being a Christian isn't all rainbows and sunshine.

Ask me, I'm a Christian and became a widow with three children at 36 years old. This book though just has everything going well for all the Christian characters, well except for the young man who is killed in a gang fight, but of course he's in Heaven because he was baptized a few weeks before. Alicia's anxiety is suddenly cured and she goes off her medication - as a social worker and someone who has worked in the mental health field and also deals with anxiety - anxiety is rarely cured as efficiently and quickly as Alicia's was in the book.

Wendell wins the lawsuit brought against him because the dad who brought it also has a come to Jesus moment and realizes that not all Christians are like his ex-wife who cheats with a man she meets at church and leaves her family - but only after attempting suicide by sleeping pills. Even Luke Baxter who is spending too much time at the office is 'cured' of his workaholic attitude by his wife throwing him a surprise birthday party. I felt this book had a lot that could have been more fleshed out but fell flat and almost like I had walked into a sermon with a lot of politics thrown in.

May 15, Bekah rated it it was amazing Shelves: booksreadin This was yet another fantastic book written by Karen Kingsbury. This book definitely did not disappoint. What I Liked: This author's characters are always so well developed. I love every single one that I'm supposed to like and I always love the message of redemption that seems to underlie all of her books regardless of what the main message is in the story.

Okay, one my favorite parts of the story was from Reagan's, Luke's wife point of view. Her POV wasn't the biggest part of the story by any means, but I can't tell you how refreshing it was for me to read about a wife who chose to love her husband when she had opportunities to justifiably say something when his work schedule became too much and she felt he was neglecting his family. Reagan chose the higher road to love her husband through that season and trusted that God would convict her husband. That was so encouraging to see.

Now, on to the main focus in this story. Wendell Quinn is facing a lawsuit against his leading a voluntary Bible study program in a public school. I really enjoyed how this character always strove to believe and trust in God and choose the positive. He was willing to count the cost of what would happen if he tried to raise the bar for the students in his school and it was quite neat to see his faith in action.

Luke Baxter. I so enjoyed getting to read a story from his POV, as well. He followed what he felt the Lord would have him do.

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I also appreciate how this author portrayed his tender heart for his family and how he tried to become a better husband and father. So as not to spoil anything in the story, I will just say what bumped this story up to 5 stars for me was how well Luke represented Wendell Quinn in the trial and how Luke kept his focus and trust on the Lord, not himself.

He didn't take any glory for any victories he experienced. He was always looking up to the Lord. Alicia Harris, Jordy, Wendell's son and Cami were all very relatable characters and were very well written. I liked how they grew in their faith throughout the story. The story with Cami's father was also very interesting and turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the story toward the end.

I give this book 5 stars for another excellently told story by Karen Kingsbury with a strong Christian message. I applaud this author for boldly taking a stand on God's Word. Dec 04, Angela rated it really liked it. Quinn is a public school principal, and he is questioned over and over when he decides to host a voluntary Bible study after school in order to provide some structure and direction to his students.

His reputation is at stake, his relationships are threatened, and his job is on the line. I also liked the juxtaposition of the different types of dads and their relationships with their children. Quinn was a true protagonist, meeting with conflict throughout the story and accumulating secondary characters along the way who either helped or hindered his cause.

Apr 24, Pamela rated it liked it. How far would you go to protect your religious rights and the rights of others? Wendell Quinn is a high school principal in a high school where gang violence, low test scores and teen pregnancy are rampant. Within a year, statistics show that improvement is being made one student at a time.

Wendell is defen How far would you go to protect your religious rights and the rights of others? Wendell is defended by a young lawyer whose family is well rooted in the Christian faith. Interesting look at the Second Amendment interpretation. How true! Jan 05, Audrey rated it it was amazing. Hamilton High was at an all time low. Suicide, drugs, gangs, and teenage pregnancy was continuing to grow. Principal Wendell Quinn was desperate to change his student's lives.

He formed a voluntary after school club which he named Raising the Bar. There he introduced his students to God, prayer, and the Bible. Within a year the school made miraculous changes for the better. However, one irate parent was furious and decided to sue Quinn.

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Wendell hired Luke Baxter, a religious freedom fighter, as Hamilton High was at an all time low. Wendell hired Luke Baxter, a religious freedom fighter, as his lawyer to defend him. This book gave me much to think about. Teens are longing for more than what society today can offer. The world desperately needs Christ. Persecution and intolerance of Christianity is on the rise. It is extremely important to pray so we can continue to have religious freedom. This book was also a terrific reminder that God is always in control no matter how difficult our circumstances are.

Jan 12, Cathy rated it really liked it. I have been a KK fan ever since I read the first Baxter books 17 years ago. I read the mixed reviews about this book and was concerned if I would enjoy it I Did! It is more a book about religious freedom than a romance I loved seeing Luke Baxter as a freedom fighter attorney. The Baxters are not the central characters in this book, they are more support roles. Wendell is an amazing, strong and godly man.

A widower raising 4 children. I loved reading about his oldest son Jordy.

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Wendell did have a love interest and there was romance in this book both Wendell and Jordy but it was more about the fight for religious freedom. Highly recommend!! Jan 11, Ruby rated it it was amazing. This was a fabulous book with themes from racism, religious freedom, and faithfulness of God. I challenge any Christian to read this book, especially those teachers in public school.

It was one of best Church vs. State books I have read. If you enjoyed the new God's not Dead 2, this should be your next read. Mar 28, Joyce rated it really liked it. A story about religion in school and how people react to it. In one year the school made great strides in all records to Improve. This book is well written and contains a lot of Christian principles with hope and faith as its center. You will love the characters and the A story about religion in school and how people react to it.

You will love the characters and the Baxter Family. Aug 26, Laura rated it liked it. I enjoyed the characters--both Wendell Quinn and catching up with the Baxters. I've worked in education 16 years, so I found several things unrealistic, but overall, it was a quick read on an interesting topic.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own. View 1 comment. Jan 07, Randy Tramp rated it it was amazing. Then he's hit with a lawsuit. A national storm rage. Battle or shut down the program? Luke Baxter, a lawyer, joins the fight. I love anything to do with the Baxters. Add Wendell Quinn and this makes a great story. I was glued to the book from the beginning to the end. It gave me hope for this nation. Points were raised. The defense was given, nothing less than genius. Aug 25, Amy rated it really liked it. In This Moment Baxter Family 2 is a beautiful, inspiring story.

Liked it a lot! Loved it I loved this book. I cried through parts of it. Well worth it and plan to read more of her books. Great Read! Nov 21, Dana rated it really liked it. This was a quick and easy book to read, although not my favorite Baxter story. I can see that it is relevant in current times. The writing wasn't quite what I expected as I found a couple of inconsistencies and also too much repetition with the story of Wendell and Alicia and her past relationship with Jack.

Dec 04, Jaime rated it did not like it Shelves: adult. I am not at all impressed with this book. Luke Baxter and his family are minor characters at best. If you're looking for a Baxter Family book, skip it. If you're looking for a Kingsbury book, still skip it. We slowed down the groove a little bit. Guitars shiver and shake as the frontwoman delivers an undeniable refrain. When I was younger, I felt guilty for thinking of these things. He jumped right on it. We did our own interpretation and made it a little more sinister like our ritual.

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