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He also participated in the Conference of Restoration Elders, which was developed into a study group to review what could be done to help Saints worship using the traditional beliefs and doctrines. After 2. Then came the meeting at Carthage, MO. Wallace Smith who was 24 years younger than Israel A. He took office on Oct. He was 58 years old. He was born on Nov. In the family moved to West Short Street in Independence.

He graduated from the Univ. He joined the Quorum of 12 on April 7, and served as Counselor to Israel from April 2, until he was set apart on October 6, I read from the small book called: The Life and Service of W. Wallace Smith in Retrospect. Wikipedia described the church era as one of growth especially in Africa, Latin America, and the Far East, with vigorous efforts in ecumenism, liberalism, and internationalization. We spent the rest of the class time in discussion regarding those terms. All of this created a progressive trend in the church and that included the changing of the name of the church.

Wallace Smith becomes the first president to retire from the office as he then turned over the leadership of the church to his son Wallace B. Smith in Smith, His call, leadership and tragic death. By Norma Derry Hiles. He announced to the assembled group of colleagues that at a. Smith had suffered a heart attack. Smith had died at a. Israel A. Smith was born Feb. They moved to Lamoni in and to Independence in He had serving as Fred M. The Korean war from to The Vietnam conflict We discussed a little of this history and focused on how the people felt throughout those troubled times.

April 29, , Monday, Class 29, Lesson Frederick Madison Smith — His leadership during the great depression and his views on a social religion. A call to gather to Zion. Frederick M. Smith: Born Jan. Moved to Lamoni in Died, March 20, Emma Josepha Smith; lived to be Evelyn Rebecca Smith; , lived 38 weeks. Carrie Lucinda; , lived to be Zaida Viola; , lived to be Joseph Arthur; , lived 7 months.

David Carlos,, live to be Frederick Madison Freddie , , lived to be Israel Alexander, , live to be Kenneth, , lived one day. Bertha Azuba, , lived 5 years. Hale Washington, , lived 75 years. Blossom, , lived one day. Lucy Yeteve, , lived to be William Wallace, , lived 88 years. Richard Clark, Reginald Archre, I looked at this to discuss how F. Smith was the oldest living son when his father died. Lois married Edward J. Frederick N. Larsen was one of the children. Larsen and Mary Louise Malott have 5 children. He was set apart as the prophet of the church, April 8, Smith was very busy even while helping his father run the church as shown by the schools he attended: educated at Iowa City Academy, , University of Iowa, , B.

And PH. He studied philosophy and economics. We read through some of the key points in The Story of the Church beginning on page The question is asked, what were the people dealing with and what ministry was needed to help them through them. Other historical events: , Galveston Texas Hurricane leaving killed, , 1 st Rose Bowl, , 1 st modern world series, , Orville and Wilbur Wright, , Boy Scouts, Germany invades Poland, Pearl Harbor, , Nagasaki.

I then turned to the book: F. Smith Saint as Reformer. Volume 1, page , to help us understand what he wanted for not only the church, but for all society;. No Christian, well within the spiritual influence of the genius of his religion, can be happy in the midst of luxury as long as the knowledge remains that others have not the necessities of life. Salvation of the individual is impossible without the more abundant life which flows only from the purest, richest, highest, and noblest social life. Other statements in the book were not presented due to the lack of time.

Page not condensating to the wisdom of the masses. Page on his young life, and a profile on page Lamoni, The move from Lamoni to Independence. I began reading the chapter allowed to the class and read up to the comment the author makes about Order Number Eleven. The order came because of the guerrilla warfare taking place around the western Missouri border and Kansas. It was issued on August 25, and affected the counties of Jackson, Cass, Bates, and northern Vernon counties, excluding non-rural areas which were controlled by Union troops.

I suggest that the student go to the web page and review the situation which caused many deaths and struggles along the border line between the slave state of Missouri and the free state of Kansas. I believe that Davis author of our text was comparing the struggle and quick removal of the Saints from Jackson County to the quick removal of the southern families from the area.

We discussed the conditions and the strive such an evacuation causes. I noted a couple of other historical facts: Independence was founded in Kansas City was founded in One of the students noted how Kansas City was still very much a cow-town due to the stock yards and frontier atmosphere of the area. We also considered how much the area had changed since the expulsion of the saints from Independence.

We then skipped down to the bottom of page through and read of how Joseph Smith found the city of Independence. The author mentions some of the church factions found in the area, some of which we had not heard about Framptonite and Morrisite. The text mentions the Independence Branch in early Independence and the Stone Church, along with descriptions of the area and the church.

We moved forward into the chapter on Frederick M. Smith because the first part discusses the last days of Joseph the III and the transition to the next prophet page and It gives an account of how much the world changed from the birth of young Joseph until his death. This, I sure, affected how he saw his presidency and how he dealt with the problems that the church had. Our next lesson will take up Frederick M.

Handling the church comprised of different factions being brought back together in the faith. Graceland College established. Conference action calls for the Inspired Version to be printed. Membership of the church grows. Note: The start of the Civil War: How might this event have changed the beginning of the church especially if the church was in a southern area or even Independence? The church is still cautious about moving to Independence. The last section discusses the calling of the Quorum of 12 by revelation and the belief that God will still reveal himself or communicate his will to his people.

Page discusses the desire to gather and the Order of Enoch which develops around what will become Lamoni. This begins the discussion on how the church of young Joseph was seen compared to how people saw his father. We read a couple of statements by the local newspapers. We also noted that now, 30 years later, Nauvoo was inviting the church to reestablish itself there. Page — , discusses the colony and a description of the Order of Enoch. The growth of the area contributed to the relocation of the church headquarters.

The trip is about miles which means the trip took 30 hours of travel time, not to mention resting man and beast, cooking meals or finding lodges, etc. April 18, , Thursday, Class 26, Lesson 23 continued. His words to the body in Amboy, Wisconsin as he begins the leadership of the Reorganization. Page , Plano continues to be the location for the headquarters and the desire to colonize in the regions round about. Also note, the first issue of the Herald.

Note: the church had around members in By the church had around 10, members mostly by gathering in those who did not go west and who mostly lived away from Nauvoo and thus did not hear the voice of Brigham as he gathered those around him who went west. We started reading again on page as the young Samuel Gurley and Edmund Briggs continue their mission to speak with young Joseph. One note, the book does not give us any information about the LDS visitors that had visited him only a few weeks earlier. George A. That tells me that they were sending their best to talk with young Joseph and that they also believed that he should be in the leadership of their church, and perhaps wanted him to be the prophet.

Whether Brigham Young would have allowed this, we do not know. We then read the letter to young Joseph from the Zarahemla Branch noting the wonderful wording and the urgent plea for him to come and fulfill his calling by replacing his father. We then read the excerpt from his account of the visit where he tells them that he needs a personal testimony of the work he is to do, and as long as he receives it, he will respond.

On page , we find the letter from young Joseph to W. Marks telling him that he will come to the conference. What has happened between the visit of the young Elders and now? We tried to imagine what must have gone through his mind over the years after hearing about the martyrdom of his father and trying to deal with the many factions that wanted to be the official representative of the church.

Not to mention the conversations with his mother during those trying times. We also noted in the book that the young Elders were visiting just after young Joseph had gotten married. We wondered about the conversations he and his mother must have had with her during the courtship. Young Joseph was also considering a career in the law field, a more traditional choice over the leadership of a church.

We began reading again on page in the chapter called Young Joseph skipping some of the reading due to time factors. We concluded the class by reading from the autobiography of Joseph on page to There we see the vision Joseph had regarding the choice he would have to make between the worldly ways and the life of a church leader.

We finished the reading noting the paragraph on page that said he saw the vision scene in actuality, out of his office window in Lamoni. The years of the reorganization of the church, to She became a writer and a stenographer for the Reorganization. See page ; 33 Women of the Restoration.

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To help us understand the process and the amount of time it took to reestablish the church once the realization occurred with many that most of the factions of the church were not adhering to the doctrines and understandings of the church, we began reading on page of The Story of the Church by Davis, chapter 43; Reorganizing the Church.

This relates the experiences of the April conference at Argyle, Wisconsin. I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right. The next step is to listen to the Lord, and if you are given a message, take that to others to see if they agree that it is right. This is when those of the era called for a conference. Those of the 12 now took over-sight of the church anticipating the coming of the prophet called by his father. We skipped over to page which recounts the mission to Young Joseph, finishing on page We noted the miraculous presentations of the spirit though out those meetings and how the people must have felt.

I apologized for going through the words of the pages reading them together , but I felt that the messages on the pages could not just be summarized. We continued our study of those who were concerned about the leadership of the church by looking at Jason W. Briggs and Zenas H. The story is found in the text by Inez Davis, in chapters 39 and The first steps ought to be to try and point out the inconsistencies and to reconcile with those leaders.

The saints in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas were trying to hold fast to the and pre Joseph Smith, Jr. They held on to the belief that he was the successor as earlier revealed. I noted just how difficult it is to stay in communication with the headquarters of the church in this era of frontier history, no telephones, no telegraph, etc. The train system was just beginning in the eastern states. The area of the eastern Midwest depended upon canal barges and some stage routes.

So, getting information was difficult and took some time. They still believed they were part of the kingdom of God on earth, and that the priesthood with which their officers had been endowed was eternal and would not be lost except by transgression. So, he tried to follow James J. Strang, but also soon became satisfied that he was following a false leader. So, he did as Joseph Smith Jr.

This revelation is found on page , and page of volume 3 of the Reorganized Church History. That revelation was shared with David Powell, H. Lowe, and John Harrington who put to test the document, and all received the testimony of the truth of what had been given to given to Briggs.

He then presented the document to his congregation. Through a series of meetings, the revelation was accepted. The men then went to each of the near-by branches to let them know of the news. The news was given to some of the other leaders in the area who also withdrawn from the other factions. When Zenas H.

A revelation came to them as found on page The story is told and nearly all of the church in Yellowstone, Wisconsin, joined in the proclamation that they had received evidence of the document. Some of the highlights are:. The next class will take up Jason Briggs and Zenas Gurley in Wisconsin as they ponder what do to when other leaders bring in doctrine they were uncomfortable with. We will continue with the saga of the saints traveling to California with Samuel Brannan, and then the beginnings of the reorganization under Briggs and Gurley during our next class.

Sister Millet Idaho Falls played the hymn for us. Daisy on Carrie Thomas, Monday 4. Emma on Bell Robinson, Thursday 4. Julie on Lucy Mack Smith, Monday 4. Tessa on Abbie A. Wingate-Horton, Thursday 4. Kelly did her report on Marietta Walker 3. She goes on to describe the next couple of years as the church prepares to leave Illinois.

We noted that Joseph was 39 years old. The average life span of a person of the time was If you lived beyond age 10, the life span increases to 58 years. It was also estimated that church membership was around , around the US, Canada, and England where the missionaries had had success in spreading the gospel. It is also estimated that only 16, went west with Brigham Young, noting that the number is a smaller percentage of the church. We covered the normal procedure when the president of the church passes. When that happens, the rest of the Quorum of the First Presidency if complete, can continue the leadership of the church until the successor can be designated, normally a privilege of the previous president.

When Joseph and Hyrum were both martyred, that presidency was no longer able to function. The next quorum in line would be the twelve until the next prophet is determined. Thus, Brigham Young did have the right along with his quorum to govern the church until the designation of the next leader is determined. Joseph Smith, III, was only 13 years old at the time.

He was not ready to be the successor to his father. But, many of the church realized that he had been designated to be the successor. On page , she gives us the account of Dr. Mills who spoke with Elder John Taylor, along with Dr. There was a conference of August 8, which allowed the church to sustain the Quorum of Twelve in the interim. By December 24, , there was a conference in Council Bluffs confirming the action. Note also that by August of , not all of the quorum of twelve had returned to Nauvoo. It was also at this event when some saw Brigham countenance change into Joseph Smith, which was used as a sign that he was to be the successor.

Other accounts claim that most did not see this change. On Monday, we will take up the next claim for successorship, Sidney Rigdon. Then continue with the others. The Nauvoo Expositer destroyed under the direction of Joseph Smith bringing criminal charges. June , Joseph and Hyrum are shot and killed by a mob. The struggle for leadership in the church. From an article by Arnold K. Garr, BYU professor. Joseph runs for president beginning Jan. By their interpretation of the rights granted to them by the state in the Nauvoo charter, the council believed there were legally justified in destroying the press.

A judge in Carthage issued an arrest order for Joseph and Hyrum, charging that destroying the press amounted to inciting a riot. We spent some time in the class trying to feel how the citizens of Nauvoo must have felt like when the news came in about the death of the prophet and his brother. The class started with a report from Kelly Woods on Marietta Walker. She chose her because she remembered that there was a hall named after her at Graceland College. She covered her life from her early days where she knew Joseph Smith, III, in Nauvoo, through her days of wanting nothing to do with the church, gaining again a testimony of the church, and becoming a major force in the church.

Emma crossed the frozen river on Feb. At that time, she did not know what was going on with Joseph. She had been to Liberty Jail where Joseph Jr. I asked the class to consider why the saints went to Illinois rather than the other choices around the area. Kansas and Iowa were closer. We noted that Missouri became a state on August 10, Kansas on Jan. Iowa did not become a state until Dec. Illinois had become a state on Dec. We wondered if the Lord had revealed to the church leadership as to where to go. We concluded that Illinois would be more civilized, have a legal structure and protection, would be more civilized, and be an area that the saints would be familiar with having just passed through there, especially those that were still coming from the east and other countries.

On line research revealed some history of the area that becomes Nauvoo. It was originally called Venus and Commerce City and laid out in only a couple of years before the saints reached Quincy. It included 2 stores, one grocery, 12 families. It was intended that it should be an experimental community. When Joseph made the arrangements to purchase the area, the area had been deserted due to the banking failure of No one seemed to want the swamp infested area along the Mississippi River.

There were a few dwellings on the property. He must have gone to work immediately to see to the needs of the church. Wikipedia notes that the area was first called Quashquema named after a native chief of the Saulk and Fox. A good web site to visit for more information is www. It noted the amazing growth of the community and the resourcefulness of the saints as they build the city in such a short time.

By , the community counted 20, citizens and was one of the most beautiful cities along the river. To help us connect Nauvoo with other historical events, Inez Davis noted that Abraham Lincoln, then a member of the lower house of representatives for the state of Illinois. Daisy presented a short talk on the differences between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants.

Briefly, the Book of Commandments is the first 64 or 65 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. The church was in the process of printing the book when the mobs destroyed the printing press and pages of the book were scattered. Only about 10 original copies still exist. She was able to bring a copy of the book which came from the Temple Lot Church. They still use it and consider it more accurate than the Doctrine and Covenants.

The Book of Commandments was never finalized or totally authorized by the Joseph or the Church. I noted later that there are comparisons between the two books on the web. We then continued to look at history back in Kirtland. The last class reviewed the Kirtland Temple Dedication Service. Shortly after the endowments received during the temple events after the service, many of the church missionaries either returned to previous mission locations or embarked upon new missions.

David W.

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Patten went back to Tennessee. Parley P. Pratt was told to go to upper Canada. John Page also was told to go to Canada. On page , she begins her account of the First foreign mission which went to England from Kirtland during June of She lists: Heber C. They landed in Liverpool after sailing in a new ship called the Garrick. A race was in store during the trip against a ship called the South America. When the ships arrived in Liverpool, the missionaries had little money and no friends. They spent the time there in prayer and supplication asking for direction as to the mission.

They were told to go to Preston arriving July 22, The missionaries were invited to occupy the pulpit that afternoon. They bore their testimony and told the story which prompted many to ask for baptism. That irritated James and cause further meetings to be held in private homes. One Hundred little children were blessed…the last conference was to be held on April 8, When some of the missionaries returned on the Garrett again, there were 80 new members there.

Those Saints from England soon began to come to Nauvoo contributing to the fast growth of the city. We noted just how quickly all of this happened in an area of Missouri that was supposed to be set aside for the saints. They were forced to leave their homes with very little supplies during the cold of a Missouri winter, heading who knew where, or into who knew what.

Once again, history has provided an example of a people of God being chased out of their land through great hardships. We were amazed at how fast they had built up a community again, and how quickly lost. Joseph during this time was in Liberty Jail. He was able to join the church on the east banks of the Mississippi only after they were allowed to escape while traveling to a safer community for a trial. We then turned our attention towards the dedication of the Kirtland Temple.

Note that it took place before the banking problems. We looked at the service itself and how the saints in attendance must have felt. There was a lot of work that went into the building of this unique structure and the church was expecting to meet the Lord there. So, anticipation was high, and they were not disappointed over the time they had there. We followed the service as shown on pages of vol.

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Our goal was to put ourselves into their shoes and the experience as best we could so that, when we sit in the same pews, we will remember what took place there. We read Section , December 6, , 19 months after the organization of the church. Consider just how much was done in such a short time, how much they went through in both areas, and that two temples were proposed to be built, one in Independence lot dedicated on August 3, , and one in Kirtland cornerstone laid July 23, A lot of turmoil was happening in Zion and more was to come in Kirtland. Yet the Lord told his people to begin the work.

We noted just how little time it took to build the Kirtland Temple dedicated March 27, and just how magnificent it was, even to compare it to churches that must have existed in the larger cities further east. We read Section , dated May 6, , 5 months after section 85 was given. Here we are given the dimensions of the building and it discusses the multiple court design. It indicates that further details will be revealed soon. It also refers to the need for cleanliness of those that enter.

I brought up the vision that the first presidency had regarding the design. Here is how F. We went upon our knees, called on the Lord, and the building [Kirtland Temple] appeared within viewing distance. I being the first to discover it. Then all of us viewed it together. After we had taken a good look at the exterior, the building seemed to come right over us, and the makeup of this hall seemed to coincide with what I there saw to a minutia.

The Kirtland temple hosted several types of services, including: Sabbath prayer and fasting meetings, and many study sessions. We commented on how unique the temple was as compared to other churches of the day. We discussed the Fishing River storm as read on page We also reviewed the reasons Joseph Smith stated for the march as found on page We considered for a few moments the possible reasons for the mob violence and considered that the mobs were afraid of the Mormons taking over their lands.

Perhaps the church was too prideful and boasted that God would redeem the land for his purposes. We considered the political changes that might have been brought upon the mobs if the church grew. And, we considered that the church was against slavery. We were also wondering if the eastern culture and refinement of the saints conflicted with the coarse life style of the prairie minded local people.

Back in Kirtland, I noted that the press was burned to the ground in December of During the next class, Isaiah will report on the banking problems in the area, Daisy will report on the difference between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants, and we will look at the dedication service. I asked the ladies present to pick a woman of the restoration and report on her as a way of honoring the valuable work they did. We have been covering the Saints in Kirtland and in Independence at the same time because it is hard to split out the events in both places as they happen at the same time, and revelations affect the church as a whole.

Section 38 tells us that they were to move that they might gather a righteous people and in Ohio they would be endowed with a power on high which certainly could be seen in the experiences of the temple. We then turned to pages to read what Joseph said about the history at the time of the revelations and the conference of January 2, He comments on the intentions of the mobs in the area to bring destruction upon the church. On page Joseph tells us that he and Emma left for Kirtland latter in January and the rest of the Saints waited until the roads were better in the spring.

We discussed some of the details regarding the Erie Canal and the line boats that traveled it. We noted that Lake Ontario was fairly close to Palmyra and at a level of feet above sea level.

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Lake Erie is feet above sea level. I asked the class why the people of that day chose to travel on the canal rather than the lakes. First, the canal was cheaper. The trip was miles long driving from Palmyra to Buffalo is 96 miles. The second reason is the Niagara Falls where the river runs quickly and the trip around the falls was difficult.

We noted that other men of the church were also tarred and feathered but at different times and place Independence ,. This discussion allowed us to consider the Order of Enoch and the Storehouse principles. See section 89 and on tithing in Section With that we turned to pages in church history where Joseph gives us clear prophecy on Friday, January 4, , we are told about the Civil War. The LDS have this as their section This was an attempt to regain the properties in Jackson County through a show of force. As the video pointed out, the march was ended at Fishing River north of Jackson County when the Lord provided a heavy rain storm causing the river to swell high enough to stop a mob coming up from Independence.

Besides, they were now out of their county. Our next lesson will report on the banking problems in Kirtland and will take a look at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. It covered Fayette, Kirtland, and Independence. We began the class by reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, Sec. Both scriptures refer to a mission to the Lamanites and points west of Fayette, New York. I noted to the class as we took a look at each man who went on the mission, how old they were and how soon after the church was established that they became a part of the church.

Section 29 mentions Peter Whitmer, Jr. Section 31 adds Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson. Black as a reference, I read a little of the biographies of these four men and of William Wines Phelps and Sidney Rigdon. Pratt loved books. He wrote that he had a book in his hand every chance he could. I did find in the one account of him Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg. He left his wife to continue traveling on the barge while he walked 10 miles. There he meets a man named Hamlin who had a strange book, the Book of Mormon.

Parley quickly reads the book and decides to go see Joseph for himself. He was baptized in early September of by Oliver Cowdery. We were keeping note of the ages of the men mentioned. Parley was born April 12, , a couple of years after Joseph Smith Dec. It needs to be noted that Parley had heard Sidney Rigdon preach earlier when he was a part of the Reformed Baptist Church. Parley then also became a preacher or teacher in the same movement.

Another new member of the church was William Wines Phelps, born February 17, He was introduced to the church by Parley P. Pratt on April 9, from Parley. Peter Whitmer, Jr. We noted the reference to Zion, which would be so much a part of his life later. Peter was born Sept. He was baptized in June of and became one of the first 7 Elders of the church. We have discussed Oliver many times and have become familiar with his association with Joseph and the Book of Mormon. We noted today that he was born on Oct. Ziba Peterson was the fourth member of the mission west. On October 17, the four left on a mission, the first mission of the church, to take the gospel and the Book of Mormon to the Lamanites just beyond the borders of the country note that they were not sent to Central America.

The first part of the trip was to the Buffalo, N. They then went to see the Wyandot Indians near Sandusky, N. They were anxious to move on the area of Mentor, Ohio Kirtland area to meet up with an old friend and instructor of Parley P. Pratt, Sidney Rigdon. Both had been a part of the Reformed Baptist movement. He was reluctant to believe the story, but after some study and the reading of the Book of Mormon he joined the church. It is interesting to note that both men had previously been uncomfortable with the teachings of the Reformed Baptist teachings for the felt that they were inconsistent with the Bible and they realized that current ministers lacked authority from heaven to function.

Very shortly, the number of new members in the Kirtland area was over , which meant that there were more members in this area than in New York. I suggested that the students read the history of Brother Rigdon in church history beginning on page Note, he was baptized on November 14, Shortly after leaving the Kirtland area 50 miles Elder Pratt was arrested on some false charges while he was in the home of Simeon Carter. Ziba went with him. Around midnight, Parley asked Ziba to sing a hymn.

The frustrated judge put Parley in jail and sent Ziba home. More can be found on this by going to. The missionaries moved on towards the frontier destination by taking a steam boat down the Ohio River. They were stopped by an ice jamb in Cairo, Ill. Louis in hopes of getting on a boat on the Missouri River and on to Independence.

They arrived in East St. Louis about December 20, In January of , the men pass through St. Louis and St. Charles and proceed on foot for the three hundred miles to Independence. They arrive before February 14, , because Pratt was selected as the emissary to return to civilization to get more books and to report on the mission Page , They were good people. During the next few months, the missionaries were able to present the gospel and the Book of Mormons to Indians in the Kansas territory.

This class will cover the printing of the Book of Mormon and the day the church was organization. As I was doing some research for the MIT class on the printing of the Book of Mormon, I ran across a video that provided a lot of detail into the process of the printing.

He goes through in great-detail his thoughts on the coming forth of the book. He estimates the amount of time to do each stepfrom his perspective including type setting, the limitations of the Grandin Printing Company, the requirements to produce such a large book, the binding steps, and much more. It also provided some insights into the difficulty of the first printing. I did not have time to bring this to class: on page 84 of F. Edwards commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 18, he notes how Martin Harris was being criticized by his family and how he was concerned about eternal damnation.

Some of the last question may have come from the personal actions of his life. We then turned our attention to Tuesday, April 6 th , , the day the Lord indicated as the day Joseph was to officially organize the church. This was done at the Whitmer house. The 6 original members were: Joseph Smith, Jr. These names were not given in Church History, but are the names given in Wikipedia as the first 6 members by the LDS church. The service was mentioned on page 76 of Church History. Inez Davis recounts the same story in her book on page 82, The Story of the Church. Church history tells us that others were baptized shortly after the meeting, and during the days following.

Page 95 tells us that Emma was baptized on June 28, along with 13 others. The event goes along with some mob violence as they try and destroy the dam built for the baptism. See page 77 of Church History. It was given at Far West, April 26, February 11, , Class 9, Lesson 8; covering the witnesses to the Book of Mormon and the ordinations to the Melchisedec Priesthood. The people most involved in the beginning days of the church have now moved to Fayette, N. It is June of As a reminder, the Aaronic Priesthood has just been given again upon the face of the earth and the messenger indicated that the Melchisedec Priesthood would soon again be given to the upcoming church.

The class reviewed some scriptures to help us understand that this event was a promise given many years ago in the Book of Mormon and we are sure that when Joseph translated those words, he wondered whether there would be witnesses in this time to the work. Those scriptures were: Ether , II Nephi and Section 5 came forth in March of , so we read together a-c. We then turned to page 44 of volume one of the History of the Reorganized Church and read how excited Joseph Smith was to finally have additional witnesses to the plates and the work.

This caused some excitement with the three men who were currently most active in the work. The three men became the witnesses so desired. It was interesting for us to turn to Church History, page 45, and read the account of the trip to the woods by the four men. We noted that Martin Harris felt that he needed to withdraw from the group in the woods because the partition to the Lord was unsuccessful, and he realized that it was he who was keeping the event from transpiring.

We then read together the testimony of the three witnesses and the testimony of the eight witnesses. Pages discusses that the testimonies of the 11 men were never rescinded, even though there were reports or rumors that they had done so. It was noted that all the witnesses had very little to gain by their testimony.

Our next class will finish up this lesson by discussing the printing of the Book of Mormon and look at lesson 9 on the day the church was organized. February 4, , Class 8, Lesson 7 continued; Oliver Cowdery comes to help and the arrival of the Aaronic Priesthood. I asked the question: What is Apostasy? Jacob gave us the example of believing that all cats are black, then purchasing a red cat and insisting that it is black or OK. We could see that during the time of the Apostle Paul, some of the churches were following individuals who must have had teachings contrary to the original, for Paul was commenting on that.

I should have looked up those references. The next question that is a companion to the first one is: What is authority? We discussed how authority is usually given to someone from someone who has it. We used the example of a police force. An officer on the street has the authority to arrest someone who has violated certain laws. He reports to a sergeant, who reports of a chief or captain, who reports to the mayor, who reports to the people; and all of them are expected to adhere to a set of laws and practices as prescribed by the ultimate authority. In the case of a church, the ultimate authority is God and Jesus Christ.

I digressed some as I discussed as an example how my authority to be an Elder has happened 3 times, once in the Reorganized Church but done by a female Elder , once in the LDS church as a new member of the LDS church , and finally as a member of the Remnant Church. I was given authority to function in the office by each organization. We also discussed baptism and the authority issue, and how we in the Remnant Church is recognize an authoritative baptism when done properly. Without going into depth on the subject, we agreed that at some point in history, mankind and the churches of the earth lost their authority due to apostasy, which made it necessary to have the priesthood restored.

Thus, the visit of John the Baptist to Joseph and Oliver. We then read from the account given by Joseph and Oliver as found in volume one of our church history, pages It was noted that this angelic visit was his first experience of this type. His writings on the event revealed just how excited he was. That account was given to us in our church history as quoted from the Messenger and Advocate. I mentioned briefly the coming forth of the Melchisedec priesthood, but we should look at that in more detail during the next class.

That is found on page 60, of church history. Our next class will cover lesson 8 of the syllabus; The witnesses of the Book of Mormon and the publishing of the Book of Mormon. January 31, , Class 7, Lesson 7: Oliver Cowdery arrives. Aaronic Priesthood received, at least 13 revelations given in this year. Assignments given for today. The reason for reading these scriptures is to validate that the Urim and Thummin were instruments used during the Old Testament time.

I also had the students look up and read Mosiah ,83; , Ether I commented on how wonderful the gift was and is, in order that we might learn more of what God wants us to know about. Because Joseph had use of the tools, it validates that God is still working with us. The second assignment was to compose a paragraph on the Revelatory process.

Henry Edwards. This is not an afterthought of his. God made us that way with deliberate intent, so that our need for him lies at the very roots of our lives…The fundamental reason for cheap and shoddy living which alarms us even while we share it, is that we shut God out and will not listen to him. Jesus saves us and reconciles us to God in order that he may reveal God to us; and he reveals God to us as fully as we can now understand him, in order that we might be saved and reconciled in preparation for a greater revelation.

There is more on publishing the revelations starting on page 18 of the same book. I also provided a picture of a Hebrew Priest in the full dress as described in Exodus The Urim and Thummin is not a part of the picture. Some authors indicate that the Urim and Thummin were kept in the breast plate of the garments.

I commented that Joseph did not receive nor was he given instructions to have the full set of garments as described. Lucy Mack Smith tells us that the family would sit around the fire at night and talk about what was happening to Joseph. We should remember that all the daily choirs and duties were also happening as the church is unfolding. By the time Joseph and Emma go out in the middle of the night to get the plates, Emma is convinced of the story Joseph has been telling her. If she were not, I doubt that she would have married him. So, the unofficial church family is now the Smiths including Emma.

This still causes some contention because Joseph is seen to be working too much on the silly scheme of his and not enough on the choirs at hand. Fortunately, there are those around them that are supporters of the church for they do provide needed supplies to allow Joseph to work on the translation.

It is noted that Emma and Joseph are concerned that they cannot spend enough time on the translation process, so Joseph goes to the Lord. He is told that help is coming and when. Here again we see the revelatory process taking place. Excited to become a part of the work, he prays, and he feels he is instructed to go to Harmony to help. As he approaches, he is met by Joseph who proclaims that he knows Oliver was coming and when. The revelatory process at work. That brings Oliver into the work.

Oliver is about the same age as Joseph. He comes from a respectable family in England and must have been well enough educated to teach school. In April of , he travels with Samuel H. Smith to Harmony and in two days begins to be the scribe for Joseph. This was a big boost to the translation process and allowed for many hours a day for the work. After many months, the persecutions increase in Harmony and the group moves to the Whitmer Farm near Fayette, for safety.

The Whitmer family is very friendly to the church which provides another safe place for the work to continue. As I mentioned, I wanted to let the students see the revelatory pattern taking place in the Doctrine and Covenants, that of people coming in-contact with the work of the church, having a testimony of it, and wanting to know more about a certain question or the work they might do in the church. Here is a brief list of the topics found in the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants:. Revolves around John I reminded the students about the hours and hours of preparation Joseph went through before he obtained the plates and started the translation.

The pattern still exists today. The church has a desire to know more or the Prophet of the church needs to know what direction the church is to take and who is to be a part of the work and the Lord responds. Our next class will discuss the coming of the Aaronic Priesthood, the witnesses of the Plates, and the printing of the Book of Mormon. The Plates obtained, and the translation begins. Last Thursday we discussed the death of Alvin and how much he was appreciated by the family.

There were other people who came into the story about this time. One was Joseph Knight. Again, we turned to the biography of this man. While lodging at the Knight home Joseph spoke of his glorious visitation. Another person of interest is Josiah Stoal, of Bainbridge, N. Stoal boarded Joseph Jr. Joseph was hired in October of , two years after the visit of the angel Moroni. This led to a courtship until January 18, when they eloped. Joseph tells us that he asked for her hand but was refused by Mr.

Thus, begins even more problems as the citizens of the area know of the plated and suspect when Joseph receives them. It is in December of that Joseph and Emma decide to move to the area of her parents to translate in safety. In , Martin hires Father Smith and Hyrum and during conversations learns of the plates and the work of young Joseph, even though some of his early motives was to prove that such angel visits no longer happened. It is also through some mishandling of the pages of the manuscript that Martin Harris loses those pages when he takes them to show his wife.

He played in two bowl games Sun Bowl — and Liberty Bowl - After graduation, Bill moved to Northern Virginia and then later to Potomac, MD where he made his home and raised his family. He started a second career in the association business in Washington, DC working for the American Trucking Association, running their membership program and then working for the US Chamber of Commerce.

Bill retired 5 years ago. He loved his time at Congressional and became a Governor of the Board for six years. Bill loved his many friends. Throughout his life his course never wavered. God speed Bill. We lost a great husband, father, grandfather and friend! A reception will follow at the Mariner Sands Club house. Checks can be sent to the following address Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA or online at www. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be offered at www. Jeffrey M. Kirsch and his wife Nancy B.

Nancy and Jeff moved to Stuart, Florida and made it their home for 40 years until their passing. Jeff was a practicing attorney on the Treasure Coast for 35 years and Nancy was previously employed as a mortgage broker. Nancy was born to Fredric F. Nancy graduated in from Greenville High School in Michigan. Nancy is survived by her brother Robert L. She is predeceased by her parents. They both will be warmly remembered by many family and friends for their warmth, kindness, thoughtfulness and humor. Jeff and Nancy were actively involved in the community, always putting family first and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Ronald A. Ronald "Ron" A.

A Christian Rebuttal to Prince's Nine Days in Heaven, the Vision of Marietta Davis

Ron was a lifelong voracious reader, who also enjoyed cooking always adding extra garlic , gatherings with his family, and "tinkering" -- with professional results -- around his home in Binghamton, NY. In later years, he travelled widely, visiting countries and continents all over the world. He also enjoyed his boat, "Pin Money," skiing and golfing. Ron was a member of the Yacht and Country Club of Stuart a place he referred to as Paradise ; he and his late wife, Mary Lee, enjoyed a rich social life there, with many friends, parties and gatherings.

Nicholas Waller. Nicholas J. Waller, 81, Port St. Lucie, FL, passed away peacefully at his residence. Nick was legally adopted by his stepfather, Calvert Waller, after Wanda remarried. He spent his childhood in Rome and decided to join the U. Air Force at the age of 18 where he served honorably for 4 years. Nick was a gifted athlete pursuing baseball through high school and later becoming an avid bowler playing in tournaments around the world for the Pan Am team.

He was passionate about art and meticulous about the smallest details. Nick was welcomed at the Faith Congregational Church in Port. Lucie where he joyfully sang in the choir. His family will miss his humor, his laugh and his love. He is survived by his wife Donna Waller of Port St. Ella Barry. Ella M. Ella enjoyed volunteering at Martin Memorial Hospital. She had several hobbies such as crocheting, gardening and working in the garden but she especially enjoyed being a grandma.

She was predeceased by her son Robert Barry, Jr. Mary Theresa Kanaby. Lucie, FL formerly of St. Mary enjoyed sailing, boating, camping and motorcycle riding in her younger years. She loved playing the organ, drawing, and bowling and was on Beat the Champ on national TV in the late 60's. During her later years, Mary's grandchildren were in the forefront of her life. Lucie, FL. Lucie, FL; ten grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and one great-nephew.

Priscilla Lou Keck Lockwood Dalton. Priscilla was taken to her heavenly home March 9, at age 78 due to a short illness. Priscilla moved to Florida to live with her mother and the man she would call her dad, Art Lockwood. She met and fell in love with Gerald Dalton, married Nov. Amazing stay at home mother to Brian Dalton until she became a teller with Suntrust Bank in West Palm Beach, Fl until she transferred to the Stuart location to help care for her parents.

She volunteered in the book store at the Flea Market and at Hospice in Stuart, Fl, making the most of each day until she was taken to her heavenly home March 9, at age 78 due to a short illness. She was predeceased by her husband, Gerald Dalton and sister Judith Towle. She also leaves behind many friends and those whose lives she touched in some small way either who knew her at Parkview Condominiums, the book store at the Stuart Flea Market or at Sandsprit Park on her many walks feeding the squirrels and birds.

There will be a celebration of her life held at Sandsprit Park on Monday, May 13th, at am In memory of our little lady with the huge heart, give to Treasure Coast Hospice or make it a point every day to say a kind word to at least one person, feed a squirrel a peanut, read and share a book, and make the world a better place by being in it!

Artie Cullen Rowell Timmerman. Parker on the kitchen table at their home in Indiantown. Rowell, both deceased. Artie was a devoted mother, and after divorce in , Artie single-handedly raised her 3 sons on her own, working at The Stuart News during the day and waitressing at night. Artie loved to travel! She delighted in visiting many destinations around the world such as Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. She also enjoyed numerous cruises to various eastern and western Caribbean islands. A loyal member of the First United Methodist Church of Stuart, Artie joined groups of friends from the church on trips to Alaska, the Bahamas and many of their retreats.

In , sponsored by Monica Daly, a Stephen Minister, Artie found much gratification in experiencing the Walk to Emmaus, a three-day retreat under the auspices of the United Methodist Church. Artie even went salmon fishing in Canada where she successfully landed a big one! A long-time resident of Stuart, FL, Ted moved here in with his family. He is a congregant of St. Ted is predeceased by his mother Carolyn Olson Mortell. Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL with an evening prayer vigil at pm. Richard J. Rick moved to Florida in to pursue his long standing career lawn agriculture.

One of Rick's many interests included listening to Bruce Springsteen. He was an excellent golfer with a competitive spirit and revered by all. Most of all Rick loved his family, he was a devoted father, grandfather and friend. Dallas, TX Elias H. Walter L. Late in life he settled in his current home in Stuart, Fl. Walter served in the U. Army Air Corps. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy can be made at www. John P.

Caval, Jr. He was born to John P. In the company received an award for National Small Business Subcontractor, considered to be among the most prestigious honors to be bestowed upon small business concerns. He was a Medic in the U. Army National Guard. Some of his interests were flying his Cessna airplane, boating and fishing, and enjoying fine wines.

John was also an avid reader and enjoyed Astronomy. John was predeceased by his sister Alexandra Bonafine. Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL Burial arrangements will be private. Robert P. In lieu of flowers memorial donations in loving memory of Robert can be made to Treasure Coast Hospice, S. Thomas J. Eisenbraun, 75, of Port St. Thomas worked for the Daily News while living in New York. Thomas enjoyed playing cards, suntanning and being the life of the party in his earlier years. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Dolly Eisenbraun, a daughter, 8 step children, 19 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

Lucie Blvd. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted in the care of Martin Funeral Home, St. Lucie Chapel. Patricia A. She married Don W. Fielder on December 2, at St. She enjoyed reading, Bridge, golf, travel and the company of close friends and family. She was an adventurer; even trying indoor sky diving with her family at 85 years young! She was dearly loved and will be deeply missed by her husband, family and friends. A celebration of her life will be held afterward. In lieu of flowers memorial donations in loving memory of Pat can be made to Changing Leads Foundation by visiting: www.

Robert Hubbs. Robert Hubbs, 57, of Stuart, Florida, passed away with his long time partner Marty by his side. Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL at am. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Robert can be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital www. Marion D. She loved sewing with her sisters and going out to eat.

She also enjoyed doing crafts, going to the casinos, cooking and entertaining her family and friends. Marion is survived by her loving husband of 61 years John J. Latwinas, her children John M. She was preceded in death by her sister, Phyllis Grace Price. Emily Schanz. Emily Schanz, 99, passed away on February 17, She had one sister and three brothers, all now deceased.

She married Fred W. Schanz in in Cleveland. She was a member of Miles Grant Country Club. She was predeceased by her husband, siblings, and parents. At Emily's request, there will be only a graveside service in New York , to be scheduled at a future date. Mina L. Jones, 94 of Stuart, FL passed away with her daughter Candace by her side. She was predeceased by her husband Albert E. Paul Hunter. Marine Raiders. The Raiders were the special forces of their time. In , The Raiders were incorporated into the 6th Marine Division.

Paul was wounded in the battles for Guam and Okinawa. He was awarded two Purple Hearts. In , Paul participated in the occupation of Yokosuka at the time of the Japanese surrender. After the war, Paul left the service to pursue his passion of flying, by using the GI Bill to become a flight instructor.

In , Paul re-enlisted in the U. He was accepted into the naval aviation training program. Upon completion of his flight training, Paul was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U. Marine Corps and married Margaret. His nineteen years as a commissioned officer included combat in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. During his career he flew several different types of aircraft, but his favorite aircraft was the Chance Vought F8U Crusader. The F8U Crusader was a supersonic single engine jet fighter. He retired in at the rank of Major, and moved to Palm Springs, Florida, to be near his childhood home.

Paul and Margaret relocated to Jensen Beach, Florida, in , to be close to their favorite fishing spots. They enjoyed fishing and travelling around the country until Margaret passed away of cancer in They loved to travel across country to sightsee and visit relatives. Patricia Durso. Patricia Durso, 81, of Port St. Lucie, FL, passed away peacefully with her husband and eldest daughter by her side on Sunday, February 10, Pat was married to Carmen Durso for 60 years and they recently celebrated their anniversary in October.

Pat was a talented floral and interior designer, theater goer and a music aficionado of all genres of music. She was a loving mother of three and grandmother of two who instilled confidence in all of her children, nieces and nephews. Pat was known for her love of reading and keeping her mind sharp with crossword puzzles, but will be most remembered for the love she had for her family and enjoying a good glass of wine. The family would like to thank Treasure Coast Hospice for their compassionate care and guidance.

Jacob Jeremiah Branen. Jacob J. Branen, 29, was killed Monday, Feb. He was transported to Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach where he succumbed to his injuries. Jacob had a passion for the history and archeology of Israel. One of his greatest experiences was participating in a dig at the archeological site Tel Dor, Haifa, Israel. He loved to travel, making multiple trips to Israel. He traveled Germany on a school trip as well. He was currently employed as a customer service representative by Teletech, Daytona Beach, FL and also worked as an electronics sales associate for Walmart. Jacob's exuberance for life, his kind and generous heart and his ready laugh will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

Having been born with cerebral palsy, those who were close to Jacob were proud of all his life's accomplishments. A Wisconsin service will be held sometime this spring, with details to follow. Martin Funeral Home, Stuart Chapel, provided the arrangements. David F. Dusty Drew.

Disasters Point People to God

For many years Dusty and his wife owned and operated Camp Wekeela on Bear Pond in Hartford, Maine, where young people from highly varied backgrounds spent memory-making summers having fun while absorbing life-lessons along the way. Dusty served on many town committees in Standish and was a past president of the Kiwanis Club and Watchic Lake Association. Dusty was most fulfilled as a mentor to young people both on and off the ballfield. He enjoyed dancing and classical music and looked forward every year to spending summers in Maine mostly in his lakeside vegetable garden and winters in Florida mostly golfing or volunteering.

Dusty had a tremendous work ethic, and was also an organizational genius. Whether it was almost single-handedly bringing back to life the physical plant of a long-closed summer camp, organizing camper or spring baseball trips, feeding all of the athletes at USM during periods when the cafeteria was closed, running a golf tournament at Miles Grant, or overseeing a Kiwanis dinner, Dusty easily took on great responsibility, and had fun while creating memorable times for others. Dusty is survived by his brother Donal F. He was predeceased by his son, Timothy Cronin. In lieu of flowers, please make a memorial contribution to your favorite charity.

The family would like to extend special thanks to Treasure Coast Hospice and to the caring and compassionate staffs of Hay-Madiera House and Harper House. Patrick R. Garofola, Jr. Lucie, FL, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, January 28, He was sadly taken from this life all too soon. Patrick spent his life in Florida. A native Floridian and resident of Broward and St. Lucie Counties, Patrick made is final home here in Port St. He was a kind and gentle man. An easy-going person with his family always in the forefront. Patrick enjoyed fishing and his job working as a concrete finisher.

He is survived by his partner in life, Toni Ragusa of Port St. Also, his paternal grandparents Patricia and Vincent Garofola A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Friday, February 1, with visitation beginning at 12 noon with a service beginning at pm at the St. Lucie, FL, Janie V.

Myers, 58, of Port St. Lucie, FL unexpectantly passed away on Saturday, January 12, She was preceded in death by her first born child, Brian Myers, in ; her brother Jimmy Vaughn in ; and her husband, Jeffery Myers in Janie was born on February 7, Although her given name is Constance Jane Vaughn, she always preferred to be called Janie.

She would also answer to Pie Pie, which was a nickname given to her by her mother as a child. She was married to Jeffery Myers in Janie and Jeff lived in Douglasville, GA for several years. Janie wanted to live in Port St Lucie because of her work as a mortgage loan processor. Janie was a self-proclaimed southern belle. She loved to cook southern style cuisine just like her mother. She was never shy and would speak to anyone. She had a wonderful, unique sense of humor and loved to laugh. She also loved to have fun and had many friends who cared for her deeply.

Janie had a relationship with God and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Those who love her find great comfort in knowing that she is now resting peacefully with Jesus Christ. Janie was loved unconditionally by her family and will be profoundly missed. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

Arthur Charles Schuck, IV. Lucie, FL, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 8, Arthur graduated from Port St. Lucie High School with Honors in He had a way of always making people smile and enjoyed making funny faces and face bombing people taking pictures. Arthur was predeceased by his maternal grandfather George Naulty. Shaun M. Shaun grew up in Goshen, MA where his love of the outdoors blossomed. He graduated from Smith Vocational High School in Shaun had many great experiences in his short life.

He was a volunteer fireman and EMT. He worked at several hospitals in different states as an ER tech. He traveled the United States with his friend when he was Ran the Boston marathon after recovering from major back surgery. Enjoyed fishing, camping, running on the beach, hiking in the woods and just being outside Shaun made many friends during his life and he cherished his family. Shaun was a kind, caring, compassionate soul who will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Northampton, MA on April 27, at 12pm-5pm. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the charity of ones choice. Robert T. He was very proud to be the first member of his family to graduate from college, The College of the Holy Cross in He served 2 years in the U. He is predeceased by his parents C. Bob was the consummate gentleman and loved by all for his honesty, his loyalty and his smile. His granddaughter Keira was the love of his life. A Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, January 16, at am at St. Helen F. She had been suffering with health issues for many years. Edler on August 3, Their beautiful love relationship continued for 57 years, until his death in She he became a real estate broker with her father.

She took time off to raise her family, then returned to work at Buckeye State Bank and advanced to Cashier. Mom, or Oma as her grand and great grand children called her, enjoyed flower arranging, cooking, church activities, golfing, traveling, playing cards, and spending time with her family. Her wonderful and gentile personality touched everyone she met. She was preceded in death by her husband Paul Edler and her brother Richard Baker. Her sister Ruth Seevers and husband Jim survive her.

A niece Kay Bachelder resides in Galion, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, donations maybe made to Peace Lutheran Church. Bonnie Handel. Her partner of 22 years Robert "Bob" Auwood was by her side holding her hand. Bonnie was born and raised in Philadelphia, graduating from Cheltenham HS in She worked for many years in California primarily as an Emergency Room Nurse. She met Bob in and became an accomplished coastal and open ocean sailor, sailing thousands of miles from Canada, along the US East Coast, thru the Bahamas, and for many years in the Caribbean.

Bonnie and Bob were blessed to share and live out a beautiful common dream. They moved ashore in She is also survived by her beloved pet, Abigail The Wonder Dog. She was predeceased by her father Samuel Silver. Earlene T. Earlene is survived by her husband Frank Babbitt, Jr. A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Mark Alan Lashley. Working, fishing and cooking were Marks biggest passions in life. He loved to fish. He enjoyed cooking and was a great cook with a passion for gourmet foods. Mark had an extensive group of friends, Most of whom he has known for 30 plus years and some longer than that.

Mark will be missed by all of his family and friends. Dorothea F. She is survived by her son Mark Leimkuehler and his wife Cathy and daughter Jill Leimkuehler-Mazgaj and her husband David; her three grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and brother Dale Hirschy. She was predeceased by her husband of 65 years, Roy Leimkuehler. Harold Kalbfleisch. Harold was preceeded in death by his beloved wife Elaine Schlee of 53 years.

Harold owned Birmingham Cleaners for 52 years. Services pending. Memorial contributions may be made to the hospice of your choice. Frances Windon. Frances "Franny" A. Fran was married to the love of her life, the late Ralph C. Windon for 43 years and they resided in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Fran was a devoted mother and Nana: she had a special relationship with her grand kids and loved spending time with family and friends.

Fran was known for her love of reading and working jigsaw puzzles, but will be most remembered for telling " the stories of her life" and her sense of humor. Fran's lifetime was dedicated to helping and taking care of others, she always had a smile on her face and never met a stranger. Fannie Gay Timon.

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted in the care of Martin Funeral Home. James Howard Noe. Jim knew his wife Margaret since where they graduated High School together. Their paths took different turns and eventually they married in Jim drove for Armellini Express Lines for twenty plus years. He received the Million Mile Safety Award for no accidents. Jim always had a positive outlook on life. He was a kind person and always had a smile on his face.

Jim was also a man that was very strong in his faith. Richard E. He was a longtime business owner. After retirement, he moved to Palm City, FL were he has spent the last 25 years with his bride. Some of his passions in life were photo editing, wood carving, and restoring classic cars. He was well versed in computers and technology. Kathy Butcher. Kathy passed away at her home in Stuart, FL with her husband at her side, after a long illness. Kathy was active at her church, St. Kathy loved animals and children, but was absolutely passionate about teaching.

She brought many new and innovative ideas into her classroooms. Kathy fought anything that interfered with a child's opportunity to learn. She was instrumental in getting clean drinking water at South Fork High School, when the water supply was contaminated with lead in the early 's.

A Celebration of Life will be held at St. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Kathy can be made to the St. Vivian Clara Doege. Vivian was a homemaker and mother her whole life and enjoyed the simpler things in life but she enjoyed her sewing. She was predeceased by her husband Clarence T. Sharon Sharrie Vandenberg Skerven. She always wanted to help others and to make every celebration special and spend as much time with family as possible.

She was a friend to animals and the earth. Some of her most special times were spent in Hayward, WS on Spring Lake at the cabin with her family. She leaves behind her loving cat, Tinsel. Memorial donations in loving memory of Sharrie can be made to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast www. Kathleen H.

Nagel Butcher. Edwin Jay Stuart. He passed peacefully into eternity on November 18, at his residence in Stuart. After graduation from Pahokee High School in he continued his studies at the University of Florida and after graduation he then joined the Navy. While stationed in San Diego he met the love of his life Margaret Delano and they were married on August 25, Edwin was a lifelong student-he loved to read and learn and earned a law degree as well as a Masters Degree from University of Florida and later a PhD from Florida State.

They were happily married until her death in July He is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Edwin loved the Lord and was excited to get to Heaven. Kanner Hwy. Stuart, Florida Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be made at www. Bruce A. Captain Bruce A. Ungar of Port St. Lucie, FL passed away on November 15, after a hell of a fight against lymphoma. He was charter fishing Captain. Patrick Miner. Patrick J. Prior to retiring he was an Electrician with I. Electrical Union for many years.

Patrick served proudly during WWI in the U. Patrick was preceded in death by his first wife, Mary "May" Paternostro Miner. Patrick loved to go boating and fish, loved a good treasure hunt at the local flea markets and the local Salvation Army. Whenever he drove he always had a plan for the day of what he wanted to accomplish. Patrick loved to cook and was very proud of his Italian Heritage. Kanner Hwy Stuart, FL. Toney R. William Toney Richard Edwards, 74, restaurateur, designer, and yachtsman died of pancreatic cancer at home in Stuart, Florida, on Saturday, November 10, He is survived by his wife, Maggie Hopp, younger sister Sherri Bilson, and many loving cousins, nieces, and nephews.

He was predeceased by his parents and older sister, the Rev. Judy Nelson. There, at the hands of an old-school waiter, he sampled several dishes he had never heard of nor tasted before. Academically trained in technical theater and design at UT and Yale University, he worked at theaters in Rochester, Minnesota, and Atlanta. He also joined the Durst Organization for whom he managed more than sixty buildings in Manhattan and stabilized seven historic theaters on West 42nd Street in the early s. It was through his work with the Durst Organization that he met Maggie, a photographer, whom he married in after a decade-long courtship.

In addition to food, wine he served as vice president of the Ordre des Compagnons du Beaujolais and community, Toney was a skilled blue-water sailor and a member of the New York Yacht Club and Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, where he was an active racer and winter frostbiter. In lieu of flowers, please send contributions to U. Sailing Center of Martin County, Inc. Indian River Dr. Irving M. Levin, 95, died peacefully at his home in the Summerfield community, on Thursday, November 8, with his wife of 41 years the former S.

Frances Kelley, at his bedside. He participated in numerous projects including testing the first inertial guidance system. Kenneth A. Green died peacefully at his home in Hobe Sound, Florida, on Wednesday evening, November 7, , at the age of He was predeceased by his parents, Albert and Esther Green; his sister Winifred; hisbeloved wife of 49 years, Betty; and his wife Delores with whom he spent 12 loving years.

He served in the U. Ken was a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church now Community Bible Church for more than fifty years serving as song leader, Sunday school superintendent, and board member for many of those years. Working with the Gideons International was an integral part of his life; Ken was a member for over forty years serving in the Broome County camp in New York as well as the Martin County camp in Florida. He held several offices and participated in Bible distributionsin hospitals, high schools, New York city street corners, and even in South Korea. He frequently supplied music at the Binghamton City Rescue Mission and participated in jail ministry on a regular basis.

The Lord was the center of his life and his first priority was to serve Him. The family will receive visitors this Sunday afternoon November 11 at P. The viewing will be immediately followed by a funeral service at P. Matthew Ellison officiating. Box , Washington , D. Kenneth B. Ferrin,53,of Hobe Sound, passed away Thursday, November 8, surrounded by his loving and devoted family. Kenny, as he was affectionately known as, had many outside hobbies. He loved being on the water, taking photographs and just enjoying the outdoors life. He was a wonderful billiard competitor and played on many leagues.

Kenny made it to the the Las Vegas Billiard Championship. Most of all, Kenny loved and adored his family. He is predecesed by his brothers Robbie Allen and Randy. Jennifer Anne Wren. After graduating from St. Jennifer returned to Stuart for a brief period and then moved to Boston, MA. She lived in the the Beacon Hills section of Boston for ten years, returning to Stuart area in the summer of Jennifer was very much loved and will be greatly missed and always remembered by her father and her family, as well as her many friends in the Boston and Stuart areas.

Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be made at www. Sandra Feeley. In the Cape Cod, MA. Sandy retired from teaching in As a child she lived in Avon, MA. She had lived in Sharon, MA. She and her husband Paul had been a snowbirds coming to Jensen Beach since She was so proud of raising her 3 sons. She is predeceased by her sister Carol. Port St. Lucie, Florida. Stuart, FL. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be found at www. Patricia Still. Patti as she is fondly known as, was a true artist. She worked with many mediums such as oils, pencils, paper art and photography.

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In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Patti can be made to the First United Methodist Church, S. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy can be made by vising www. Noreen Trenoweth. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and lived most of her life, Noreen came to Martin County to be close to her loving daughter Zelle and her family.

She is also survived by her grandchildren Claudia and her husband Jimmy and grandson Craig and many relatives in South Africa. She was predeceased by her husband of 57 hears Charles and and son John and daughter Mavis. LaDon M. As a young woman, she attended MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis, where she developed her passion for singing. It is there where she met her husband of 53 years, Wally Johnson deceased. They sang together at over events, including TV and charity benefits. Her devotion to Wally and her passion for music inspired many. LaDon enjoyed an active life including tennis, skiing, and golf.

The Mariner Sands Chapel Choir and the game of Mahjong brought her many special friendships and great joy over the years. LaDon was an optimistic woman, always striving for the best in life for herself, Wally, and others. She is survived by her brother James and his wife Barb of Brainerd, Minnesota, along with many nieces and nephews, in-laws, special friends, and extraordinary caregivers. Harry G. Fritz, Jr. Harry G Fritz, Jr. He served for 7 years, Harry was involved with many veterans organizations.

Harry was a wonderful husband of 36 years to his best friend Gail Fritz. Harry was an avid animal lover, and is also survived by his three dogs Lucky, Misty, Dakota, and three cats Lexie, Cally and Hannah. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Harry can be made to Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Kanner Highway, Stuart, Fl. Thomas A. Thomas "Tom" A.

Haack, 74,passed away Thursday, October 18, , peacefully at home surrounded by his family. Ernest R. Ernest Richard "Ernie" Swanson, 74, of Stuart, Florida, died peacefully October 14, with his wife and children by his side. Ernie was a musician, vocalist, instructor and entertainer and began his career at the age of 11 as a child actor in off-Broadway productions. He switched his interest to music in his teens and played with and backed up top recording artists, in addition to leading his own band, The Crescents for over 30 years.

He is also survived by Eve Farley. Timothy D. Today we said goodbye to our friend and family member Timothy Dwayne Melton Koehn. From an early age it was apparent that Tim had a love affair with the water. His life was spent living and working on and around the sea. Timmy leaves behind his family and friends to cherish his memory. We would like to thank the staff of Treasure Coast Hospice in Stuart, FL for being so caring and taking amazing care of Timmy in his final days. We would also like to thank all of his friends who stopped in to share time with Timmy over the past week. His family appreciates all of your kind words and support.

Most of all we want to give special thanks to Timmy's very closest friends and super-brothers, Brett and Todd. Your love and support of Timmy has been truly amazing. A celebration of life with friends and family will be held at a later date. As soon as we have finalized the details, they will be shared on Tim's Facebook page. Charlotte Rose Blackner. Charlotte had a successful career in the insurance industry. She retired from Sedgwick James where she worked as an Administrative Manager.

Charlotte is survived by her sisters, Mary Jane and Linda and many nieces, nephews and cousins. She was preceded in death by her parents and sister, Kathleen Bell. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated at 11 a. William Moscatello. William Moscatello, 76, of Stuart, Florida, died peacefully at home on Wednesday, October 10, surrounded by his family. William was an enthusiastic outdoorsman and adventurer who enjoyed fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and flying.

His greatest passion was boating, and he spent many happy summers and weekends at sea with his family and friends. Most important to William was his family, who miss him greatly. In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to be made in William's name to Treasure Coast Hospice at treasurehealth. Dennis Wright. He was surrounded by his loving devoted mother, daughters, granddaughters and sister Pauline. He worked 33 years in the Oil Field. He was a member of First Presbyterian Church.

Jennifer Stroud will be officiating. Frederick L Shreves. Rick was preceded in death by his parents, Melvin and Virginia and his brother, Melvin Pete. Joseph Patrick Deisler. He was born March 28, to Edward G. Joe attended St. As his passion was always sports, he left the family business and built his first Bowling Center State Lanes in He held the recognition of having the 1 Summer Bowling program in the United States.

When Joe sold his first 3 Bowling Centers in , all 3 ranked in the top five percent in lineage in the nation. He pioneered the modern game of bowling in Saginaw where he was the first to install synthetic lanes and computerized automatic scoring. His techniques and promotions were so successful that many have been copied at other centers around the country. He established a youth scholarship fund and was proud to have been able to aid in furthering the education of many young bowlers. His love for football never ceased and he continued to follow his favorite teams.

Joe is survived by his loving wife of 39 years, Gwendolyn Northrup Deisler. He was a great mentor to so many, and his wisdom will live on. Norma Walton. Norma W. Walton, , of Stuart, Florida passed away on Friday, September 14, Norma was a beloved mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and animal lover whose kindness and gentle soul enriched all who knew her. Before her passing she forged a year old trail of love, laughter, generosity, compassion, wit, and wisdom.

She loved comfy slippers, housecoats with big pockets, big band music, pianos, violins, opera, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Twinkies, cooking, baking, traveling, knitting, needlepointing, and bourbon sours with buffalo shrimp from The Black Marlin. She loved reading so much the Library for the Blind had trouble keeping up with her talking book orders.

She had a wonderful smile and absolutely loved laughing inappropriately at every given opportunity. In addition to her parents Norma was predeceased by her beloved brother George M. Friends may gather prior to the service from 2 PM till time of Services. Internment will take place at a later date in Campbell, NY.

In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation in her name to Treasure Coast Hospice, as their compassion brought her great comfort over the past three years. Kanner Hwy Stuart Florida