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With 15 experts from various backgrounds, we spent two days in the Escalante region above and below the high water mark. Please watch this KSL video for a recap of our successful study. The National Monuments surrounding Glen Canyon, critical components of the region's watershed and ecosystem, have come under attack by President Trump.


Thus, warming could reduce water flow in the Colorado by 20 percent or more below the 20th-century average by midcentury, and by as much as 40 percent by the end of the century. Emission reductions could ease the magnitude of warming by from 9. We must stay diligent in making sure this project never sees the light of day. The total cost was just 5 million dollars.

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With a span of 1, feet meters and a height of feet mtrs , it was the largest and highest traditional, tower supported suspension footbridge. A more accurate conversion puts the Japanese bridge at 1, Just recently discovered in China is a suspension footbridge constructed behind the Wanjiazhai Dam over the Yellow River with a span of 1, feet meters between towers or 1, feet mtrs as measured along the deck.

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This would make it the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The bridge was originally built in for workers to get across the Yellow River gorge during the construction of the Wanjiazhai hydroelectric dam.

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Originally scheduled for removal in once the dam was completed, the dam personnel decided to keep it and so the span was rehabilitated and strengthened for long term use. The huge span is open to the public for a nominal fee. Reachable by boat on Lake Powell or via a long hike with a permit, the massive sandstone structure is feet 88 meters high with a span of feet 71 meters. There are several natural arches that are higher and several that are longer but few have the perfect mixture of both that make Rainbow one of the most photogenic of all.

An aerial construction view showing the massive dam thrust blocks that have been carved out of the left and right side walls of the Colorado River canyon. Image by Arizona Highways magazine.

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The sandstone patterns were left in their natural state along the path to the bridge overlook. Glen Canyon Dam Bridge postcard view showing the canyon wall prepared for the construction of the dam. Navajo is feet meters high.