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I love everything that Penelope writes, except maybe one book, but with this series, she has outdone herself!!! A book full of Darkness, fear, excitement, angst and bonds so tied that never will stop existing, no matter what!!!! But i have to warn you about one thing Please, if you haven't read the previous two books, do NOT read this book!!!! Take them from the beginning and you will remember me!!! The stories are big and they have too much background!!! Everything are connecting in one way or another Well, the only sure thing is that these boys have loved their woman in their teenage years, but there were always obstacles and misunderstandings Kind of God, how much i was hating him in the previous two books!!!

He was the worst of them all!!! He was the most crazy, dangerous, fucked up in the head man and he did some awful things to the rest of the crew!!!! And for that reason, he was banished from the bunch and he was bound to make their lives miserable But they weren't fools!!! They were ready for him!!!

As you can understand, in this book, HIS book, he made me think differently about him!!!! And her name is Winter!!! The woman who locked him up in prison for three years!!! But their story was also complicated Those two had history together!!! A big one And between them was too much bad blood and too much hatred Or not??? At some point, they were close The reasons doesn't matter And yes, their minds have revenge on them, but their hearts and bodies remember different things!!! You will need it. He married Winter's sister in order to be closer to her and make her pay for what she did to him Winter also hates Damon because he had ruined her life, not only once And now, she is forced to be living under the same roof with him and to look behind her shoulder all the damn time But she is determined to not give him the pleasure of winning She will fight back, not matter the consequences!!!!

But where all this mess will lead them, when there is still something lingering between them??? Something strong and beyond their power??? But you do. But our kind of fun had a price. A crazy and manipulating son of a bitch!!! The darkness inside on his head, it's always there and in a way, i understood him, but still He did so many bad and terrifying things to everyone But, this fucked up man had its reasons why he was reacting like this His young years had been stained by abuse which no kid has to face in its life As, it got proved, the only calm in his terrifying storm could be only a girl But, she let go of him and that hurt him very much Now, he is out for vengeance and he is determined to take what its his no matter what Degrading, filthy, mean, unclean power.

Love always hurt. Sooner of later. An accident at an early age took away one of her senses, but honestly, i couldn't see it most of the times The people around her were malicious and unfortunately, at some point, she fell for one of them That boy, her ghost, who made her see black and red and feel them, was the man of her dreams and then, her dreams were shatterred and things got ugly for everyone I understood very well, why she was so mad with Damon and she was right, but still She was refusing to accept what her heart was saying Also, for a girl in her condition, i could say that she was fearless and a badass!!!

Hell yes!!! Why was I having any doubts about the man he was? After everything that was happening in that house happened to him. And she agreed.

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Plain and simple. There's always a reason why things are as they are. The lava was super hot and it was making me hot and bothered Their encounters were so sexy, even when they were just fighting They were meant to be together and together, they could be better persons Winter was bright and she could throw away Damon's darkness She was his snowflake, after all!!!! She was the only woman who could excite him and make him come back for more and more I loved them together, but which couple in here wasn't fucked up, but so loveable at the same time???

None of it was a lie, except my name. It was real, and I wanted it back. And i loved them for being such a good friends, even though he didn't deserve it!!! I also loved the connection that there was between Damon and Will!!! The developments in here was vital and life changing I can't wait for more I listened.

Fuck you, Rika. Fuck you so much. But it was so damn good that i didn't want to ever finish, but unfortunately, it did and I'm dying for the final book, Will's book!!! That boy, it might be, the most sweet of all of them, but he has also darkness inside of him and his object of his obsession had made him serious damage in the head and he is about to take his own revenge!!! Told you, fucked up love stories with so much fear and revenge and crazy shits inside!!!! Can't wait!!! In here, we saw Misha, Will's cousin, a couple of times It's his story and it's soooo Feb 27, warhawke rated it liked it Shelves: kinky-fuckery , mystery-suspense , romance-love.

Now with freedom, it was time for him to collect what he was owed. Winter Ashby thought she was safe when he was gone. But instead of hurting myself to mask pain with more pain, tonight I learned something else. Hurting others is just as effective. His past made him even more alluring to me. I hated him, and I would never forgive him, but maybe we had that one thing in common.

We had to change to survive. At first, I liked Winter well enough being what she was and how she handled her personal challenge. But as the story progressed, she started to annoy me with her unjustified self-righteousness. I have to say this book is way too long. I liked the past and present storyline but it progressed as in character and story development too slow in between. I liked the sex scenes even though sometimes they seemed so random like author being self indulgent. Kill Switch is a story of resilience and ambition. It would appeal to fans of dark, questionable heroes.

All of the stars! Corrupt and hideaway need to be read before hand or you will be lost. What can I say about this book. It was outstanding. He made me shout at my kindle, cry for him, want to hold hi All of the stars! He made me shout at my kindle, cry for him, want to hold him close and tell him everything will be ok. Winter, my sweet winter. She was everything. She fits in so well with the other girls and I love that she has a backbone, so strong! How could she make me understand him and feel him. I was so wrong. She did and she did it so well I can feel him in my bones. I thought i knew where this story was going to go I thought i could guess the twists I took in all of the words and felt them, holding them close to me.

Michael used to be my favourite horsemen, Damon has taken over and massively surpassed him. This book will tear you limb from limb, get your pulse racing, bring tears to your eyes and consume you. Damon is the best kind of anti hero. Well done Penelope Douglas, I bow down to you. Read the book, read the series and fall in love. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Yet, I'm excited and nervous at the same time to hear his story.

Damon returns in Thunder Bay after his imprisonment from all the crimes he committed and seeks revenge on Winter Ashby, the w I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Damon returns in Thunder Bay after his imprisonment from all the crimes he committed and seeks revenge on Winter Ashby, the woman responsible putting him into jail.

He'll make sure she and her family will suffer one by one. Starting with her corrupt father who's a mayor, marrying Winter's older sister, Arion, taking control of the Ashby fortune. Though he's married, he only likes one woman and that won't change even if she despises him.

What a crazy, wild ride. Kill Switch is dark, gritty and sinisterly great. Damon's character was so polarizing and it's challenging to read this because I hated him. A part of me hopes he'll redeem himself but it's so tough! He has good intentions after knowing his side, still his actions are screwed up. In some way, he took advantage Winter's disability she's blind by scaring her and lying by omission. It's fucked up and there are moments I questioned why Winter love this man. Maybe because he treats her like a normal person instead a special snowflake.

Winter is a great heroine. She's smart, resilient and independent. She never let her disability be a hindrance to chase her dreams of becoming a ballerina. She's so beautiful and angelic. Though Damon terrifies her, she taunts him back. I love her for taming the devil. I have nothing but admiration for this woman. Now I'm questioning myself why I ended up liking Damon Torrance. Perhaps a change of heart? Goddamn anti-heroes making me fall for them when I shouldn't. That's how amazing Penelope Douglas is and this is probably the darkest book she'd ever written.

So good and I like it. I am excited for Will's book!

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I'm not ready for this series to end and is it just me, I want Alex to have her own book? View all 11 comments. Feb 10, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: dark-romance , angsty-romances. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this book. Damon was such a villain in the first two books of this series and I couldn't wait to see how Penelope would make us actually like him to read a [huge] book of his own!

Three years ago Winter sent him to prison. Now he's back. And this time, he's not letting her get away that easily. I will say, I knew this was going to be a super long book and it definitely felt like it while I was reading it. It took more forever to get through this boo I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this book.

It took more forever to get through this book, but in a good way? I never felt like the story was dragging or like we got too much information. We got a lot of past storyline so we understood exactly what happened between Damon and Winter at various stages of their lives, then the present storyline became more and more prevalent as the story went on. The different timelines were woven together nicely and paralleled perfectly. Being inside of Damon's head, I almost forgot how horrible of a person he was in the previous books.

Getting to know who he was and the whys behind his decision made him actually likable and I found myself falling for Damon. While I did fall for him, though, there were times where he was evil pertaining to Winter's blindness. I don't know how Winter did it, but, like the previous books, our heroines thrive on danger and the thrill of being scared, and I definitely felt that thrill as I was reading. I truly felt like I was in Winter's world of blindness and was terrified yet excited along with her.

I didn't know that it would be possible, but Penelope sure did blow this book out of the water. She made Damon relatable and lovable and detestable all at once. It was amazing being back in the Corrupt world and now I am dying for Will's book! Feb 26, GimmeAllTheWerdssss marked it as author-i-won-t-read.

As if I needed another reason to NOT read anything by this author. Forcing reviewers to censor their reviews and thoughts and push them to only give positive star reviews is just the latest. Blasting negative reviews and reviewers on her FB page in order to start an uprising to have those reviews removed still takes the cake. Funny how her first book was called Bully and here she is bullying people View all 34 comments.

Feb 12, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites , best-ones. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Dear darkest lord Damon He is the one and only character I completely adore on these series. He is damaged soul. He is devil and he is not in disguise.

The other gang members always made me irritated. Michael is cold hearted, narcissistic character, Kai is spineless and Will , does he even have a character? I was never a fan of Rika, too. But Banks was always my hero not heroine, hero, because instead of Damon, other male characters have nothing similar with a real hero!

And now Winter became my second favorite heroine. She looks like fragile, naive but wait for it till you see her claws. And first time at the series, I saw real connection, emotional bondage between a couple. I really enjoyed this book! Damon is always gonna be one of favorite literary characters. View all 7 comments. If dark twisted mind fuckery is your jam, jump on this one!! I wanted to study his motivations, past experiences, and reactions in an effort to figure out his character.

He was always 3 steps of everyone else, so I wanted to get three steps ahead of him. I love Damon so hard! This was such a thrilling experience. He definitely kept If dark twisted mind fuckery is your jam, jump on this one!! He definitely kept me on my toes. What I loved: Why does this cover work for me??? Gah, and when the inspiration for the graphic comes up in the text, my heart just melted. The characters are fantastic. It was exciting to see how things come together for this cast of characters. Damon had some of the best one liners EVER! I was shocked, awed, and entertained.

Overall, I experienced the full range of human emotions. The book certainly delivered in that arena. My only critique would be the pacing and length. I found the beginning of the book to be to dense and compact. Other than that, it was well done!! This series is a definite winner for fans of dark romance. Feb 23, Wil Loves Books! This book, it ruined me! This was so freaking good.

Penelope Douglas is such an amazing storyteller and when it comes to the dark and twisty, she is simply the best, the freaking mother of the dragons! No matter how many other have tried to replicate and imitate the Four Horsemen, there's no story like this one.

How exactly did Pen made me fall in love with Damon? After Corrupt, I hated him with a passion. I was even mad that his story was going to be told before Will, but nah, it's all in the past now. Kill Switch is that book I didn't even know I was craving, it filled all my expectations and then some. I'm so freaking blown away it's not even funny. Damon, oh my Damon, after this book, he's my absolute favorite. And although the book is super long, I was completely enveloped in the story, from beginning to end, and completely felt like everything had it's purpose.

This story was just so brilliantly told, I can't get over how good it was. This is one book I just can't spoil, I can't even tell you what you'll get, but you're in for a hell of a ride. It's also super hott, in many many ways. I just loved it. A lot! I can't blame anyone but myself for my disappointment. Because I had very high expectations of this book.

And after Hideaway, I honestly think nobody can blame me. In the story of Kai and Banks, Damon completely stole the show with the tragic story of his abusive upbringing at the hands of his family, the author told us a little about his motivations and really, in the two previous books of this series, Damon was and still is my favorite Horseman. Then I s 3 Estrellas. Then I still don't understand why I felt that this book was slow and boring.

Maybe it was Winter Ashby's fault? Because I think she's one of the h's that I hated the most this year. At least I know that Damon's love letter was for Will as I suspected from the beginning. And honestly I think the best scene in the whole book was the one in the poolhouse. Ufff Both of them should throw away the girls who don't appreciate them and stay together. Damon sure has more chemistry with Will than he ever had with Winter. I hope that Will's book is better because after this I learned to love him and I have high hopes for his story, even though I didn't like the excerpt of Nightfall that much.

En fin. Y honestamente creo que la mejor escena de todo el libro fue la de ambos en la piscina. Her parents were out of town, and her sister no longer lived at home. Winter Ashby was alone in the house. The girl who had sent him to prision four years ago. I'm dying heeeeeeeeeerrrreeeeeeee. Dec 16, Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: not-yet-released. Feb 23, Cristina rated it it was amazing.

I loved this book! This love story was something else. And I enjoyed every page. It helped me understand better why Winter and Damon hated each other in the present. Fav qu I loved this book! That trio was the best! Damon's been the bad boy to the extreme and I'm happy that he seemed a bit "normal" in this book. I really loved getting to know the softer side of him but what happened in his childhood was horrible and I surely didn't enjoy reading that except the karma part.

What was really surprising was who he was paired up with. Winter was involved in an accident and lost her sight. It was interesting the way she handled things and how she used her other senses to accomplish things. What was scary was when people were stalking her It was pretty amazing how everyone pulled together though. I liked all the gang together but what in the heck is going on with Will? And that part after the river incident All the little twists at the end were intriguing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how everything works out in Will's book and to get some clarity on Will as well. Oct 18, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-favorite-authors , dancers , overdrive , kindle , scary-guys-i-love-anyways , favorite-books. I've done so much more, and far worse than what I went to prison for. She has no clue how bad this can get. Now we know why. I completely loved him and all his craziness too. He was much deeper than I would have thought.

His feelings for what he did to his friends on that night with Trevor haunt him. He's especially broken up over the loss of his friendship with Will as they were closer to each other than Michael and Kai. Having another players accounts on what happened on THAT Devil's Night was great because everyone holds different clues to what happened.

Damon, "Now Now he is still crazy and scary and SO intense but a sweetie too! Lol I knew I was going to love him and I did.

Death of a She Devil by Fay Weldon review – a reactionary sequel

He has suffered through so much but still has a lot of love to give. If he can get his revenge on Winter first. Plus, he has lots of people he needs to receive forgiveness from. Winter is no exception. She is strong even while dealing with her enemy, Damon. Their chemistry was smoking HOT and I was rooting for them the entire way.

I didn't know they met as children and that was so sweet.

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I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered that. At first, I did not like it but it ended up being a cool part and made Winter even more of the sweet, badass she is. Each time I fall in love with a Horseman I think no one could top him. Then the next comes along. I'm beginning to think Will might break my heart into tiny pieces and make my ovaries explode. I can't wait!!! The epilogue about Will? After reading three books with Will be the "sweetest", funny, lovable one I can't believe it never crossed my mind that he may be the most terrifying of the Horseman!!!!!!

And I'm super excited to go to view spoiler [Blackchurch! Dark Contemporary Romance - Heroine blinded by falling out of tree, they meet as teenagers and as adults. Spoilers ahead. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About Penelope Douglas. Penelope Douglas. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their daughter. Looking for News? Website: www. Twitter: www. Other books in the series.

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Devil's Night 4 books. Books by Penelope Douglas. Easy, right? Then she walked into his school. Beautiful, funny… and blind. A jaded man playing Santa at the request of his ill sister, and the single mom who works hard to provide for her kids. Can they get past their blues and find love together? She was no longer lost, no longer tumbling aimlessly and, above all, she was no longer lonely.

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