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The similarly praised 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress' followed in March ; this album marked the group's first personnel change in many years, with Tim Herzog replacing Bruce on drums. Throughout Godspeed's 'post-hiatus' period, experimental filmmaker Karl Lemieux has been the band's primary creator and projectionist of 16mm film footage and loops; an array of analog film projectors remains central to GYBE's live performances.

Anna J Presents Erotic Snapshots, Vol. 2 by Anna J.

Godspeed collaborated with Holy Body Tattoo on monumental in , performing live to the acclaimed modern dance piece in various cities around the world. The band also premiered new work commissioned to memorialize the th anniversary of the WWI Battle of Messines at a live concert event on the site of the massacre at Heuvelland, Belgium in June Out of the many sketches, Spirit started to take shape. On Needed, Milosh and Wilson's songwriting chemistry is evident.

There's an undeniable loveliness in the song's spare and cavernous arrangement. Needed is just right mix of strings, guitar, and synths that add rich textures to the melody while allowing notes from a grand piano and Milosh's voice stand at the centre. Walking in to his place, the first thing I saw was this beautiful, old grand piano. I sat down and just started to play. He pushes you to that moment where you truly find the emotion that stirs him.

He wants that thing inside of you, that magic, to come out. Every once in a while a beautiful flower sprouts in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places. But as Seymour soon finds out, not every blossom that blooms is sweet. With a little help from a mysterious exotic plant, Seymour soon finds fortune and fame..

A deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical, Little Shop Of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatre goers for over 30 years. Ppl r Ppl Productions is excited to put their spin on this cautionary tale that reminds us that you can love and you can laugh, but whatever you do.. The Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival will celebrate its first year at the Broadway Theatre with performances on Oct 4 and 5 featuring a different cast of stellar burlesque performers from around the globe each evening.

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Dahlia's performances combine the smoothness of classical dance training with the bizarre and superhuman styling of contortion. She has been featured at prestigious events across the US and Canada and loves bringing her unique art form to new and different audiences.

Verse Miscellanies in the Eighteenth Century

As an artist, Dahlia loves to create characters which play with the boundaries both physical and emotional of burlesque and perception versus reality of humans. Regardless of the act she puts on that night, she's guaranteed to always bend your mind with her body! The SIBF will include a wide variety of talented performers including people of colour, first nation people, people of all genders and variations, performers of a variety of ages, sizes, backgrounds, beliefs and sexual orientations.

The festival will also present 28 other top performers from across the world! Do you want front row seats and all the perks? Check out this campaign to support the first ever Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival and get the superstar treatment! The name says it all. Might be your last opportunity to catch Red live or as live as he gets before he takes a long look at his birth certificate and decides not to keep pushing his luck. This latest one man show features some brand new handyman projects, advice to married guys and teenage boys, tips on getting old, an apology to the world on behalf of all baby boomers, special contributions from Harold and a couple of other cast members, talking animals, and a final wish from Red to all of his loyal fans.

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You will receive an email with more details about this offer approximately 7 days after your purchase. We are traceable to the very beginnings of the universe, our ancestral origins stretching across the Milky Way to the atoms burning inside of us here on earth. Trace maps our Anishinaabe Indigenous sky and star stories, offering a glimpse into our origin and our future evolution. Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide.

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Red Sky Performance is one of the strongest touring companies of its size in Canada. Touring since , Red Sky has delivered over 2, performances across Canada and internationally in 17 countries on four continents, including the Cultural Olympiads of Beijing and Vancouver, Expo in Shanghai, and with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall. The company recently returned from an extensive European tour that featured 22 performances of Backbone, and closer to home, 60 performances of Mistatim in Ontario and BC.

One of the key new band members is Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip. Songs such as Allisonville and Belleville Breakup illustrate small town relationships and hardships. Rutledge also revived some older songs for the album: three songs by his LA-based band Early Winters were recorded for the album, as well as Boats, penned by Rutledge and literary giant Michael Ondaatje. Recently married and with a child on the way, Rutledge christened the album Passages to express his consciousness of shedding one life for another.

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After years alternating between sweaty rock shows in clubs and more organic semi-acoustic theatre gigs, JUNO winner Matt Mays is embarking on the Howl at The Night Tour this fall — bringing together both sides of the Matt Mays concert experience for the first time. Ticket holders that cannot provide valid ID at the door will not be allowed entry. Call into the box office to get the most up to date availibilities!

And people have been listening intently for just as long.

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After winning the Their talking has led them to sold-out tours in North America, Brazil, and Europe, with thousands of tickets sold across four continents and well over 50 million streams worldwide. But now, Current Swell say, the band is finished with talking. Why talk, anyway, when you can shout, stomp, and sway?

Swell do all of the above on their latest album, and the result is a piece of work that roars with energy and bristles with the sound of a band making music that they love. This energy is nothing new for Swell. And now that relentlessness is translated into their recorded work. Ironically, the recording process has been anything but relentless. The time between has been spent on writing, listening, and re-writing each cymbal crash, guitar chord, and keyboard line. In the Holocene K. Martin and the Situationist International F. Not Now! Art Production beyond the Art Market?

Undoing Property? Ingo Niermann Ed. Solution — Love Greg Lynn Ed. A World of Wild Doubt T. What Is Critical Spatial Practice? Cosmic Laughter No. Daniel Birnbaum, Isabelle Graw Eds. Net Pioneers 1. Ward Eds. Sture Johannesson Nicolaus Schafhausen Ed.


Neue Kunstkritik Nicolaus Schafhausen Ed. Liam Gillick Eva Grubinger group. Alex Coles Ed. Practitioners and theorists explore this strategy by pushing the debate into both speculative and real-fictitious terrains. Newly commissioned interviews, artist projects, and essays shed light on topics such as parafiction and algorithmic ambiguity.

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