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As is lass, which just refers to a girl although sometimes it means something like sweetheart. Lines The speaker says he will "luve" his "bonnie lass" until all the seas dry up. Lines With a healthy dose of repetition, the speaker tells us again that he will love his "bonnie lass" until the seas "gang dry"; he also tells us he will love her until the "rocks melt wi' the sun. That's where that "sands o' life shall run" comes in. It's an interesting phrase. It means, "while I'm still alive. The words, however, make us think of the "sands o' life" running out; the phrase "I will luve thee still" makes us think the speaker wants to say "I will love thee still, even after the sands o' life shall run out.

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Lines Suddenly, it's time to say goodbye. Or in this case, "fare thee weel. The phrase "fare thee weel a while" means something like "farewell, for now" or "farewell for the time being. But we think they're going to be just fine at the whole long-distance thing. And because he uses the word "like," this is a simile. Lines The speaker says he will love his bonnie lass until the seas dry up. The evaporation of the "seas" appears to be a metaphor for the end of the world or for something that can't ever really happen. So really he's just avowing his undying, eternal, everlasting love for his special friend.

Lines The speaker mentions the seas going dry again, and adds that he will also love his "bonnie lass" until the "rocks melt w' the sun. Or it's at least in the top five, right?

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The speaker's comparison of his love to a red, red, rose has gone down in history as pure romance. Lines The speaker says his love is like a "melodie" that's "play'd in tune. Lines The speaker says he is as "deep in love" as his "bonnie lass" is "fair.

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Lines the speaker says he will love his "bonnie lass" until the seas dry up; the evaporation of the "seas" is a metaphor for the end of the world—you know, something that can never happen. Lines The speaker will be all about his lady love, at least while the "sands o' life shall run. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. A circle of friends joins him in his quest. Later, Deepak finds that Sheena is alive.

He is shattered. So is she, having assumed that he had faced the death sentence. She glanced back and said, "You've broken my spirit, Deepak. But I'll have my sweet revenge. I'll hit back one day. Does Deepak survive the attack on him? What happens to Sheena? Does Deepak find true love and peace? A British Rail Standard Class 7 steam locomotive was named after him, along with a later Class 87 electric locomotive, No. Several streets surrounding the Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. It stood until when it was relocated downtown, sparking protests from the neighbourhood, literary fans, and preservationists of Olmsted's vision for the Back Bay Fens.

In November , Burns was awarded the title Honorary Chartered Surveyor [61] by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the only posthumous membership so far granted by the institution. The oldest statue of Burns is in the town of Camperdown, Victoria. The Soviet Union was the first country in the world to honour Burns with a commemorative stamp, marking the th anniversary of his death in The Royal Mail has issued postage stamps commemorating Burns three times. In , two stamps were issued, priced fourpence and one shilling and threepence, both carrying Burns's portrait.

In , an issue commemorating the bicentenary of his death comprised four stamps, priced 19p, 25p, 41p and 60p and including quotes from Burns's poems. On 22 January , two stamps were issued by the Royal Mail to commemorate the th anniversary of Burns's birth. In the Royal Mint issued a commemorative two pound coin featuring a quote from "Auld Lang Syne". In , singer Jean Redpath , in collaboration with composer Serge Hovey , started to record all of Burns's songs, with a mixture of traditional and Burns's own compositions.

The project ended when Hovey died, after seven of the planned twenty-two volumes were completed. In , a musical about Burns's life called Red Red Rose won third place at a competition for new musicals in Denmark. Robert Burns was played by John Barrowman. Alfred B. Burns Night, in effect a second national day , is celebrated on Burns's birthday, 25 January, with Burns suppers around the world, and is more widely observed in Scotland than the official national day, St. Andrew's Day. The first Burns supper in The Mother Club in Greenock was held on what was thought to be his birthday on 29 January ; in it was discovered from the Ayr parish records that the correct date was 25 January The format of Burns suppers has changed little since.

The basic format starts with a general welcome and announcements, followed with the Selkirk Grace. After the grace comes the piping and cutting of the haggis , when Burns's famous " Address to a Haggis " is read and the haggis is cut open. The event usually allows for people to start eating just after the haggis is presented. At the end of the meal, a series of toasts, often including a 'Toast to the Lassies', and replies are made. This is when the toast to "the immortal memory", an overview of Burns's life and work, is given.

The event usually concludes with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne". Robert Burns won, narrowly beating William Wallace. Biographical information Works written by or about Robert Burns at Wikisource.

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Quotations related to Robert Burns at Wikiquote. Media related to Robert Burns at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Robert Burns, see Robert Burns disambiguation. Scottish poet and lyricist. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Ellisland Farm, Dumfries. Main article: Burns supper.

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