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On its surface, this speculative fiction short story 7, words deals with one man's obsessive quest for knowledge and the devastating price he must pay for the knowledge he ultimately attains. It is also about the pain of unrequited love, the selfless sacrifice made in the name of friendship no matter the personal cost, and the tragedy that can result when one pursues lesser important things with mindless tenacity. Nothing else I have ever written since those happy, productive days as a college sophomore means more to me, and it remains little changed from the original.

I've gone on to a productive, fulfilling life as an academic in the intervening four decades since writing this short story, but my combined output of "serious" publications textbooks, scholarly books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, etc. You can download a free copy of the short story until December 24, by clicking on the cover above or by clicking here.

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Books by Victor D. Dhalgren has remained popular through the years, being reprinted 7 times since It was also dropped by Bantam, the original publisher, because of its willingness to tackle LGBT themes despite the fact that the Bantam version sold over a million copies and went through 19 printings.

And most of all, this is one of the books most often mentioned when authors mention works that spurred them to invention and boldness of experimentation with form. Expand 1. Author Terry Brooks explains why this book made a whole genre possible:. I think I can safely assert that virtually every writer of fantasy working in the field today who began writing after the publication of the RINGS trilogy owes a debt to Tolkien.

He may not have invented the form, but he provided it with its most important model in modern times and every writer is aware of its various components. Ask them. Few will dispute me. Moreover, the material has impacted writers working in other categories of fiction as well, not so much by its content as by its form and style. Cover art by Barbara Remington. Since the War of the Worlds has been translated into countless languages, adapted by comic books, radio, film, stage, and even computer games, and has inspired a wide range of alien invasion tales in every medium.

Few ideas have captured the imagination of so many people all over the world in the last century so well.

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It is a tribute to H. Wells that his story of alien conquest was not only the first of its kind, but remains one of the best. The American reprint, it can be argued, was one of the touching-off points for the Golden Age of science fiction. It inspired John W.

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Campbell to write and commission invasion stories — which also prompted authors like Arthur C. Clarke, Clifford Simak, Robert A. Heinlein and John Wyndham to do the same. Image by My Reckless Creation. Foundation is a sweeping tale of pyschohistory and the battle for the intellectual soul of a civilization. The Foundation series helped to launch the careers of three notable science fiction authors of the succeeding generation.

It is also worth mentioning that the Foundation series won the Hugo for best all-time series.

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An award that has not been given out since. Cover art by Don Ivan Punchatz. Arthur D.

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Hlavaty refers to Heinlein as a prototypical science-fiction author, saying :. One of the ways human beings organize the world is by prototypes. We define a set as a typical example and a bunch of other things that are like it. In that way, Robert A. Heinlein has been often been taken as the prototype Science Fiction Writer, and as changes and new paradigms shake the field, he still sometimes represents the science fiction of the past.

He is prototype of an alternative personality structure.

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The question of whether we can remake the human personality from the ground up. This series helped launch the careers of almost every major author of the New Wave. The first volume included Samuel R.

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Delany, Philip K. Dick, and J. He changed our world forever. And ironically, it is usually the mark of a world so fundamentally altered—be it by Stokely Carmichael or Martin Luther King Jr. Philip K. Samuel R. Clarke Arthur C. Clarke himself had reservations about this novel, yet it sold out its first printing, , copies, in just two months after publication.